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A Supermodel’s Best Kept Secret

The Skinny Confidential talks gelatin capsules.

{ gelatin capsules }

When I went to Miami I hung out with an amazingly beautiful top model. Like, she was GORGEOUS. Not only was she a stunner, she was reallllll in to health & wellness.

And of course ( because duh ) I asked her: what’s your best kept secret??

The model went on to tell me about something I had nooooo clue about: GELATIN CAPSULES.

You know how everyone tells you biotin is OH-SO-AMAZING FOR HAIR & NAIL GROWTH?

Well, according to this babe & all her model friends gelatin, gelatin is a million times better. She said that she’s modeled all over the world & all the top models take it daily. She talked about gelatin for literally ten minutes straight listing the benefits, as my jaw hung on the table like WTF/OMG. And then she went on to say it’s a total secret & all her beautiful, perfect-looking model friends SWEAR by this magic capsule.

So naturally I rushed home & sped to the closet health food store to buy my own supply #sosueme.

How did I not know about gelatin for all these years?! What the hell? I’ve interview hundreds of top models & none of them have shared this secret?

Before I tested it out though, I did my own research & shit…she wasn’t lying. Check it out:


You guys know I’m allllll about prevention so when I see the words ‘reduces wrinkles,’ I get giddy. There’s A LOT OF STUDIES ( like tons ) say “You know those $50+ wrinkle reducer miracle creams that don’t work? Save a lot of money by just taking gelatin internally each day and using coconut oil for skin care! Gelatin is essentially cooked, powdered collagen ( that ingredient they charge you an arm and a leg for that doesn’t even work well externally… ). Taking gelatin internally provides the body the building blocks to build great skin, hair and nails from the inside out and helps reduce wrinkles.”


It’s not the most amazing source of protein but it gets the job done because it’s filled with amino acids!! Actually to be exact there’s half of the 18 essential amino acids. And anything with amino acids? I’m in.


Here’s the deal: you can ingest gelatin & it really, really will help your hair/nails grow. Literally no joke, my friend Sophie from the blog Angel Food Style, texted me other day saying “I accidentally lit my hair on fire what should do ( laugh/cry Emoji x 400 )?” I said: “GELATIN!!” So take gelatin if you want to grow longer hair & longer nails ( I’m assuming this is 99 percent of the female population? ).

If you want to use it as a hair mask, I found this tip on Pinterest: “To make, stir one tablespoon of gelatin powder in to 1/2 cup of cool water until mixed. Add 1/2 cup warm/hot water, one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar, and one teaspoon of honey to create a thick gel/liquid. Pour into hair and massage through hair and scalp. Leave on for at least five minutes and rinse with hot water. Shampoo as normal.”


YES. Hormones are funny, remember? According to this source: “too much estrogen in the body (which can be caused by all sorts of reasons including hormonal imbalances, over exposure to phytoestrogens like those found in soy, and xenoestrogens found in plastics) can cause inflammation, infertility and promote accelerated aging. The wonderful, and seemingly endless benefits of gelatin have anti-estrogenic effects which can help offset the effects of excess estrogen in the body.”


Apparently a lot of people in the fitness & model industry consume one tablespoon of gelatin before bed in green or chamomile tea. Gelatin boosts the metabolism & human growth hormone production. Oh & it totally helps heal the digestive track ( so, so good for you! ) & helps improve the appearance of cellulite.

If you’re not in to pill popping ( hey, some people hate swallowing pills ), try gelatin gummies!

Wait what?

Yessss. According to this source: “gummies made from grass fed gelatin ( you can find quality gelatin here ) and sweetened with raw honey ( instead of refined sugar or chemical sweeteners ) are one of the healthiest treats you can have ( some recipes here: lemon gummiesorange gummies and strawberry lemonade gummies )! And they are also something that the entire family can agree on. They’ll think they’re eating candy and you know that you’re feeding them bone-building blocks and a gut-healing superfood ( store-bought version here ).”

I mean, geez. I’ve certainly been missing out. A WHOLE NEW WORLD, RIGHT?!

