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Supplements For Pregnancy From MariMikel Potter

Pregnancy Supplements From MariMikel Potter

Drum roll please. The full list of supplements from our podcast with MariMikel Potter is here.

You guys loved this episode & so did Michael & I. We learned so much & I’ve gotten tons of DMs asking for this list with links so here we are.

Now, as always, do your own research, check with our own health care provider, be your own guru. AND be sure you listen to the full episode with MariMikel because she explains WHY pregnant woman ( & not pregnant women ) should take these things & WHEN to take them too.

This is an incredible episode filled with beautiful information about pregnancy & child birth. MariMikel is a Certified Professional Midwife, mother of 5 & on the board of directors of the Texas Association of Midwives & Red Cross certified as an instructor. She’s been delivering babies for over 30 years. It’s a must-listen if you ask me.

Pregnancy Supplements:

Now Foods Ultra Minerals

Lots of magnesium, calcium & boron and other good stuff.


Be sure it’s good quality.

Vitamin B Complex

Especially good for stress levels.

ultimate probiotic prebiotic silver fern | by the skinny confidential

Folic Acid

Boosts your energy.

Mixed Tocopherols Vitamin E

There isn’t enough in our diet anymore.

Beta Carotene

Pre-cursor to Vitamin A, especially helpful for a woman’s liver in pregnancy.

IWI Algae Oil

Omega 3 is so important & this is straight from the source.

Vitamin D

Lack of Vitamin D is proven to be a huge factor in risk of cancer.

Esther C

This specifically because of the way it’s produced & is 400 times more absorbable & retainable than some other Vitamin C supplements.

There you have it.

As I said, be sure to listen to the whole episode for the WHY & the WHEN and tons more info. But like, get ready to take notes. This one is so packed with valuable information, you’ll want your notebook handy.

Happy listening,

x, lauryn

TSC him & her podcast with MariMikel Potter


  1. Hi Christina! I took notes on the episode

    Mixed tocopherol vitamin E (400 unit AM and PM)
    Ester c with bioflavonoids (500g AM and PM)

    Good probiotic, a few bites of breakfast, the vitamins, then the food

    Lunch food plus mineral supplement
    1500 of calcium
    50g of B

    Then folic acid middle of the day

    In the evening, Vitamin E

    No exact timing in the episode given for the beta carotene or omega-3

  2. These are all taken on top of the prenatal right? Or you don’t need the prenatal if taking all of these vitamins listed?

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