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Supplements You Should Always Travel With In Case You Get Sick

Supplements You Should Always Travel With In Case You Get Sick

Your response to Dr. Daryl Gioffre’s latest podcast episode has been amazing. Thanks so much for tuning in.

Dr. Daryl always brings so much value to his episodes. He gives you simple, tangible advice that you can implement. This episode has so many good takeaways so you should go listen to the whole episode (and probably take notes):

+ how detoxing effectively is more important than nutrition.

+ how to heal your gut after taking antibiotics. More on that here and you get the whole product list here.

+ the top 3 supplements you should take if you’re overwhelmed or on a budget.

+ 2 totally free practices you can do right now to get you on a the road to better health.

+ and….. drumroll please…. what everyone is asking for the most….

The list of supplements he never leaves home without.

Dr. Daryl gave us his top recommendations of the supplements we should all be traveling with to avoid getting sick and to take in case we do get sick.

Supplements You Should Always Travel With In Case You Get Sick:

♡ Bioactive Silver Hydrosol

This is something that you can spray right up your nose, or into your mouth so it’s very easy for kids. It tastes like water and you can buy big refill bottles to fill up your little spritzer bottles.

This silver is antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, and an immune modulator.  If you are sick at home with any sinus or respiratory issues (i.e. wet or dry cough), the nebulizer is a powerful hack to clear you out faster, but if you are traveling, the nasal spray or regular spray bottle works wonders too. They also make one for kids.

You can spray it right into your mouth (great for kids) and for the nasal pieces you can do a couple sprays at each nostril and lean back, llet it hold for 45 seconds.

Note: Be sure to get bioactive silver hydrosol, NOT colloidal silver as it’s a different type of molecule. He recommends Sovereign Silver or Argentyn 23 (this is a more potent parts per million).

♡ Acid-Kicking Minerals

If you get sick you’ll need to replenish all your minerals. They affect so many functions in our bodies so we need them to energize our cells and charge up our immune system again. Lauryn has been taking Acid Kicking Minerals for years and loves the strawberry kiwi or blood orange flavor. (Use code SKINNY for 20% off your first order.)

Supplements You Should Always Travel With In Case You Get Sick

♡ Probiotics

After or during sickness we need to nourish and strengthen our microbiome. Basically you want to get your healthy army of good guys in there to get rid of all the bad guys and help your good bacteria flourish. Lauryn and Michael love Just Thrive and you can use code SKINNY for 15% off.

♡ Activated Charcoal

Food poisoning can be quite common when we travel so Dr. Daryl recommends some kind of binder. This would be activated charcoal and he especially likes coconut charcoal in pill form. Normally he favors powders because they’re more bioavailable however, when we’re sick with food poisoning it’s hard to keep anything down, even a glass of water.

Direction for the activated charcoal when coming out both ends:  Take 1 capsule every other hour, max 4 a day. Do until vomiting and/or diarrhea stops. Be sure to use your Acid-Kicking Minerals during and after to replenish what your body lost.

♡ Nebulizer (if you can fit it)

Some nebulizers are bigger than others but we found a perfect one for travel. It takes double A batteries and is fairly small so if you have space to bring it along, we recommend you do.

♡ Test Your Gut With Dr. Daryl (with a special discount)

Dr. Daryl is also offering TSC readers a discounted lab package (domestic US only). You’ll save over $400 by clicking this link. Take advantage of this offer, even if you feel like you’re health is in check. As you can hear from Michael in the episode, his blood work came back great, but there was still something off. Dr. Daryl did his tests and they figured out he needed to seriously repair his gut. If you were to do this with your regular doctor it would probably cost upwards of $3k.

This package includes a G.I. Map, DNA stool sample kit plus the MRT food sensitivity kit with specific instructions when you sign up on how to do everything. It’s so easy! Once your results are in you’ll get a 45 minute call with Dr. Daryl to go over the findings. Think: leaky gut, inflammation, and stealth pathogens. Then you’ll have an option to work further with Dr. Daryl to fix things as needed.

There you have it. You can shop everything in one place right here and be sure to go listen to the full episode. It’s packed with other tips like how to reduce acid reflux, why you should eat protein first, and why we’re in a health CRISIS today.

x, The Skinny Confidential team

+ listen Dr. Daryl’s other incredible episodes here and here.

++ check out his gut healing protocol here.


  1. My favorite part was learning about the natural ways to cure sicknesses instead of antibiodics (especially as a first grade teacher who is ALWAYS sick and around germs!)

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