And obviously when I heard about this model-esque secret I had to let you guys in…

The best way to get your gelatin in is to EAT it!! You can add it to oatmeal, meats, seafoods, smoothies, &/or salads or soups ( SEE BELOW : ) ). It helps with the absorption of nutrients too. This brand is the best, in my opinion!

BUT. I also went out and bought the capsules because sometimes I don’t have enough time…LOL.

Ok so, there you have it! Gelatin is kind of FREAKING AMAZING.

My recommendation ( as always ): do your own research before you ingest anything. I’m just sharing what works for ME! Do what works for YOU.

Oh & by the way, THE ABSOLUTE BEST WAY TO CONSUME GELATIN? Bone broth AKA ‘The Botox Substitute ‘ creates gelatin in your body too. The breakdown of the collagen in bone broths is what produces gelatin, so drink up!

Do you take gelatin? Have you heard of it? Anyone?

Happy Tuesday! Until next time, Lauryn

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* list of antioxidants I take can be found here.

** these products are NOT vegan or vegetarian; they contain traces of meat.

  1. So weird but so interesting haha, who knew!? Think I might have to pick some up – my hairs been in that ‘won’t grow past a certain point stage’ for like a year now and I’m so ready for something to work! xx

    1. My mother is 88 she’s been eating jello for the last 40 years everyday. She has thick hair all her teeth no wrinkles her skin is tight very little cellulite and moves around like a teenager. I always wondered what her secret was but even she had no idea that it was the gelatin she was eating. I started doing the same as her but using a kosher bovine grass feed kind. I notice the difference already and wish I had known much sooner. Better late than never. My mother should advertise jello she looks 20 years younger than her age. In adding her bones are strong she fell twice in the past 2 years and never cracked a bone her bone density test always come back great.

  2. when you said some use a tablespoon of gelatine in their tea, you mean actual supermarket bought gelatine? or is this some kind of special gelatin powder?

    1. You can use gelatin capsules (at health food store) or gelatin powder. Either works. They’re both avail above by clicking the little pictures of the one you prefer. x

  3. Hi Lauryn, do you use the red can ? What way do you use it ?… I when through the green can, but my red is still full..not sure how to use it ..

  4. Going to start taking it right now. Desperately trying to grow out my hair after a short hair cut I regret getting! Not so keen on the smell of powdered gelatin so will be adding it to my morning smoothie (:

  5. It’s good for your tummy too. If we’re talking the same thing. A lot of people make meat broths to get it naturally.

  6. Gelatin is made from ground up animal tissues and skin, like pigs feet, for example. It’s not vegetarian or vegan- and that should be mentioned here as many of your readers probably have that lifestyle. It’s found in jello, marshmallows, gummies, and even some candies and yogurts, so beware!

    1. Yes, precisely. I am vegetarian so no gelatin or bone broth for me. Perhaps I’ll be very wrinkly or not wrinkly at all from keeping it all natural. Time will tell.
      :] // ▲ ▲

    2. I’m sure you’ll be just fine ; ) good thing is you can still use coconut oil on your skin which is GAME CHANGING!

    3. Gelatin comes from horses hoofs…..grandma told me years ago…

  7. Great post! When talking about gelatin & other anti-aging vitamins/minerals, is 21 a good age to start adding these to my daily routine? Thanks Lauryn, xo.

  8. ah what a great tip! i’m all about anything to keep the wrinkles away. and anything that’s good for my bod in general. thanks for the tip!

  9. I really recommend you try some Aspic recipes (especially chicken based). It’s literally all natural gelatin. in it’s most natural form.
    Aspic is the next level bone broth. Very healthy and nutritious; not to mention, very popular in Easter European cuisine for it’s skin and immune nourishing qualities.

  10. A retired man I used to volunteer with swore by gelatin & collagen. His skin was amazing at 60+. I thought it sounded weird at the time, but this is making me reconsider. I’m gonna look for some bone broth or some powder.

