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SWEATER WEATHER, But Not Really. I’m Just A Drama Queen.

sweater weather | by the skinny confidential

sweater weather | by the skinny confidential


I know what you’re thinking.


Sorry, I know— it’s definitely odd that I continue to freeze my ass off in San Diego’s ‘cold’ weather.

I MEAN, it’s probably weirder that my car’s heater is ALWAYS on?

And maybe I should nix the Hunter rain boots altogether when it’s NOT raining?

sweater weather | by the skinny confidential

sweater weather | by the skinny confidential

Have to be honest though, I’m very, VERY ultra sensitive to cold weather. I know I’m going to get major shit for saying this because some of you live in 10 degree weather, but really, I just can’t help it.

& I’m totally perplexed every time I have to get myself dressed. You know me— I have my staples with the occasional random flair that no one’s expecting. Just when you think I love white there’s a TOTAL PLOT TWIST…I’ll go full on hot pink for a night, you know?

Gotta keep it uniform with an unexpected pop.

So this makes my dilemma EXTRA difficult when I’m dressing for colder weather.

Thankfully this getup has been my go-to for the past two weeks; I’ve just been feeling it & it’s much warmer than my vintage tee shirts.

sweater weather | by the skinny confidential
sweater weather | by the skinny confidential

These black flares
have been braving me through the chilly 65 degree winter. It helps that they’re $15.99. Yes, that’s right, $15.99. Love anything under $20 bucks, especially flares. I had them hemmed ( because HEMMING is the shit— my seamstress is literally on ‘favorites’ in my iPhone ). But that’s what you do when you want to make $15 dollar flares look like J-Brand’s. Hemming, do ittttt.

Also very much about this cream off the shoulder-y sweater. IT’S CHICCCCC ( if you order it, get a size down, it’s bigger than expected ). I paired the whole outfit with stark white pumps ( shocking ) & a fringe bag. To be dead honest, I’m not the biggest fringe fan. In fact, BLAHHHH. I don’t know it just reminds me of 2003.

Don’t ask.

sweater weather | by the skinny confidential

However, I DO like this black Western-ish fringe bag. It’s kinda fun, right?

So anyway, apparently it was weird I was even in a sweater to begin with on this particular day. Like, people actually pointed out my drama queen-ness. Perhaps I just wanted to use the phrase SWEATER WEATHER. You would too though if you were a blogger. Everyone’s doing it.

Wish me luck in the brisk, bone-chilling San Diego weather. Find me on the street in a down parka sipping hot apple cider with fingerless gloves.

OK. I’m done.

Hope you won the Powerball lotto =). Mwah, mwah— lauryn xx

+ SHOP MY STYLE: white sweater | flares | white pumps | sunglasses | purse ( similar ) | watch ( similar )

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sweater weather | by the skinny confidential


    1. Hi Suze! What temperature is it in London? We are a little spoiled in Southern California. Its 70 outside today! LOL! Thanks for reading <3

  1. I love everything about this outfit! So adorable! Your are totally not crazy…when I lived in San Diego, I was freezing to death all year long. Anytime I went to the beach I would bundle up in sweaters. After living there for so many years, then coming back to Texas, I am such a wimp in the 100 degree weather!

    1. Thank you Alexis, LOL! Sometimes I feel like such a baby! We are so spoiled here, I don’t think I could handle real extreme weather. Thanks for reading <3

  2. You are not weird at all. I live in San Diego too and ran my heater all last night in my house and had my car heater/ seat warmers on driving to work this morning. Summer get here now!

    1. Hi Diana, so glad I’m not the only one lol!! Seat warmers in cars are seriously the best. Mine have been on high all winter. xx

  3. Same! When people get in my car I always feel so weird and have to apologize that its blazing hot. I’m dying here in Los Angeles lol

    1. LOL, Catherine. My car is seriously like a hot yoga class! I like to be nice and toasty. Thanks for reading <3

    1. Hi Annie, what temperature is it in SF right now?? Is it sweater or coat weather up there? Stay warm! xx

  4. I’m in San Diego as well and trust me girl I agree it’s a little chilly out there! I don’t get how people can pull off shorts, I’d freeze! Lol. Love the sweater btw 🙂

    1. The people in shorts are seriously nuts, Deepa! I can’t believe it either. I always assume they’re from somewhere that is actually freezing cold and that they are just stronger than me, LOL!! Thanks for reading <3

    1. Hi Lindsay, thank you! That’s so sweet! Not sure if you saw on Snapchat or Instagram but I totally just cut my hair big time. I went with a blunt cut. Let me know what you think! xx

  5. Loving the sheer cozy sweater with the black bra & bells, plus that fringe bag is seriously perfect – I am actually looking for a good go-to seamstress (wish there was an on demand uber-esque service!). Totally agree, perfectly tailored really can elevate the look! And you are not alone, anything under 70 is SUPER FREEZING COLD I NEED LAYERS & UGGS while everyone looks at me like I am crazy, I blame being a Texan! Have a great weekend! xx SS

    1. Hi Shannon, I completely agree! Anything below 70 is unbearable!! Bring on the layers, scarves, gloves, and hot food! Stay warm babe! xx

  6. Ten degrees is an issue? I live in consistent 0 degree weather from Oct – March! Ten degrees is like a spring-summer luxury here. Haha, love love love this outfit!

  7. Hey Lauryn!

    I clicked through to purchase these and these pants are sold out on Charlotte Russe. Any other suggestions where to find something similar!


  8. Love the sweater! Living in Wisconsin we had -20 temps last week. It’s warmed up into the 20’s finally so my 15 month old and play in the snow!

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