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white dresses | by the skinny confidential

Just The Most Flattering White Sassy Dresses

Updated: May 31, 2017

white dresses | by the skinny confidential

Memorial Day weekend is right around the corner. For those of you that follow the fashion rule of no white before Memorial Day then I’ve got the pieces that are ready to bring some life back into your closet. To be completely transparent- I don’t follow any ‘rules’ ever…really. Which does get me into trouble but I just can’t help myself.

Check out some hot dresses that are actually ( GASP ) very flattering:



This dress combines my favorite trends of the moment. It’s pleated & off-the-shoulder combined with a sexy cross and fitted waist. This would be perfect for date night or a college graduation party. I’m feeling this with black boots which is kind of different. This look could be flirty with a high Barbie ponytail or loose waves. If you’re looking for some sex pot curls, I got you covered.


Remember the gold, super low, plunging dress I wore during our Rehearsal Dinner? Wellllll look what I found! This dress is similar, white, & budget friendly! Just how we like it. This dress is smoking hot & will step up your night time game in all the right ways. With an asymmetric hem & a plunging neckline, it’s incredibly flattering. Make sure to rub some oil on your chest for that boob glow & you’ll be set!


Get ready to make a statement & evoke some Kardashian vibes with this bodycon dress. White lace, padded shoulders, flared sleeves, & a high neck. YES PLZ. This dress IS FIRE. Pair with sky-high gold or silver heels. Definitely would wear a low bun with this look.


This dress holds up the girls- like it kind of gives you a boob job in the best way. This would be perfect to rock for a little date night. Make his eyeballs pop out of his head, you know?

What are everyone’s thoughts on white? I just really want to show everyone that white can actually be super flattering if you do it right…right?!

♡ | ♡ | ♡ | ♡ | ♡ 

Michael & I are having a real ball in New York ( if you’re looking for recommendations, I got you ). It’s been fun to bring you guys along on Snapchat. I feel like you guys have been ‘texting’ me so many good restaurants/hot spots.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you beautiful, amazing mothers out there! HOPE YOU GET CHAMPAGNE, FLOWERS, CUPCAKES, PRIVACY, NETFLIX, MORE CHAMPAGNE, & A MASSAGE…IN BED.

x, lauryn

P.S. if you’re looking for a white romper ( instead of a dress ), I just bought this one AND IT’S SOOOOO CUTE on. I can’t believe how much I like it.

+ be sure to listen to the LATEST podcast with The Bitch Bible– she’s HILARIOUS. Really though, she made me CRY/laughing. Her Gone Girl parody is amazing. SO FUNNY.


striped blouse with flares | by the skinny confidential

Just A Little Sunday Random-ness For You

Updated: January 28, 2016

striped blouse with flares | by the skinny confidential

The love I have for these flared jeans is just unfair to Michael.

I cannot stop wearing them. I cannot stop thinking about them. I cannot stop with them in general.

They’re SO GOOD. In fact, they’re my favorite black jeans ever?

These are like The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants kind of amazing but they’re never going to be traveling, actually they’re staying right on my ass. Because they REALLY tighten everything up, if you know what I mean.

striped blouse with flares | by the skinny confidential
striped blouse with flares | by the skinny confidential

In other news, make sure you check out tonight’s Snapchat. I’m LOVING connecting with you guys so intimately on a social platform. It’s not like Instagram ( sometimes too filtered ), or Facebook ( too saturated ), or even Twitter ( ZZzzz ). So ya, it’s safe to say I kind of LOVE IT.

Tonight Michael & I shared our favorite books lately ( you guys will love the tomato timer book, LOL ). And on Saturday we discussed brow tinting…you neeeeeeeeed to get on the brow tint wagon, will do a post soon. Also, The Nanz makes countless cameos.

So if you have Snapchat, let’s connect. My username: laurynevarts. See you there.

What else?

This month has been a total reset with no alcohol, lots of herbs/probiotics/green drinks, & lots of fitness.

…Time to mix in a little play.

striped blouse with flares | by the skinny confidential

striped blouse with flares | by the skinny confidential

On Friday I’m off to Dallas to speak at Create & Cultivate. The panel I’m on is: “Brand Vibes: How to create a brand that lives beyond the blog bubble.” If you’re going, definitely come say hi!! Excited to meet some of you in person. Anyone going?!

Also, for the record I think I might have my first sip of champagne ( in a month ) this weekend in honor of C & C. REBEL.

Ok, off to bed to read, relax, & prep for Monday!

See you on Snapchat, lauryn x

SHOP MY OUTFIT: striped top | flared jeans | yellow clutch ( similar ) | shoes ( ON SALE!! ) | sunglasses
{ photos }
striped blouse with flares | by the skinny confidential
striped blouse with flares | by the skinny confidential

striped blouse with flares | by the skinny confidential

favorite dresses | by the skinny confidential


Updated: August 24, 2015

favorite dresses | by the skinny confidential

{ white dress here }

This post was inspired by DRESS NUMBER 2!!!