  11. Thanks for sharing, Lauryn! I had never heard about those before- I will def be trying some gelatin capsules soon! I have been hooked on magnesium supplements ever since reading your blog post about it and it has really helped me soo much– thanks for these tips!! 🙂

  12. WOW! I am shocked, I’ve never heard of this before. My hair has been falling out like crazy lately and I’m not sure why because I’m not stressed and I haven’t changed much of my diet, just made healthier choices. Maybe this will help, I might have to give it a try. Thanks for recommending this.

  13. Thanks for sharing!! I can’t wait to try it out. You’ve always got the best tips. xx

  14. I clicked the link to the gelatin and according to reviews on Amazon. We should use the green can in tea because it doesn’t gel like the red one.. Do you find that to be true?

  15. Hi Lauryn!

    Would you recommend powder or capsules? Can’t decide which is more beneficial, or does it not make a huge difference?

    Loved this post!

  16. This is awesome. Thanks for posting! Is there a way you could make a page summarizing all the supplements you’ve recommended? Or is there a specific term I can search in your site? I usually read your blog when I’m at work so I never remember to go to the store after and I’m a little hesitant to buy this stuff online. I should probably give in and buy online. Thanks!

  17. Is there anything we should watch out for when buying gelatine capsules? You know how sometimes the companies like to throw in yucky additives? Is there a common additive that goes in that we should avoid? Or just look for gelatine capsules?

    xoxo, Laura

  18. Is there anything we should watch out for when buying gelatine capsules? You know how sometimes the companies like to throw in yucky additives? Is there a common additive that goes in that we should avoid? Or just look for gelatine capsules?

    xoxo, Laura

  19. lauryn you’re so rad.

    I’ve been preaching bone broth to people! I drink it almost every morning to start my day. Especially to my patients in clinic who need to realign their gut. Homemade stock is the only way! No boxed stuff.. Even if organic. Make it (so easy) and freeze it into ice cube trays/glass tupperwear But I love the idea of gelatin capsules too! I’ll be picking it up today. Thanks for the tip! x

  20. So that’s how they do it ;P But seriously I don’t think I’ve heard of these tiny pieces of amazingness! Thanks for sharing.

    By the way, I have an Etsy shop selling illustrations – but I specialize in yoga illustrations, you can check it out here if you want:

  21. While I have used great Lakes for a while, there is another brand I am considering testing out- VITAL PROTEINS.
    #1- As a former vegan (please don’t throw any gasoline and fire at me), my sensitivity towards animal treatment rings loud, hard, and strong. Therefore, I like to know that the animals were treated humanely, lived in a natural environment (or as natural as can be, given the circumstances), and were fed an unprocessed, healthy, grain-free diet (vegetarian fed can equate to grains, soy, and corn, all of which are GMO- especially corn, as it is a GRAIN). GL is not very transparent when it comes to the specifications of the treatment of their animals.
    #2- Protein Content. The amino acid profile is slightly higher than GL, and it is also a tad higher numerically when you locate the grams of protein on the nutritional index. (17 g in comparison to 11 g for GL).
    #3- Quality. Like #1, the cattle were treated humanely and fed an organic, natural, grass fed diet. In turn, you have healthy cows which will provide healthier nutrients for the consumer. I’ve read some reviews, and many former GL advocates have switched over to this brand. Many reviews account for improved absorption rate, better results, and easier digestion.
    For price, it really is not too bad compared to GL.
    Vital Proteins costs either $24 for a 23 serving can, or $42 for a 45 serving can. Great Lakes is about $21 for 38 servings.
    Either way, both brands are still good. If your budget is super tight, you can still opt for the smaller serving size from Vital Proteins, or really just go for Great Lakes. Personally, for the reasons listed above, I prefer Vital Proteins, and will be most obliged to report back on what I find after using it.
    Also, on a final note, I want to distinguish the difference between Collagen Hydrosolate and Gelatin powder.
    The former should dissolve pretty well in warm/room temperature liquids. Anything colder will create some goopy, flavorless globs, which is not so bad; you can scoop them up and eat them with a spoon (a pinch of stevia helps if you really cannot stand it). This type of protein goes well with soups, smoothies, protein pancakes, juices, teas, coffee, etc.
    The latter is used for creating gummies/snacks; some people prefer these for baking or making protein pancakes, and I have yet to comment any further on it, as I have only used the hydrosolate, which is rapidly absorbed by the body (making it a good post-work-out supplement).
    Hope this helps! Thanks for jumping on the bandwagon!

