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Supermodel Skinny Secrets…Bee Pollen x Magic Seeds x ENERGY

The Skinny Confidential talks bee pollen.

The Skinny Confidential shares magic seeds: a supermodel weightloss & energy secret


Yesterday’s post on organic tampons had a bunch of comments from you guys about ‘The Diva Cup.’


Going to big time inspect the interesting contraption since I just ordered it on Amazon. Hmmmm. Will let you guys know how it goes.

Ok, let’s veer away from periods & talk about ENERGY!

( In fact, the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of periods, LOL energy on periods. Good one ).

Energy is reallllllll important to me. If I don’t have energy, I’m a major grump.

Without energy I’m like mopping around the house, heavily sighing, rolling my eyes, & making grunts while Michael whistles away as he makes breakfast.

Men seem like their energy is endless.

Me? I’m Sensitive Sally.

I need enough sleep, a cinnamon cappuccino, my inbox emptied, something to eat, & a workout…I mean I really don’t require much do I? #HA



And I’m not talking about crack cocaine, guys.

I’m talking about energy in a spoon, der.

Now, I’ve done a full blog post on energy in a spoon but I’ve switched up exactly how I make my daily spoonful of ZING, so naturally I had to share it on TSC.

Firstly, instead of just bee pollen & coconut oil, I’m using a couple other secret ingredients like raw hemp hearts, flaxseed, & chia seeds ( << I know make fun of me all day long for chia seed habit, sorry not sorry ).

Obviously I’m very specific about this TSC concoction. Here’s why each component matters:

BEE POLLEN: is known to increase energy & help with allergies ( especially if it’s local ).

RAW HEMP HEARTS: protein! FIBER! Plus they regulate the metabolism & make your skin glow, hair grow, & nails become stronger. More benefits here.

FLAXSEED: keeps the digestion regular, if ya know what I mean ( winky-wink ).

CHIA SEEDS: Omega 3, calcium, fiber. Plus they swell making you feel full.

EXTRA VIRGIN COCONUT OIL: because coconut oil is fucking amazing. Trust me. Healthy fats!! More here.

The Skinny Confidential talks bee pollen.

Also note that this little spoonful of energy promotes weight loss. Let’s just say it gets everything flowing. Many supermodels/models have told me their number one trick to weight loss is bee pollen. The amount of vitamins in bee pollen is RIDIC…just check out this list. The superfood has been used for centuries & contains my favorite ever: magnesium ( << best ever…remember this post, guys? ).

This site states that “bee pollen can aid in weight loss. According to Carson Wade, “bee pollen is a natural way to improve metabolism and help control and take weight off.” It is said that bee pollen improves metabolism by correcting a chemical imbalance and by “supplying the missing factors other foods cannot supply.” Bee pollen supposedly speeds the process of converting sugar into energy providing oxygen that fat can use to speed their conversion into energy. 130mg of bee pollen helps digest 3 pounds of food. 

Lecithin is another component of bee pollen that supposedly speeds the rate at which calories are burned. It also “aids in the digestive process and assimilation of nutrients. Bee pollen also has diuretic qualities and is said to reduce cravings and hunger. For weight reduction, take pollen 30 minutes before meals with a glass of water.

Also, I gotta say it: according to this source Taylor Swift recently lost 10 pounds & stated that it had to do with adding an abundant amount of these chia seeds to her diet. Supposedly she love them “because the seeds swell in your stomach, reduce hunger, and fill her up for hours.”

They really do swell GNARLY! Try it yourself at home if ya don’t believe me.

Personally? I really, really think my magic seeds ( aka flax, chia, hemp heart mix ) make a difference. I’ve dropped weight from eating them everyday ( like, everyday, everyday though ). I literally just have them in a huge-ass container on my kitchen counter & add them to everything and anything ( AKA salads, oatmeal ( FAVORITE oatmeal/cereal here ), smoothies, cereal, yogurt, etc. ). Add it to your smoothie with game changing maca ( more here )  & you’re in for a real treat.

Eating my ‘magic seeds’ are in at least two of my meals, daily.

So basically this mix is energy x weight loss x vitamins in a spoon. Kind of winning in every way, dontcha think?

Ok, these are the EXACT brands I use:

Extra virgin coconut oil
Organic chia seeds
Raw hemp hearts
Organic flaxseeds
Bee pollen

How do you keep your energy levels up?! Anyone else a bee pollen/magic seed fan?

