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Sweats & The City is Back With All Their Workout Essentials

Sweats & The City's Workout Essentials

Elizabeth & Dale are back on the blog today for part 2 of their 3 part series. And today is fun because it’s a swap. That means I’m on their blog answering a little q&a from their audience. So fun. Be sure to check it out when you’re done here.

Today is about their favorite workout equipment & outfits. Plus, they’re sharing details about their new app ORRO which sounds very cool.

If you missed their first post where they shared a day in the life of eating, snacks & drinks, you can check it out here. But let me re-introduce you to these total hustlers again.

Sweats & The Citys Workout Essentials elizabeth & dale

Elizabeth & Dale have built an incredible brand, Sweats & The City. They saw a gap in the fitness space & went for it. On their platform they review & share boutique fitness studios & classes and have most recently launched their own subscription service, ORRO which brings these classes right to you.

ORRO is the perfect app to help you workout from home, when traveling or if you’re short on time & can’t make it to a class. So who better to discuss their at-home equipment & cute workout wear than Elizabeth & Dale.

Let’s welcome Sweats & The City back to the blog.

Sweats & The City's Workout Essentials elizabeth & dale
Sweats & The City's Workout Essentials & outfits

Sweats & The City’s Workout Essentials

Hi TSC, we’re Elizabeth Endres & Dale Borchiver, the duo that launched Sweats & The City & most recently the ORRO app.

Be sure to check out our first post we we share what we eat in a day & for a little insight into how SATC came to be!

Sweats & The City began as a fitness blog & social media platform, as a source for reviews of the many boutique workout studios popping up in NYC. Since then, we have expanded nationwide to review & discuss all things health, wellness & fitness.

Sweats & The City athleisure

Then in 2020, as the landscape of the world began to change, we launched an online workout platform, where we curated a live & on demand workout schedule, made up of handpicked top instructors from around the world. Through this platform, we were able to bring our industry expertise to a wider audience, in a different form.

At the start of 2022, we decided to relaunch & upgrade our platform to create ORRO. For $19 a month, subscribers can experience live + on demand workouts & self care classes on their iPhones, Androids & desktops, anywhere and anytime.

Now that ORRO – and thus working out at home – accounts for the bulk of our fitness routines, we have perfected the equipment & must-haves for online ( and mostly low impact ) workouts. Let’s get to it!

Sweats & The City workout must-haves

Here are all of our must-haves when it comes to workouts:


We’ve been longtime fans of Bala Bangles. They’re so versatile & chic, and we love that they can be used to level up almost any workout – whether that’s a sculpting class or a simple walk around the block. We generally use the 1lb pair ( they also sell a 2 lb pair ) – and find that they pair great with our favorite low impact workouts.


We know $100 for a yoga mat is steep, but when you use it several times a week, the quality of your mat matters. We love how this mat doesn’t slip across the floor, withstands all our weekly workouts & looks really sleek in our homes. A high quality mat is an underrated motivator!

elizabeth & dale on TSC
elizabeth & dale TSC part 2


Hair is something to majorly consider when it comes to exercise. We are big fans of the scrunchie, rather than the elastic for keeping your hair up while working out. The silk ones especially are a favorite, because they prevent breakage, while being more supportive than your average hair tie. 


Our secret sauce is committing to one hour of movement at least 5 days a week. For us, this is generally a combo of ORRO and walking. A lot of days look like 30 minutes of ORRO followed by a 30 minute walk. We’ve noticed a collective shortening of attention spans since the pandemic began, & we’re all about finding sustainable routines that feel good. When it comes to getting those steps in, we recommend using a walk to take calls or catch up with a friend, & 10K is our daily goal!

elizabeth & dale yoga mats

Our exact weekly schedule is posted on the app ( we have live classes almost daily, which you can add to your calendar so you don’t forget ). They usually consist of 20 – 45 minute classes that are typically low impact. If you can’t make the live classes, you can take them on-demand once they are done!


These bands are a great addition to at-home workouts. They’re travel-friendly, easy to store & you can find them on Amazon! They also come in different resistance levels & we love that versatility.


Hydration is KEY! We find that it can sometimes be hard to remember to drink enough water, so we always fill up our Manna Hydration bottles & keep them with us wherever we go. The wide straw & the fact that it always stays cold seriously helps us remember to drink! Something about an open cup just isn’t appealing & doesn’t get it done. Add in a good bottle with a straw and you’ll be drinking plenty more.

Sweats & The City fave workout outfits
Sweats & The City's Workout Essentials NYC


Hear us out: your Google Calendar can be such a great motivator when it comes to your workout routine – even if it’s a quick 20 minute class or a walk. We find that when you schedule your movement in, it allows you to visualize your day, & also holds you accountable. Sometimes we think we don’t have the time, but waste 20+ minutes scrolling on social media, when we could have put it to use.

Want a boost of motivation? Commit to a time & day with a friend, send them the invite & do it at the same time. Lauryn is big on this too!


Feeling good in your activewear is top priority for us. When you put on a set you feel good in, that’s comfortable, you’re so much more motivated. Here are our favorite picks:

Dale favorite workout outfits

Current pick from Dale:

I am loving the Airlift Yoga Legging + Intrigue Bra from Alo! I find alo sets to be super flattering, yet form fitting. They’re super comfortable & move with you! Not to mention, very chic & make you excited about working out. 

Elizabeth favorite workout outfits

Current pick from Elizabeth:

I am loving the Crossover Legging + Corso Crossover Bra from Le Ore – a Bandier exclusive brand. The style is super flattering & the cut outs are very chic! They stay in place when you workout, too!

We hope you enjoyed our top picks & if you download ORRO, you get a 7 day free trial! We hope you love it!

Be sure to follow Sweats & The City on Instagram & check out their new ORRO app! It’s just perfect for people who like to workout at home but want to try some different things.

Stay tuned for the 3rd installment of The Sweats & The City series where they’ll be sharing specifics o their morning & nighttime routines and wellness practices. Be sure to head to their blog to check out a little q&a with me.

x, lauryn

+ scope the at-home workout equipment I’ve been loving lately.

++ check out this post if you want to drink more water, effortlessly.


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