  22. Wellness Mama (whom I practically worship) is alllll about gelatin! She recommends Great Lakes as well, and I just purchased it off for nearly half the price as on Amazon.

  23. We love gelatin! Been enjoying it for the past 2 years. We love making marshmallows, sugar-free ones 😉 We have a few recipes on our blog if you need ideas how else to use gelatin.

  24. I definitely like the idea of the gelatin… who doesn’t want great skin, hair, and nails? Anyway, my only question is what the difference between vegetable gelatin and beef gelatin? I would prefer to take the veggie version, but I question if it yields different results. Also, there’s a MIRACLE product called BioSil. It’s a capsule form, and a type of activated collagen “kick starter”, I want to try the gelatin, of course, but this product has done miracles for my entire body. Thanks for your help. LOVEE IT. <3

  25. So just to clarify you fill the capsules with the gelatin? I have only taken it in liquid. And if so how many capsules would you take a day? Thanks! Hope I didn’t misread something lol – thanks!!

  26. I got so excited reading about this. Can’t wait to try it out. I love what biotin did to my nails but hasn’t helped my hair. And this helps with wrinkles too!! It’s worth a shot.

    Thanks for posting this!

  27. Until today, I had never heard go the positive effects gelatin can have in you body, ever! But everything you’ve listed in your post sounds super-duper amazing. I’m definitely gonna do some research on this topic. Thanks for introducing this to us.

  28. I was SO excited when I read this that I immediately started searching to find similar products in the UK! The only thing I could find, aside from leaves of gelatine for cooking, were capsules that cost £25/$37 dollars for a month’s supply. I’m a student, so I can’t really afford it 🙁

  29. LOVE this post!!!! do you know how often they take the gelatin capsules? Also when you mix the gelatin powder in your food does it change the consistency? xoxo

  30. Love love looooove this tip Lauryn! You are one awesome lady!
    Quick question – do you take the gelatin/gelatin capsules as well as bone broth or do you think bone broth is enough??

    {Teffy’s Perks} X

  31. Regular gelatin is good in small amounts such as desserts and is only hot soluble.. More for people with advanced digestive systems since it can be difficult to digest, but the collagen hydrolysate is good for everyone. It can dissolve in cold water easily so it’s good for smoothies 🙂

  32. Hey. So I saw your comment about cocunt oil being good for wrinkles? Can you link me to that post please :))

  33. Hi! Just to say I love your website:) I recommend biotin for a really good alternative. I’m vegan so obviously wouldn’t be having gelatin in any form as it is animal bone marrow – pretty gross! But biotin makes your hair grow like crazy and is great for skin and nails too. And animal-free

  34. Hi Lauren! Love reading all the best kept secrets you find! I was wondering how you use Coconut Milk on your skin? Sounds like something I would like to try!


  35. I’ve literally had Great Lakes Gelatin in my amazon cart for about a year. I think I should finally bite the bullet and buy it. I know a lot of people throw it into their coffee in the morning for a morning nutritional boost. I might have to try that!

  36. Isn’t gelatin just ground up animal hooves? If we’re talking about the same stuff found in jello, gummies, etc. Might want to make sure all the vegans and vegetarians are aware of what they’re ingesting, miracle results or not! It’s simply liquefied skin and bones from cows and pigs.

  37. I know you posted some examples of gelatin capsules above, but is there a specific brand you would recommend most?

    Thanks for this post! So excited to order some!

  38. I just got some of the Great Lakes, powederd gelatin, and wondered if I add it to my morning coffee since I’m on the go, majority of my mornings!?