– Lauryn, xx

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{ video || bowls in video || white dress ( similar ) }

The Skinny Confidential talks bee pollen.


  1. This isn’t necessarily ENERGY but you mentioned skin/hair benefits… Have you heard about cod liver oil? I’ve been reading that it totally changes your skin, helps with acne and just gives it an all around glow. I just started taking it so I can’t comment yet, but anyone else tried it??

  2. I eat bee pollen every morning and they give me so much energy and I can get to lunch time without snacking so much!

    That’s my own costumize cereal bowl:

    1/4 cup of oats
    1/4 cup of amaranth
    Bee pollen
    1 tbs chia seeds
    Coconuts flakes
    1 Tbs Chocolate protein powder
    1 tbs goji berries
    1 small banana
    And I mix all together with 1/2 cup of Greek yogurt!

    I’m really lazy in the morning and I usually put all the ingredient together before going to bed and in the morning I only add Greek yogurt to the mix 😉
    My skin looks so good since I eat this every morning

  3. Lauren, don’t forget that if you’re consuming the whole flax seed you’re mostly likely just going to poop it out without reaping the benefits! Flax needs to be ground for our bodies to break it down (Because the shell is too tough for our bodies!)
    Look it up? 🙂

    I totally need to try Bee pollen though. A girl I went to University with swears by it, (AND the Diva cup! Lol) So now I’ve gotta get on that train.

  4. Hi Lauryn! Could you tell me the measurements of how much of the seed mixture you take and how you take it? I saw in the video you had a spoonful of coconut oil and the seed mixture on top. And how much should you consume in a day? Thanks!

  5. I’ve never tried bee pollen before, but I’m a huge fan of hulled hemp seeds – especially in smoothies. It makes them extra creamy, total bonus! I’m going to have to give this pollen a try! I love anything natural that add a little boost to my energy.

    Thanks, | Carly

  6. I’ve been loving Genuine Health’s greens + extra energy in cappuccino for added energy. The ingredients are balanced, the science behind each one was thoroughly researched and it really does work. Now I skip dehydrating coffee in the morning in favour of this – esp pre-workout!

  7. Last year I was pretty good about taking my bee pollen and coconut oil everyday, but I fell off the wagon! I think these new additions will make it more exciting!!


  8. Love my Divacup! There is definitely a learning curve so have a back-up ready the first few times. But once you get the hang of it, you’ll love it. No waste, no worry about clogging the toilet/ funkiness in the bathroom trashcan. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

  9. Yay!! You will love the Diva Cup, hopefully! Just be sure that you bought the correct model (there is one for those who have given birth and one for those who have not). Also, it is WAY cheaper on Amazon. I paid, like, forty bucks for mine at whole foods. But, its still going strong multiple years later so the cost was worth it. I definitely need to buy some bee pollen. I have been interested in it since you last posted about it!

  10. Hi Lauryn! 🙂
    I eat bee pollen every morning and it give me so much energy and I can get to lunch time without snacking so much!

    That’s my own costumize cereal bowl:

    1/4 cup of oats
    1/4 cup of amaranth
    1/2 tbs of Bee pollen
    1 tbs chia seeds
    Coconuts flakes
    1 Tbs Chocolate protein powder
    1 tbs goji berries
    1 small banana
    And 1/2 cup of Greek yogurt!

    I’m really lazy in the morning and I usually put all the ingredient together before going to bed and in the morning I only add Greek yogurt to the mix 😉
    My skin looks so good since I eat this every morning!

    1. Hey Marty,

      Your customized cereal bowl sounds delicious, I am going to try it! Do you put the banana and goji berries in the morning along with the yogurt?

  11. I use coconut oil for cooking constantly, however I’m watching and rewatching your short video and I’m literally dying watching you eat a tablespoon of it raw. Is that weird? Do you feel it’s a necessary part of the “energy in a spoon”? I’m not sure I could get past it.

  12. What amounts of each do you use in your mix? Don’t you have to grind the flax seeds before eating so it’s easier for your body to digest and they can work their magic?

  13. Green tea and a healthy breakfast! Cinnamon is also a great metabolism booster! Oh yeah, and I’m with you on the chia seed high. It’s just effing perfect!

