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Why You Should Wear Sunscreen On Your Eyelids

keep your eyes out of the sun | by the skinny confidential

{ graphic: Bianca Cash }

Ok this is a real weird post, but like what’s new with that- you know?

If we’re going to get bizarre, this is the place to do it!

So that my friends, is why I am going to campaign about the importance of sunscreen on the eyelids.


That’s right, like your eye LIDS. But you can close them before you apply- don’t worry you don’t need sunscreen on your eyes, I haven’t gotten that crazy. Also you should probably note it’s super important to make sure you get a sunscreen that doesn’t make your eyes sting.

( We all know there’s NOTHING ( nothing though? ) worse than applying sunscreen or cc cream & having your eyes water for hours. It stings, it burns, & it’s just not comfortable in any way. You know what I mean, right? When you apply sunscreen or foundation & your eyes hurt. It’s just not fun. I now avoid that annoyance. How? Well I tried about 8 million sunscreens AND BELIEVE I FOUND THE ONE. It’s kind of like marriage- you have to keep testing until you find THE ONE. This one NEVER hurts MY eyes. I capitalize MY because it works for me- everyone is different. You have to test things out before you fully commit. So be sure to test a little on your hand first, move to your face, & then go all in with the eye lids. Shamelessly, I apply my 50 SPF on my face, neck, hands, AND eye lids with a beautyBlender. The kind I prefer glides on perfectly with a dewey ( AKA REAL DIRTY ) beautyBlender. I don’t know, there’s something about it that just goes on better. Also you should know it’s caffeinated so it tightens the skin- just another plus for ya ).

OK so we went off on a tangent there- let’s get back to the point of this post: EYE LIDS. “Your eyes are one of the most important parts of your body. Your eyelids and the skin around your eyes is the thinnest on your face ( up to 10% thinner than skin in other areas ) and least resilient in general, which means that it is very vulnerable to UV damage.

Like many others, I unknowingly assumed that my eyes and their surrounding skin were being protected from UV rays by my sunglasses. I learned that this is only partially true! The effectiveness of protection against UV rays provided by sunglasses depends on many factors which are not standardized, like the size and shape of the glasses.

After learning that my sunglasses were not protecting me from UV rays in the way I thought they were, I began researching to understand more about how to properly protect my eyes and the area around them. I realized that the most important thing for me to do was to find an effective sunscreen which will not cause irritation to my sensitive skin and that I can wear around my eyes every day.” { VIA }.

A BIG mistake: is no sunscreen on eyes & then falling asleep in the sun. Raise your hand if this has happened to you?!

Um SO much YES? PLEASE: use sunscreen on your eye lids!!

( ANOTHER side note: I also apply my favorite caffeine sunscreen lightly to my lips. As you can see, I don’t fuck around when it comes to my skin. I’m just very much about protecting my skin from the sun & keeping the whole anti-aging theme going. Even MORE importantly, I’m about being a role model for YOU GUYS or readers who are in their early 20’s. “A sunscreen role model” it will say on my grave stone. Like think of me crying when you’re baking in the sun. I’m like your mom but more annoying. Wear your visors GUYS!! ).


Speaking of visors– can we talk about the new visor I just got? I don’t know maybe you’ve seen it? On your 92-year-old next door neighbor? Or perhaps you’ve seen the lady at your local greenhouse wearing it? Possibly even on your very single 10th grade camp counselor who was most likely carrying a clipboard, being a busy body, wearing jorts?

Well NOW I TOO AM THE PROUD OWNER of the most obnoxious hat on the planet.

This hat was inspired by a beautiful woman I saw running. We struck up a conversation & she showed me the side of her neck. There was a ton of sun damage. She told me the damage immediately made her feel older & even scared ( because skin cancer! ). Then she went on to say she failed to pay attention to her neck her entire life. I’m telling you her neck was a completely different age than her face. Like sure, she protected her face her entire life…but she neglected her neck. HENCE THE INSPIRATION BEHIND MY NEW VISOR. Because this visor protects not only your face & neck guys, it protects your chest too! So instead of calling this ‘the old person’s visor’ let’s go ahead & call it ‘TSC anti-aging visor.’ I’ll accept awards when we are all 100.

::waits patiently::

Anyway, back to eye lids. Please wear sunscreen on your eye lids. It will eliminate wrinkles, skin cancer, brown spots, the works! Keep me updated on how it works for you!

…& get your ‘TSC-ish anti-aging visors.’ They’re not expensive- & YES, people will stare at you BUT you will be protected from the sun so who cares? I don’t. Well you know that- there’s nothing I love more than to embarrass Michael in the most obnoxious hat in the world.

Happy Saturday, lauryn x

+ for those of you who reached out about animal donations in Houston: THANK YOU. I am putting together something fun for TSC Community. In the meantime, check out THIS SITE to donate- a lovely reader sent the info to me. Shoutout to Trista Granberry for sending me the info. AND I appreciate ALL of your recommendations. Stay tuned. x

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  1. It’s true that you can’t put sunscreen IN your eyes, but really important to also be aware that there are skin cancers that occur both on and inside the eyes, including squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma. I’m an ophthalmologist and unfortunately see patients with both of these frequently. Both are associated with UV exposure in the same way that those cancers are found in other places on the body. Your diligent sun protection from sunglasses and hats/visors is a great way to minimize these risks too! And don’t forget that even on gloomy days or in the winter, UV from the sun is still powerful so we should take the same precautions even when the sun doesn’t seem as bright.

    1. Oh, my goodness, I never knew or thought that you could get skin cancer INSIDE your eye! Whoa. Now, I will be obsessed with sun protection. Thanks for sharing this tip, Alison!

  2. Great post! I use two under eyecreams… one for night time and one for day time (with SPF!) it’s slim pickings but I always use it with SPF and put it on my eyelids as well as try to wear sunglasses as often as possible. You’re right though… a hat is where the real sun protection is at!

  3. Yassssssssss!!! I am so glad I’m not the only one who slathers SPF 50+ on my eyelids and just…everywhere I possibly can, I guess? I’m definitely checking out your holy grail sunscreen – have you tried Etude House Airy Finish SPF50? It is my favorite so far because it contains zinc oxide and has magical mattifying powers…

    Catka <3

  4. protect your eye from outside dust because the eye is the most precious thing in this beautiful world. is selling beautiful sunglasses for men’s and women’s. You can also apply discount coupons.

  5. Totally agree! My husband got a bit of skin cancer on his eyebrow last year! The last place you’d think hey? Since then I’ve been so obsessed with my face, but like the lady you spoke to I do tend to forget my neck – not now tho I will be making sure I lather it up too along with eyelids! I think I need to invest in your visor asap! Great post again Lauryn xx

  6. Maybe I am blind but I don’t see the name of the sunscreen or base you use on you eyelids i have problems with my eyes burning and I would like to try the brand you seem to like so much can you give us that. If its in there I could not find it thank you

  7. Oh, my goodness, I never knew or thought that you could get skin cancer INSIDE your eye! Whoa. Now, I will be obsessed with sun protection. Thanks for sharing this tip, Alison!

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