  39. As usual you’ve inspired me! My Vital Protein gelatin just arrived from Amazon!! I’m enjoying a scoop in my green tea with my post-workout protein pancakes. Perfect little Saturday! Thanks for sharing this tip!

  40. Thanks so much for reminding me of this! You get it hammered into you on certain diets that you need to make bone broth for the benefits but obviously that’s not always something you can do or keep on hand. I’m certainly going to invest in some soon. Being overweight you make a lot of excess estrogen so I can see how it would help there! Since I suffer from an autoimmune thyroid disorder and multiple food allergies this seems like excellent all around support!

  41. It’s good to know that gelatin is safe to use as it contains many essential amino acids. This is a product I have not tried before but given its therapeutic value on skin rejuvenation, I think its beneficial to use.

  42. Thank you so much for this tip – just bought the green can and am so excited about this product! How do you usually take your powder? I just added two tablespoons to my morning coffee with a little bit of almond milk but I’m not loving how it turned out…

  43. Question! What’s the difference between gelatin & collagen & biotin… I def don’t need like a scientific answer, I just bought “collagen” by accident but it contains biotin so does it do the same things? Thank you Lauryn!

  44. I just started taking Silicon supplementation which is used to stimulate the production of collagen.

    Not sure if anyone has tried it but I think it has similar benefits as gelatin

  45. Very excited about this! Have done some of my own basic research but can’t seem to find recommended dosage/day…any suggestions?! Dosage in pill form and powder form would be helpful! Thanks so much for sharing this tip! Super stoked to give it a whirl!

  46. Hi Lauryn,
    I didn’t read all the comments to find out if you said it already, but how much do you take of the powder gelatin??
    Thanks! Can’t wait to try!

  47. I’m kind of skeptical to try this as I just noticed it doesn’t come from grass fed animals (or at least the one you linked in the beginning of your post) do you know of any others that are 100% grass fed?

  48. Hi Lauryn,

    Love your blog! Started reading it last summer and check in all the time for a bit of loveliness 🙂 I was just wondering, as I’m vegan, if you knew anything about agar agar? it’s supposedly a vegan alternative to gelatin?

    Thanks 🙂 K x

  49. Ok this is crazy! I have been feeling so bad about myself lately (poor me, I know) and started researching any and everything to help my “problem areas” … I HATE working out so that’s not an option just yet. Anyways, I started taking Gelatin capsules a few days ago and I don’t know if it’s wishful thinking or I’m literally seeing things but my skin looks like it’s glowing and the fatigue is gone (I also take Schisandra herbal supplement so not sure if it’s the combo) but I needed validation this stuff works so I so so appreciate your blog!
    Xo Bimia

  50. Hi Lauryn! Can you please recommend a gelatin capsul that is 100% grass fed gelatin? I’m having a hard time finding one that confirms this. THANK YOU!

  51. Hey Lauryn,

    You mentioned you sprinkle this gelatin in your smoothies, salads, meats etc
    so you just toss in the powdered gelatin and thats it?
    Or do you have to wait for it to “act up” like physically turn into jelly like form?


  52. Good article. I first learned about this from the book, “Sip Away Your Wrinkles.” I’m a man in my 60s, and I think it has made a definite difference in appearance. I get comments from people who are surprised when they learn my age.

  53. I got the collagen protein powder after reading this post, but the smell of it is so terrible I can’t even drink it! What do you mix yours with?

  54. Does gelatin help with re growing hair? I have thinning hair and it has become worse lately with major thinning at my temples and crown. Please please please help!!

  55. Hey do you know if there’s a vegan version of this holy grail? I just came across this me and my mom are so curious 🙂

  56. Just bought my gelatin… Willing to give it a try. Wondering if I should open a capsule and just take the powder. So far so good.

  57. I’m assuming since its gelatin it should help with hair as well as skin… My hair grows dramatically fast though.. I might contribute it to b6 or b12 if u wanna try that.?