I bought this striped dress & I COULD NOT BELIEVE HOW UNBELIEVABLY CHIC it was in person. Likeeeeeeeee guys.

It’s the perfect summer dress. I’ll take an Instagram today to show you.

And then the white dress I’m wearing just kind of gave me the oomph to do a full post. Between the two you can’t go wrong, you know?

Also, to be dead honest, I was looking for inspiration for this post & ended up on this red vixen number ( $63 dollars!! It’s going to sell out in a minute )…& couldn’t NOT buy it for the holidays. SO, I swiftly added it to my ASOS cart & now it’s on its way to me…whoops. I’m planning on wearing black suede pumps & my hair STICK straight. MEOW.

Ok so. These babies are dresses I’d rock any day of the week, rain or shine:

favorite dresses | by the skinny confidential
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Also, lately I’ve been loving navy so number 5 is pretty damn sassy too.

Anyway, I’d love to hear about your favorite summer dresses? Share some cute ones below. I like simple, fitted, not too short, but not too boring. A pop of color sometimes. Think: lady in the front, party in the back.

Happy Monday! lauryn x

+ white dress I’m wearing: Melissa Lauren Clothing.

{ pics }

favorite dresses | by the skinny confidential




Updated: September 30, 2015


1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Ok, so I know a lot of you guys are college students & since school is starting soon ( boo! ), I figured I’d put together a little back to school collage.

All of these items are pieces I’d wear, own, or hope to own someday. Every single item I blog about is ACTUALLY STUFF I LIKE & WOULD WEAR. I try to never steer ya wrong.

That being said, check out these goodies ( the retro tee & backpack are life ):

1.} Striped Retro Tee:

This is such a throwback & would look so cute on babe going back to school/college/etc. I would also rock this to work with a little cardigan & oxford shoes.

2.} Snakeskin Backpack:

While looking for back to school stuff for you guys, I accidentally ( whoops ) bought this for myself. Why? Because there are a million snakeskin leather backpacks that are like thousands of dollars & I FOUND THIS ONE FOR $80. It comes in white too but I think I love it in black. Literally guys, this is a legit find…you wouldn’t believe how much designers are charging for backpacks like this one. I’ll be using this for traveling.

3.} White Kicks:

Uhhh because duh. Every girl needs white shoes for school or work. Kendall Jenner was caught recently rocking these white tennis shoes. They’re under $100 ( YES ). When I was in college my feet would get so damn sore because the campus was HUGE. I’m not a girl who wears heels to class, so if you’re like me, check these out. They are totally comfortable ( just got them in the mail a few days ago ) & your feet won’t get sore from walking around campus.

4.} Pretty, Little Notebooks:

Ummm, get in my office. These are full-on the chicest notebooks I’ve ever seen. They’re basically like marble notebooks & I love how they have a little ribbon that holds everything in. So fun for back to school or for a workspace.

5.} The Most Flattering Jeans Ever:

If you’re anything like I was in college ( eer, I’m still like this now too ), you like to stick with what looks good & re-wear it. I would rather have one pair of kick-ass, insane jeans that I wear five times a week than 20 pairs. If you’re more of a legging girl for class, check out these leggings…you’ll never look back. They’re great hangover pants too, lol. Anyway, back to the jeans, these ripped TopShop ones are inexpensive, durable, & make your butt look perky. YES PLZ.

6.} 2016 planner:

I take my planner as seriously as a heart attack. It takes me like 10390258 years to pick the perfect one. It needs to be perfect. After finding this black & white striped one, I have never looked back. If you’re a worker bee, mom, or going back to school, check it out. I’M HEAD OVER HEELS IN LOVE WITH IT.

& of course, don’t forget your Lisa Frank folder, Trapper Keeper, & Jan Sport. Also, pack sliced apples with raw nut butter & a multi-green Kombucha, HA. Do I sound like a mom? Happy back to school shopping!



The Skinny Confidential talks makeup and fashion.

Little Black Favorites

Updated: March 8, 2015

The Skinny Confidential talks makeup and fashion.

1.} I literally wear this black bra by EGLUX four times a week. It looks HOT with everything. Plus a little peek of mesh? DIE for it.

2.} These boots are kind of insane. Suede boots are different ( leather is fun, but suede is more fun ) & sassy. AND THEY’RE ON SALEEEEE! WHEEEW.

3.} I know. Every blogger on the planet blogs about these black beauty’s BUT they’re just that good. My friend, Erica ( fellow blogger ) recommended them & I’m hooked.

4.} HATS!!! They’re so chic. This one has the cutest detail. And it’s priced right!

What’s your little black favorite?

– Lauryn, x