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Princess, Sparkly Birthday Cupcakes That Have Absolutely No Health Benefits

Ok so since it’s my birthday I baked…wait for it…………….. ……..BOX cupcakes. GASP! OMFG! Yah. Today I whipped these dimes

Teensy-Weensy Mud Pies

Ummm…who doesn’t like chocolate + whipped cream? These mini, little sex kittens are super simple: use two organic, agave-sweetened, flaxseed

Why Dark Chocolate Should Be Your Main Squeeze

Na-na-na-na-na, oh this loveeee… Tomorrow is all about romance, flowers, & chocolate! And when it comes to chocolate, I’m a

Love is in the Air w/ This 2 Ingredient Pink Fudge!

During Valentine’s week I sort of resemble that Emoji with hearts in its eyes- giddy & love stoned. Like, I

The Style Kittens’ First Tutorial: Skinny Treats for Valentine’s Day Ta-da! Our first YouTube epi is here ; )… Enjoy babes, xx.L + Credit: Photog: Sam Blumberg Wardrobe:┬áBlended Industries

Pre-Portioned Greek Froyo Bites

Ever heard of Greek froyo? If you haven’t, then run to the nearest market & buy some ASAP. It tastes

Three Ingredient “Ice Cream”

A good friend of mine was released from the hospital today after hip surgery. I made this healthy version of

Mini DeLites + Sprinkly, Sparkly NYE Balls

Sprinkly, sparkly balls! Ewww, not those sickie balls! Cookie balls ; ). Get your mind out of the gutter! This

100 Calories for Ice Cream AND Cookies??! Yesssss Indeed.

Are you ready for me to rock your world? How’s this sounding to ya: 100 cals for mint chocolate chip

The Easiest Dessert On the Planet: Pumpkin Fro Yo Pie

Since I’ve spent today running around like psycho maniac, this five second dessert was a real savior. It saves the

Don’t Binge on Thanksgiving— Bake These THREE Ingredient Cookies!!!

Ummmm….hello three ingredient cookie! Just because it’s Thanksgiving doesn’t mean you have to shove your face full of shit. Be

Spooky, Skinny, Mini Halloweenie Candyyyyy!

Goody, goody gumdrops!! It’s almost the spookiest time of year: Halloween ; p. Between last year’s ‘Skinny Treats‘ post &

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