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Sunscreen Isn’t Just For The Beach— So Important To Wear It Daily!

The Skinny Confidential talks sunscreen.
The Skinny Confidential talks sunscreen.

Obviously you guys already know what a sunscreen devotee I am soooooo it’s REALLY no surprise that when I went to Cabo, I brought a gallon of the stuff.

I’m literally that girl who’s like in a visor (don’t judge, I’m bringing the whole visor thing back), with a huge umbrella wearing hand sunscreen & a cover-up.

I’m big on balance in life so when it comes to being outdoors, I won’t deprive myself from basking in the sun but ensure that I will always be protected against any overexposure.

So this is where my handy dandy sunscreen comes in.

The Skinny Confidential talks sunscreen.

Recently I was introduced to Hawaiian Tropic’s Island Sport sunscreen so I figured I’d give it a whirl on vacay. Both Michael & I really liked it for two reasons: 1.) the spray sunscreen makes life so much easier. With a fresh manicure the last thing I want to do is rub a ton of thick white cream everywhere, lol. The spraytakes like 5 seconds. It also has water protection (muy importante because I was in & out of the pool). 2.) BUT on that note, I also tried the regular, oil-free sunscreen lotion & it was light with sweat resistant sport protection. The more protection the better. Also, my skin felt pretty & not sticky.

So I liked them both.

Basically I used the spray for my bod & the thicker lotion for my face, neck, chest, & hands (by the way, the first way to spot aging is on the hands/chest/neck so protect yourself accordingly).

So here’s the deal, I’m a believer in wearing sunscreen every single day. If I’m riding my bike, walking the dogs, working on the patio, or even just doing outdoor chores— I wear my freaking sunscreen.

The Skinny Confidential talks sunscreen.

If you’re meeting a friend for a hike, throw on sunscreen & a hat. Hiking is a way for me to reset my whole day. If I hike with a friend it feels like a little vacay away from my everyday work, stress, etc.

If you’re throwing a poolside BBQ, pass around the sunscreen. There’s nothing I love more than lying by the pool with Michael, friends, & my Chihuahuas. Summer Sundays are a way for me to feel like I’m kind of having a mini vacation, you know?

The Skinny Confidential talks sunscreen.

My point: when you’re active outdoors, incidentally, daily sun exposure adds up. So when you’re outside, taking time for yourself on your own mini vacation be sure to SLATHER UP GUYS!

Are you a sunscreen devotee like me? AND how do you utilize the outdoors to create a break in your day? : )

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+ this post is in collaboration with Hawaiian Tropic— as always all opinions are my own. Tag your own #escapeday on Twitter with the hashtag #HawaiianTropic!

  1. I completely agree! There’s nothing more important than slip-slop-slapping, no matter what. Protecting my skin from the sun has become such a huge priority. I’m all about a fake tan anyway.

  2. omgggg your hair! Your’e like, a rapunzel princess barbie. So jelly <3 Also, do you have any recommendations for hand lotions that have SPF? I've been looking and can't find any anywhere! πŸ™

  3. I think sunscreen is so important! It’s even better when it comes in tinted moisturizers! Love your blog chick πŸ™‚
    Xoxo Steph

  4. I’ve literally been saying to my boyfriend for weeks how we need to start wearing sunscreen every day. I will not let myself be a wrinkly old lady, I swear.

    Thanks for the reminder! hehe, also – the hair is so babe. I’m loving whatever you’ve done girl!

    Have a good week xo

  5. That’s so awesome that you stay motivated to wear it all the time. I’m getting there! Only thing is I’m worried about the chemicals and other things in most sunscreens that can be bad for you as they have been sometimes linked to cancers and hormone disrupters (like oxybenzone, vitamin A, etc..) so I try to look for more natural ones… what’s your take on this Lauren? Do you have a favorite natural one?

    1. I was actually wondering the same! With all the conflicting reports about the chemicals in sunscreen I was wondering your take on it… personally I think some chemicals can’t be avoided and it is better to have spf, but if I could find an all natural one that would be amazing!