  58. My grandmother swore by gelatin before they had it to buy any way but unflavored in the jello isle! Youtalk about hair and skin here…. but the most beneficial element to me is the fact that it strengthens and rebuilds bones and joints! Best kept secret in the world! Grandmother was 93 and still going strong… getting in the floor and playing with the grandkids with no troublegetting up or down… no broken bones ever! Prettiest nails skin and hair around!!! So much good to this gelatin thing!

  59. I’m drinking homemade bone broth right now. It’s very delicious. Get leg and neck bones from the butcher. Place them in a saucepan, cover with water, add 3-4 tablespoons vinegar, 2 halfed onions, 4-5 cloves of crashed garlic, roughly chopped carrots, a small piece of fresh ginger. Than put on stove on low heat and let simmer for at least 15 hours. Finally pour the broth through a sieve into another bowl. Let cool, put in fridge. After about an hour the broth will turn into gelatin and all the fat will be on the surface. Take the fat off and use it for cooking. Then divide the gelatin in jars. You can keep it in the fridge for one week and 3 months in the freezer. Warm the gelatin and drink it as it is from a mug. You can also use the gelatin on your hair if you only boil the bones without the onions etc. If you apply bone broth on your hair once a week you’ll be surprised about the results. It’s the best haircare product around at the moment.

  60. I’ve been using this for 2 weeks and already my hair is stronger and growing! My nails are also growing faster already! My 2 best friends have been using this for a few months and their hair & skin is amazing!! I use the powder Gelpro australia brand it’s called peptipro. I’m so happy with this product so far and would recommend this to everyone struggling to grow their hair! I don’t eat red meat and was really grossed out by this but I put it in my morning smoothie with coconut water, banana, spinach, and protein powder and it all blends in fine you can’t even taste it. Goodluck xx

  61. How long does it usually take to see results in your hair growth? I plan on trying it, as I take biotin daily and have for 3 years, when I suddenly lost almost half of my hair due to stress. Its still barely growing bac . I also have been trying to grow out my hair for 6 years and have only gained about 3″. I mainly ask about the time frame, as my wedding is this July, and I’m hoping that it may make a noticeable difference by then? Thank you SO much for posting this!!! I live in MI, so probably shouldn’t be too hard to find the great lakes brand!

  62. Hi Lauryn – How do you use your gelatin normally? Do you make gummies? IF you put it in tea – does it congeal and make it taste different? You’ve probably answered this below, but thought I’d ask. Thank you!!

  63. How they make gelatin

    The Manufacturing
    Inspection and cutting

    1 When the animal parts arrive at the food processing plant, they are inspected for quality. Rotted parts are discarded. Then, the bones, tissues, and skins are loaded into chopping machines that cut the parts into small pieces of about Sin (12.7cm) in diameter.

    Degreasing and roasting

    2 The animal parts are passed under high-pressure water sprays to wash away debris. They are then degreased by soaking them in hot water to reduce the fat content to about 2%. A conveyer belt moves the degreased bones and skins to an industrial dryer where they are roasted for approximately 30 minutes at about 200° F (100° C).

    Acid and akaline treatment

    3 The animal parts are soaked in vats of lime or some other type of acid or akali for approximately five days. This process removes most of the minerals and bacteria and facilitates the release of collagen. The acid wash is typically a 4% hydrochloric acid with a pH of less than 1.5. The alkaline wash is a potassium or sodium carbonate with a pH above 7.


    4 The pieces of bone, tissue, and skin are loaded into large aluminum extractors and boiled in distilled water. A tube running from the extractor allows workers to draw off the liquid that now contains gelatin. The liquid is sterilized by flash-heating it to about 375° F (140° C) for approximately four seconds.

    Evaporating and grinding

    5 From the extractor, the liquid is piped through filters to separate out bits of
    The chemical structure of gelatin is what makes gelatin water soluble; form digestible gels and films that are strong, flexible, and transparent; and form a positive binding action that is useful in food processing, pharmaceuticals, photography, and paper production.
    The chemical structure of gelatin is what makes gelatin water soluble; form digestible gels and films that are strong, flexible, and transparent; and form a positive binding action that is useful in food processing, pharmaceuticals, photography, and paper production.
    bone, tissue or skin that are still attached. From the filters, the liquid is piped into evaporators, machines that separate the liquid from the solid gelatin. The liquid is piped out and discarded. The gelatin is passed through machines that press it into sheets. Depending on its final application, the gelatin sheets are passed through a grinder that reduces them to a fine powder.

