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Hello, & happy holidays! This weekend I have been up to some serious online shopping AND I noticed that SO

5 VERY Simple & Effortless Morning Routine Tips

I AM QUITE SPECIFIC ABOUT MY MORNINGS. In fact, Michael & I got in a fight the other day because

7 Day Food Diary ♡

The Shredding For The Wedding Meal Plan has finally DROPPED. For some odd reason this project took me longer than

Anti-Aging Tips Because Everyone Loves Prevention

I am all about prevention. Sometimes I feel like our generation is all about the NOW. No one thinks 5 years in

Getting All Lovey-Dovey With A Little Picnic ( PLUS A GIVEAWAY! )

The other day Michael & I grabbed a blanket, the dogs, some snacks, & a chilled bottle of pinto Grigio

Date Night: Part II (AKA A 20 Minute Look)

So, you guys already read up on ‘Date Night: Part I‘…& well, didn’t want to leave ya hanging so here’s

I Hate When My White Shoes Get Dirty…Except For These Cuties

If you guys know me you know I HAVE A STRANGE, UNHEALTHY obsession with white shoes. Like open my closet

Mini DeLites: Phuket, Thailand

  OOooooh, the Internet in mainland China is frisky. Sometimes it feels like it wants to work, & other times

Loving Periwinkle Lately!!!

OOOOOOhhhhhh there’s nothing I love more than a little simple, feminine, off the shoulder dress ( even thinking off the

How To Get Perfect Curls? Step By Step Guide

How To Get Perfect Curls? Are you wondering how you can get the perfect curls? I will be giving you

How To Contour & Highlight Without Looking Like Lindsay Lohan Circa 2010 (video tutorial included!!)

Sooooo this was one of my favorite videos EVER to film!!! BECAUSE CONTOURING/HIGHLIGHTING IS SOOOO FUN. And by the way,

Latest Favorites: Nude & Black ( I KNOW! Weird! LOL )

I haven’t done an outfit post in a hot minute so I figured it’d be perfect for the weekend to

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