  14. I love this idea of energy in a spoon. I have it all currently in my Amazon cart- ready for checkout!!
    I need to drop some major lbs for my wedding 🙂

    So I know you also love you ACV in the morning…how do those two routines fit together?

    1. Shannon, if you need to lose weight for your wedding, I would recommend the 5:2 diet. I have been on it for a year and have lost about 20 kgs. The first 10 kgs came off at about 2 kgs a month, then it has slowed to about 1 a month.

  15. Soooo TMI, but I have been using the “instead” cups since 2005 and I will NEVER use a tampon again! The instead are disposable, you can get them in packs of like 18, which should last 3 months (these can stay in 24 hours since no risk of TSS, unless you have HEAVY flow and need to change it). The Divacup I believe is reusable, but it is also way differently shaped, so I never went with that. No complaints about the instead cups, like I said, I’ve been using them since I was 20, and after using tampons for the first 3 years of my period (late bloomer, first period at 17), I’ve never gone back.

    And they work in any situation. As luck would have it, I did both my half ironman and full ironman while on my period last year (thanks, mother nature, that was awesome). So these babies held up under a 2.4 mile river swim, 112 mile bike ride, and 26.2 mile run like a champ

  16. Hi Lauryn,

    I SWEAR by the Diva Cup — I’ve used it for 7 years and during that time have only purchased two boxes of tampons for extreme traveling situations. I love the Diva Cup because it’s chemical-free, will not give you toxic shock syndrome, helps save the environment, doesn’t have that annoying string that always gets in the way and can save you a TON of money throughout the years. Everyone has their own special tricks with the Diva Cup — I prefer to rinse mine out and put it back in while I’m in the shower, I have a designated pot that I boil it in at the end of my cycle and I use toothpicks to clean out the little ventilation holes 🙂 I hope you end up loving it as much as I do!!

  17. So I’m curious…does your fiancé eat the seed/bee pollen too? My hubby and I are trying to be healthier and I was just curious if it had the same results on men.

  18. We love putting bee pollen in our coffee yum! Lauryn – what are your thoughts on (1) bullet proof coffee & (2) apple cider vinegar + cayenne morning shots???

  19. cant wait to hear about your diva cup experience- I am mildly freaked out about the thought and am glad you are going to be our tester! Bee pollen is great for allergies too FYI 🙂 I take all of these things but all separately – I love the idea of taking everything together.

  20. I’ve been on the hunt for bee pollen! I’ve heard so many great things about it!

    Connie | Sponsored by Coffee | Bloglovin’

  21. I buy large amounts of all of those seeds and bee pollen and coconut oil. They are great in smoothies, chia frescas and many raw vegan deserts. As far as the Diva Cup goes – I have used mine for years now. Definitely recommend. But give it at least two months before deciding what you think. If you have any issues at all there are some great youtube videos on it. The first time using it can be a little…alarming. lol

  22. For Bee Pollen I would definitely suggest try your local farmers market first to purchase! When you source pollen locally, it helps build your immune system if you have seasonal plant allergies (such as myself!) since it comes from your local plant life 🙂

  23. how much of each of the ingredients do you mix with the coconut oil? I read your original post that says a tablespoon of oil, and about a tablespoon of bee pollen… So now, do you add about a tablespoon total of the combined mixture? Really want to try this! Thanks 🙂

    1. I don’t really measure!! I’m not a measurer, lol. I just do about a tablespoon of each. It’s really up to you! x

  24. I used to do a spoonful of olive oil to get my fats up in my diet. Coconut oil if it’s unscented will go down easy. I need to try bed pollen. I have over 40 food allergies and I can’t have seeds or dairy and being protein deficient is killing me. Anything to help with the weight gain and boost protein is exactly what I need to try since I’ve tried everything.

  25. Girl Diva Cups have been the talk of the natural beauty/raw beauty for quite some time! I’m glad they mentioned it in the last post!

  26. I’ve never had bee pollen before. I hope it tastes like little honey balls because I love honey, especially avocado honey from my local farmer’s market.

  27. Drinking water is my beauty secret. But aaah, I want to try Chia seeds for such a long time now. Too bad they are so expensive. But after reading your post I am convinced that I NEED to try it 🙂

    Stefanie x

  28. I love this post and have my amazon cart full. I am just a bit confused about how you make it and how much you have a day. Also do I need to grind any of the seeds? Thank you!