  6. YES! I briefly worked for Clinique last year and the #1 thing I took from that experience is to ALWAYS wear sunscreen! Even if you don’t think you’ll be “outside” all those little 5 minutes to and from the car, to the store, etc- it all adds up! And 60% of aging is from the sun! It’s insane how scary it is. Every single day I wear Neutrogena “ulta sheer liquid” 70SPF, Cliniques “city block” broad spectrum 25SPF and then Bare Minerals “complexion rescue” 30SPF. The only problem is that I have to remember to reapply some halfway through the day πŸ˜‰

    x. Morgan / Morning Apple

  7. Thank you for this post!! Sunscreen really is SO important. I used to be all about the sun and a good TAN, but I’ve totally changed my ways, and I haven’t sat in the direct sun to tan at all this summer. I would rather be pale than experience the dangers of too much sun!

  8. While I completely agree that using SPF daily is very important, I’m a little shocked that you are doing a collab with Hawaiian Tropic. YOU should know that Hawaiian Tropic is packed full of chemicals! The main reason that I fell in love with your blog is your dislike of chemicals, parabens, etc.. I’m a little disappointed. I know that you always say “everything in moderation” as I fully agree as far as splurging on a brownie or a nice IPA, but liberally pouring this chemically sunscreen all over your body (when there are other options for SPF) just seems to go against what you stand for.

    1. Hi Ashley!

      Sometimes I use chemicals ( like I LOVE MAC makeup, Flaming Hot Cheetos, Cheez-It’s, hair dye, & OPI Nail Polish ). Sometimes I don’t.

      I balance my chemical use like my checkbook, I eliminate things I CAN live without ( for instance using coconut oil instead of lotion or drinking fresh juice as opposed to fake juice ) & sneak it a couple of things with chemicals. I am not certainly not perfect and definitely trying to be the best version of myself.

      Read this post for further clarification. x

  9. I’ve recently been getting into using sunscreen regularly, but I find it really hard to find one that doesn’t leave that white cast on your face. Does the Hawaiian tropic one blend in easily?


  10. spray sunscreen is nice but you def have to rub it in.. i know from first hand experience where i ended up with the weirdest tan lines ever because i didnt rub it in

  11. I love your appreciation for sunscreen! I used to frequent the tanning booth and was diagnosed with melanoma when I was 22. It was not really worth the glow I was trying to get for prom! My favorites include the Hawaiian Tropic line and the Banana Boat Sun Comfort. I actually used the Hawaiian Tropic sport for Coachella and kept a mini bottle in my bag for touch ups. I did not get one red spot and I was the ginger of the group. The Sun Comfort is AMAZING for the beach because sand literally brushes right off and you’re not sticky at all.
    You’re awesome thanks for the post!

  12. I’m surprised you use this brand when you’re such a huge advocate of avoiding all the junky chemicals!

    1. Hi Kristin! This is how I feel about chemicals:

      Sometimes I use them, sometimes I don’t. I’m not completely against them, I just try to practice balance.

      Hope that helps x

  13. love that you’re such a fan of sunscreen but i’m kind of surprised you’d go for the chemical-laden banana boat and spray stuff.. it seems like you would be so against it

  14. YES YES YES, completely agree with you love! Sunscreen is so so important for you to wear everyday especially on your face! I never buy moisturizers for my face without SPF anymore πŸ™‚ x

  15. Hi I use an organic sunscreen. I was using Neutrogenia but with all the press on it actually having certain active ingredients encouraging skin cancer i tend to think that is not something Im going to use, I love @lamer. Try our @grandbleu72everdream to cover up sensitive spots, Feel Great Everyone,

  16. Hey! Here’s some information about certain sunscreens and how damaging they can be for your health and the environment. The Environmental Watch Group releases a list of the absolute worst sunscreens every year.

    Whether the ingredients are bad for inhaling (like most sprays) or damaging to seep into your skin, it’s worth at least knowing about I’m sure you’d find it interesting either way!

  17. Love this post – we need to spread sunscreen awareness, so many people just ignore the problem! I wear Coppertone Sunny Days SPF 30 (NO grease) every single damn day all over my bod. I have girlfriends who started getting crows feet at 23 because they don’t wear sunscreen everyday and they tan. Sh*t with the sun is getting real!

  18. As a fellow sunscreen fanatic, I can honestly say that wearing it daily since I was a teen is prob one of the biggest reasons that at 44, I have zero age lines (though I do have acne scarring so can’t win completely)! Since my skin is so darn break out prone, I only will use natural products on my face and body (ingredients in most conventional products aggravate my acneic skin sadly). Some of my faves are from Coola Suncare, Suntegrity, Badger, Living Libations, MyChelle, Eminence, Andalou Naturals and Jane Iredale to name a few! πŸ™‚ xo

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