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Supermodel Cheyenne Tozzi Shares Her Healthy Secrets {!!!}

Cheyenne Tozzi talks diet and modeling

Cheyenne Tozzi talks diet

Seriously…is Cheyenne Tozzi real?

I can’t even handle how beautiful she is— & not only is seriously gorgeous, she’s super sweet & super talented. This babe’s an extremely well-known model ( I mean, the cover of Vogue is kinda of a big deal…! ) & a musician who loves the beach, fitness, & healthy eating.

So. If you can take your eyes off her insane pictures, read on to find out how Cheyenne maintains her famous figure:

+ Introduce yourself.

Cheyenne Tozzi: Hi, my name is Cheyenne Tozzi. I’m from Sydney, Australia & I live in a beach town called Cronulla, south of the city. I grew up with a love of the water & the beach- my entire family is the same way! I’m a model & a singer & I’ve lived in New York for the past seven years.

+ Tell us about your music!

CT: Well that’s an exciting question! I’m currently working on a solo record. I’m actually heading to Miami to record soon. I’ve recorded dance music & blues rock ‘n’ roll, but I think my solo record will be a bit more laidback. It’s nice to try something different.

That being said, when you’re in a studio writing your own music you can end up anywhere! I’ve got an EP on iTunes at the moment, with my band Van Hoorn, & our videos can also be found on YouTube here.

+ Quick skinny trick?

CT: Quick skinny tricks are hard, because they’re usually not very healthy! Personally, I drink lots of water and I’ll do a juice cleanse every now & then. Unfortunately, there’s no heavy pasta or spaghetti bolognaise in a quick skinny trick : (!

+ If you had to do a bikini shoot in a week, how would you prepare?

CT: Well I need to be ready all the time for a surprise bikini shoot, so I’m pretty regimented in my training. Knowing that I have a shoot coming up, I would just ramp up the training. More sit-ups & more running. I also try to eat really clean, lots of organic foods- salads, vegetables, lean proteins, & fish.

+ Weekly workout schedule?

CT: Because I travel so much my workout schedule can vary…but that’s life on the road! You need to adapt. No matter where you are in the world, you can always go for a run, & most hotels have a gym available. When I’m away and locked up in my hotel room I find that dancing around to Beyonce is great cardio too!

+ Favorite go-to healthy food?

CT: Well I always try & eat healthy- but my favorite healthy food is definitely grilled salmon & vegetables. Delicious and healthy…always a bonus!

Cheyenne Tozzi talks diet and health

Cheyenne Tozzi talks diet and fitness

+ Motivation to stay in shape?

CT: I always want to be in the best physical condition I can be in- not just for my modelling work, but because I like being healthy & fit. If I’ve got to jump around the stage performing a concert, I need to know that my body can handle it, that I’ve got the stamina to keep going to keep my breath whilst singing at the same time.

Then of course there’s Gisele Bündchen & Elle Macpherson- now that’s inspiration!

+ Favorite beauty product?

CT: How long have you got?! I love ModelCo Cosmetics. I’m the face of their Super Tan product & I have to tell you, it’s amazing! I also love coconut oil & coconut cream.

Lauryn Evarts, fitness blogger, health blogger, and diet blogger talks skinny tips with Cheyenne Tozzi.

Lauryn Evarts, fitness blogger, health blogger, and diet blogger talks skinny tips with Cheyenne Tozzi.

+ What’s in your purse?

CT: You mean the abyss? My purse is crazy! I’ve got my passport ( a girl never knows when she’s got to fly! ), too many receipts, cards, bottle of water, lipgloss, mascara ( a staple! ), a photo of my yorkie, a photo of my handsome boyfriend…there’s also an umbrella…a few wingback chairs & a kitchen sink!

+ Natural beauty remedy?

CT: I love putting healthy food & nutrients in my body, so I try and be just as clean with my beauty regimes. I always wash my face with freezing water – it’s a great wake-up. Being a beach baby, I love jumping in the ocean too- nothing beats the salt on your skin & just feeling alive. I love Kora Organics products by Miranda Kerr too.

+ Secret model tip for diet and health?

CT: I don’t know how much of a secret this is, but I really do believe in a healthy body & healthy mind. The two need to work in unison. Relaxation, being chilled, & getting enough sleep- that’s the best tip.

You’ll always look your best if you’re healthy AND happy. Oh, & everything in moderation, isn’t that what they say? ; )

+ Quick, easy recipe:

CT: For a quick & easy…try ‘The Chey Salad.’ It’s has avocado, Spanish red onion, tomato, & carrots. Mix it with olive oil & balsamic vinegar and you’re good to go. Yum!

+ To follow Cheyenne on Instagram ( @Cheyennet ) click here.

Cheyenne Tozzi talks diet, modeling, and health

Cheyenne Tozzi talks diet, fitness, and health

  1. Cheyenne, your lifestyle does sounds very healthy and down to earth, who could argue with healthy food, a chill attitude, and adequate rest as beauty tips? Also you were wise to not even suggest a ‘quick skinny tip,’ noting that any quick weight loss tip is probably unhealthy. You sound very balanced!

  2. Haha, I love the description she gave of her purse. Classic girl. I always feel like a bag lady because I bring 99% of my possessions with me whenever I know I’ll be away from home for longer than like…an hour. Hehe. My reusable water bottle may as well be glued to my hand. Anyway, she’s gorgeous! I love the tip about washing her face with cold water. Cold or warm water is actually recommended over hot, since hot water can strip the skin. She’s a smarty.

  3. she’s really very beautiful woman! it was very inetersting to read and find out her small beauty and health tips!

  4. I love these interviews! It is nice to see these gorgeous models are just everyday chicks who stick to a healthy lifestyle and don’t do the whole “not eat” deal! Thanks for sharing 🙂 Love + Shine CourtStar

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