    Flavoring and coloring

    6 If the gelatin is to be used by the food industry, sweeteners, flavorings, and colorings may be added at this point. Pre-set amounts of these additives are thoroughly mixed into the powdered gelatin.

  64. hi.. i am 34 yr old guy.. and i get id’d everywhere.. now there is good and bad to that.. but have been using this stuff for about 2 years… i also use it with protien whey.. but only one time a day.. other time i use green tea.. i started it when looking it up for gf to get healthier.. and figured.. i might as well take it also.. everything about me is healthy.. i would say i haven’t changed in health from when i was 16.. and the gel seems to be helping in that.. i use knox.. although its meat products.. it seems to work.. i am also a semi-pro vocalist, medical researcher, craftsman/carpenter.. web master.. and more.. it seems to help substantially in keeping the mind going and energy aspect 🙂

  65. I would definitely recommend the Gelpro brand Peptipro.. it’s by far the cleanest gelatin I have used. They have the collagen Hydrolysate which mixes in water, tea, juice and even coffee… I don’t go a day without it.
    Apparently collagen is better absorbed with vitamin C so worth adding to OJ… is where to get it from and they ship worldwide.

  66. I’m almost through my first bottle (one month) and WOW! I decided to chop my hair off about 1 month ago and immediately regretted it. When I went in for a toner, my hairdresser could not believe how much it had grown. Thank you so much for this tip! (I used the Gelatin capsules, 3 capsules/ day)

  67. I m Zee I Aldo stated to use this gelatin, what I want to know is that,powder and capsules are working alike,I making powder, for my joints and I m very much better

  68. What I want to know is that capsule and powder are working with the same stenth,I m using this gelatin, but I m using powder for my joints and I m very much better now,

  69. Oh now it makes sense. I was born in 1970 and I’ve always been a wine gums and cola bottles addict. At school my friends always asked what I did to make my nails so strong and why they grew so fast but I just thought I was lucky. People would ask how I never put on weight even though I could eat anything I wanted. I was always first in any sport I did but excelled in gymnastics. As I got older I noticed people were shocked to hear my age because I don’t have wrinkles and I’m always being told my skin is amazing. Until now I just thought I was really really lucky but reading this makes so much sense.

  70. Gelatin is a natural protein that is derived from the partial hydrolysis of collagen, which exists in the skin and bones of animals. Gelatin is intended for human consumption and mainly used as a gelling agent, a clarifying agent (drink), binding agent for light sensitive silver halides and a thickening agent as well.

  71. I just started taking powdered collagen hydrolysate today and cannot wait to see how well it works to eliminate those fine lines! Awesome info!!! Thx for sharing 🙂

  72. Hi Lauryn, I don’t eat meat, but is there gelatin pills made of fish? (I eat fish) Thanks! And did the model give any other beauty tips?

    1. Do a search for fish gelatin powder. They definitely sell it on amazon.

  73. I can’t believe this is “new” info to so many. People have used gelatin for decades for beauty purposes.
    Also, is totally an animal product, not just have amounts. Just a fyi.

  74. Gelatin is a natural protein that is derived from the partial hydrolysis of collagen, which exists in the skin and bones of animals. Gelatin is intended for human consumption and mainly used as a gelling agent, a clarifying agent (drink), binding agent for light sensitive silver halides and a thickening agent as well. Commercially available Gelatin is a natural foodstuff and chemically, Gelatin is a pure protein.

  75. OMG I agree! Ever since I started taking these broth capsules from Au Bon Broth people have complimented me on my skin, hair, and nails. They are organic and are, like, super packed with gelatin.