    1. You just do a scoop of each! It’s up to you how much. I like to have it once a day in the morning. But I have my magic seeds on everything. xx

  29. Just went to my local organic market to get some hemp hearts! I put chia & ground flax seed in my oatmeal nearly every day. Do you usually grind your flax seed for this routine, or eat it whole?

  30. Lauren- this crazy seed mix looks
    Interesting. What’s the measurement situation? Do you eat one or two spoofuls a day? Inquiring minds wanna know. Thx!

  31. Make sure you grind your flax seeds before you use them, otherwise the majority just pass through the body and you don’t get the yummy nutrients. Grind it up first and it helps your body absorb all the goodness. xxx

  32. I hate to be the one to say this, but it’s important!

    Although bee pollen can be seen as a great addition to your health routine, I really recommend reading about how the harvesting of pollen and other bee produced products negatively affects bee populations.

    We’re always on the lookout for the newest nutrient packed superfood or a weight-loss aid for our personal uses, but harvesting honey, pollen and other products from bees are taking away the nutrition meant for the hive.

    If you’re interested, just do a quick google search to find more information.

  33. I’m with ya on the bee pollen (and everything else you mentioned) :), and have been for a couple of years now! So great for you!

    beauty+lifestyle blogger

  34. Really interesting post! I’m new to your site and i seriously have no idea how i found it, but THANK GOD I DID! Cool stuff and I like that you have YT vids t o go with some of your posts.

  35. I have chia seeds daily, and I absolutely love them! I add them to smoothies as chia gel, sprinkle into salads, and add to my oats. They’re awesome!
    Bee pollen is also a staple in my home, it’s such an amazing thing and I absolutely love it!

    I also love superfood powders, such a maca and matcha which are amazing for energy levels and so easy to add to smoothies, make into a latte, or sprinkle onto oatmeal!

    {Teffy’s Perks} X

  36. Do you have the bee pollen along with the magic seeds a couple of time a day, or just in the a.m. ? Thank you – LOVE your blog and tips!

  37. Omg no way! I am a Diva Cup convert as of this last November and it is LIFE CHANGING. A little weird to get used to at first, but 100% worth it!

  38. I for real got this, right after reading because I love trying all different types of foods, tricks, seeds, oils.

    The bee pollen is whats up! I hated the coconut oil taste at first, but am now finding that i crave it in the mornings.

    A lot of fitness models, and those in the fitness industry cook only with coconut oil and consume around 3 tablespoons daily. It’s interesting to see it everywhere now but I’m down! I’m not sure if you’ve posted about CLA or not? But that I’ve been on for years and really like how its non-stimulant for fat loss etc.

    Also when the bee pollen came in the mail my boyfriend was like, wtf, haha

    Loved this one!

  39. I’ve been incorporating the bee pollen into my morning smoothie! Do you still receive the same benefits if it’s ground or do they need to be whole kernels?

  40. I had no idea about bee pollen being so great for health and weight loss! Where do you buy it? I definitely want to find some locally so that it will help with my seasonal allergies at the same time.

  41. Thank you very much for the great info,

    I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis a month ago and I’ve decided to try Paleo diet for 90 days and I start my day with a cup of green smoothie so I was wondering if it’s safe To add spirulina powder, chia seeds, flaxseeds, hemp seeds and bee pollen together?

    Thank you very much!

  42. I love this so much! I was at the farmers market today and bought some bee pollen and some local honey! You inspired me to do a post about raw hemp seeds, and I even made my own magic seeds! You are awesome! Thx for the constant health motivation!

  43. I know this may be a stupid question, but how much of each seed do you use at one time? Are you mixing each one together into one bowl or just adding them to random things in a day? I read this exact blog like a year or 2 ago and i fell in love with chia seeds. I have been really wanting to try this i just don’t know exactly how you’re using them.

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  45. I’ve been into functional medicine since I found out I was auto immune so I feel like I knew most of this but you condense it and articulate it so well. I love the wildly idiosyncratic yet relatable voiceyou write in! I can’t wait until you publish a book! In the meantime, could you share the measurements/amounts you consume of each ingredient in the morning?? ?

  46. I抦 not that much of a internet reader to be honest but your sites really nice, keep it up! I’ll go ahead and bookmark your website to come back down the road. Cheers

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