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Rocking Hottie Fitness Wear for 2014

1.} Sunnies like these mirrored lens aviators are perf for hiking, running, &/or running errands. 2.} I’m literally IN LOVE

WTF to Wear For NYE? I Gotcha Covered.

1.} I’m not a sequinie-sequin girl, but this black number looks vintage-ish/spicy. 2.} Latest fav: a super hot pink lip (

Sooo Good: 11 Gifts Under $25 Bucks

Gifts Under $25 Bucks The holiday season has begun, which means it’s time to start thinking about gifts for friends

Cure Your Tryptophan Hangover With a Lil Black Friday Online Shoppin’

Nothing beats Black Friday…in bed. Yup. Today I did my Black Fri shopping, online, in bed, while watching Real Housewives.

WTF To Wear on ThanksGivs

Ideas for clothes on TGivs? Look no further: I.} I just bought these lace platforms & they’ Thanks ASOS! II.} Nordstroms

Mini DeLites

{ Getting spooky } { The tiniest hummingbird that we bought in Cabo } Boo!!!! You know what I freaking love?

WTF’s in my Vacay Tote

Ok. First can we talk about this bag? Because, uh, oh, it was um, $9.95 at Target. Ya. On the

Summer Stylin’

Some of these are on my wish list & some I’ve recently purchased ( heyyy, Everly Booties— !! ). This summer

Wear It My Way’s Sexy Fashion Picks

I’m obsessed with darker, vampy colors ( big plus: the darker the color, the more slimming ). Just because spring

My Maj Fitness Loves

I love how Rachel Zoe says “maj” ( as in major ) over everything. She’s a wild spitfire & I

Clothing Designer Mary Simonsen Shares Skinny Tricks & Style Tips

Recently I interviewed fashionista/clothing designer, Mary Simonsen. Not only is she sweet & gorgeous, she’s also insanely talented ( ummm…her

Weslie Christensen’s Beauty Tricks, Style Tips, & Fitness Recs

[ Weslie’s cute fam ] Not gonna lie, I’m supaaaa excited to introduce you all to Weslie Christensen. This mega

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