  76. Thank you for sharing this. I wasn’t a fan of the gelatin stuff when drinking bone broth but after reading its benefits, I’m trying to change my mind. I’m drinking Au Bon Broth for some time and it’s been great because it helped me become much more energetic than before.

  77. First I have to say Biotin has been amazing for me. I had a bad haircut April 2016, and 1 day later purchased Biotin (10MG) and now my hair is thick and past my waist. I also take collagen for my hair and skin–But that being said- you had me at antiwrinkle! I have cut back on my Biotin to 5 MG since my hair is now so thick and long- but I WILL be adding gelatin to my daily routine and see if that helps hold off the wrinkles and improves my hair even more. I’m not vegetarian or vegan, but I still prefer pill form so I’ll pick some up today. Thanks so much!

  78. I use mine in my coffee, put 2 teaspoons in a mug add a little cold water stir, leave for a minute or two, stir again and pour on boiling water, add instant coffee and voila gelatine coffee, no change to the taste, but adds a lovely silky texture.
    I like my coffee black, but I suppose you could add milk/cream instead of cold water, and brewed coffee instead of instantSS

  79. Gelatin is present in almost all daily life aspects. We are already using it in pharmaceutical capsule coatings, our beloved pets consume gelatin in their food, creamy desserts and delicious jellies are all made up from gelatin powder not only this but Gelatin is extremely good for a glowing skin since its widely used in the beauty and makeup industry. Halal Gelatin is the way to go for a healthier life with Gelatin. Learn more about us at:

  80. best way to lose weight losing way as you would like. Click on any tip to scan all regarding it. maybe you merely would like the primary piece of advice?If you wish to slim down you must begin by avoiding sugar and starch (like bread, food and potatoes). this is often associate degree recent idea: For one hundred fifty years or a lot of there are a large variety of weight-loss diets supported intake fewer carbs. What’s new is that dozens of recent scientific studies have tried that, yes, low carb is that the handiest thanks to slim down.

  81. Many friend suggest me and explain these things. but I never tried this. I have seen wrinkles in my face and want to remove it as soon as possible so I will be going to start this after little bit of research and consult with the Doctor. Thanks for sharing detail information.

  82. Hi Lauryn, I do not consume beef or pork, but do eat chicken and fish, could you please inform me what sort of gelatin would be good for me. I tried looking for chicken gelatin but am not able to find one, and I am not sure if fish gelatin works the same or not? I heard that agar-agar is a good substitute for gelatin, which is plant-based, but does it has the same benefits as gelatin does?

  83. I always like how comprehensive you are in your Blog, very detailed. This is more of a book than a Blog. You also have unique Blog one won’t see in other blogs.

  84. Hello. Yesterday I stumbled upon an advertisement page in a magazine from the 50’s. On the full page ad it discussed adding unflavored Gelatin to your favorite drink to curve your appetite and maintain your figure. So I decided to try it. In cold drinks the Gelatin powder would harden and clump up at the bottom of my glass. So today I had it mixed with my tea. 1 tablespoon. It has no flavor what so ever, may thicken your drink a little once the drink cools down. I will let you know if it works. I am just trying to prevent myself from snacking all day.

  85. I actually starting using gelatine,I have it in my coffee I like what I have heard so far as I have very thin,weak hair and nails that break easily I hope it really works for me and as I am trying to lose weight I hope it works for that as well.

  86. So many have no clue that fast hair growth scalp therapy shampoos (obviously without any sulfates, parabens or DEA) exist. Folks are now able to attain longer hair and achieve more possibilities. For sure worth looking into it.

    When you’re considering hair loss, hair damage, avoiding scalp disorders, fast hair growth, hair and scalp health generally, almost the same thoughts come to mind.

    As a rule of thumb, you will want to avoid hair products and treatments that include chemicals like parabens, DEA or sulfates.

    What’s good for your hair is good for your skin also.

    It goes without saying your content on this page is so accurate for many reasons. It stays away from the accustomed mistakes and traps so many fall into: buying horrible alternatives. Thank you so much!

  87. Good response in return of this difficulty with real arguments and
    explaining everything regarding that.

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