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Ya, ya you know how I’m all about my skin. I don’t screw around. Like I would say it’s probably where I spend most of my money, time, & effort, beauty-wise.

Really though, I could go without designer handbags, but never my skincare products. Who cares about a handbag if my skin isn’t dewy!

For The Skinny Confidential I’m always ( ALWAYS! ) testing out new products. It’s part of the gig. I feel like I’m a human guinea pig. I’m like a mad scientist in my bathroom- always testing.

Anyway, when I like something I like it, which is why I’ve decided to dedicate a whole post on superfoods for your skin.

I know plot twist, right? When you think of superfoods you think FOOD. Not skin.

Well times are changing!

Over the last month I’ve been trying a buzzed about British skincare brand called ELEMIS.  They’ve just launched a new line totally based around superfoods that are super nourishing for the skin. The line is filled with ‘good for your skin’ and ‘good for you’ ingredients like kale extract, wheatgrass extract, avocado oil, & organic pumpkin seed. YUM. The best part is, it works and it’s affordable. The line starts at just $25.

Questions from you guys are 80% skin related, so I figured I could answer a bunch of your questions here.

So here’s the deal: right now I’m into the facial wash to start; it makes your skin feel very plump and fresh after using it– and I slather the mixture all over my face bringing it down to my neck & chest always. Especially when I’m in the shower. Sometimes I even take it over my shoulders because I’m that extra. Those areas tend to get neglected but they are VERY IMPORTANT. So don’t forget them! Taking care of my neck & chest makes all the difference- I want those two areas to remain as youthful as possible. You’re supposed to maybe not take it down to your shoulders but I do when I’m in the shower.

The facial wash is FILLED with superfoods ( we discussed above: kale extract, wheatgrass extract, avocado oil, & organic pumpkin seed). BUT one reason why I’m obsessed is that the cleanser has avocado oil in it. If you read The Skinny Confidential you know I JUST LOVE removing my makeup with oils. This is very efficient because the cleanser is filled with avocado oil which gently removes my makeup so it’s like a two for one. I’m not into a harsh makeup remover situation. The gentler, the better.

Then I’ll do a Korean toner. There’s something about it that’s different than American toner. I know that sounds crazy but trust me on this one, k? Your skin will thank me.

After that I take the ELEMIS Superfood day cream & put it on my face, neck, & chest ( this is my day time routine lately ). And I LOVE, I MEAN I LOVE to facial massage with it. The mixture of the day cream & facial massage just go together, you know? Also, I’ve been doing gua sha lately ( see the pink thing in the pictures? ) for my skin & loving it ( << post to come! ).

More superfoods here guys: some of them include goji berries ( antioxidants! ), broccoli seeds ( Omega 3, 6, & 9 fatty acids! ), ginger ferment ( more antioxidants! ), cucumber seed ( insanely moisturizing! ), and matcha tea ( plumps & brightens! ). Oh!! And PREBIOTICS. The range’s prebiotics just do it for me. Prebiotics defend your skin from environmental causes & support microflora so that your skin is in total balance and GLOWING.

I DO have to admit I use more than a dime-size amount. I like A LOT of moisturizer here.

SUPERFOOD ME UP. Like I want to just bathe in cucumber seeds.




✓ dewier skin
✓ SO VERY plumping
✓ rich in amino acids which hydrate depleted skin
✓ vitamins, prebiotics, & antioxidants? YES PLZ.
✓ they leave your complexion NOURISHED.

Shall I film a video on the routine? I feel like I should. Just a quick one for you guys to see exactly how I’ve been incorporating their superfood products in my routine.

HUGE fan of leading with your skin.

X lauryn


+ this post is in collaboration with ELEMIS. As always all opinions are my own.

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  1. I love the fact that these products are so affordable. I’ll break the bank for skincare if I have to but it’s great when you can find products that work for less!

  2. So I just bought your book. I don’t know WHY I haven’t bought it sooner. I got it for my Kindle and I’m so excited to start reading it! Oh and I cannot wait to try these for my skin!

  3. I need all of this. After months of no sleep with a new baby my skin is dull and my dark circles are so obvious. Any suggestions on an under eye cream?

  4. love your blog ! definitely interesting post on super foods based product. I came across another brand – skinfood but im based in Asia hence not sure if I can get Elemis but thats so great to hear skin care that doesnt break the bank. btw do you have any tips and tricks for dark circles under eyes

  5. Hi Lauren, love your content & follow it religiously — can you please provide the link to the Korean toner you use? Would love to buy (I buy literally everything you post… its becoming a real ISSUE).


  6. Great post! I love a lot of Elemis products and can’t wait to try this new line out, I like that it is focused on superfoods for the skin.

    Eme x |

  7. awesome! “I’m like a mad scientist” sounds serious. Thanks for the great ideas. I enjoyed reading. cheers! keep it up.

  8. Hi Lauryn!

    Loved your post! Agreed – I will break the bank for skincare – so important. I keep seeing the same pink jar in many of your pictures and I may have missed your post about it – but could you tell me what it is? I am so curious!



  9. So I just bought your book. I don’t know WHY I haven’t bought it sooner. I got it for my Kindle and I’m so excited to start reading it! Oh and I cannot wait to try these for my skin!

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