Sunday, Bloody [ Mary ], Sunday

Organic Strawberries

My delicious order of organic strawberries

Italian Pinot Grigio

Italian Pinot Grigio

After a hectic work week, some friends and I wanted to decompress and enjoy the beauty downtown San Diego has to offer. We strapped Pixy in her hot pink leash and headed down to Sally’s Seafood on the Water. My girlfriend, Jordan, picked their bloody mary with fresh veggies [ which I attempted to steal ], adorned with a piece of grilled shrimp. I had a glass of Italian Pinot Grigio. When choosing a white wine, a Pinot Grigio is the lightest and has the lowest sugar content. It tastes like summer too! For the table of eight, we ordered a sushi roll with fresh jalapeno’s, tuna and rice. I ate two, but took the rice off [ I was drinking alcohol and did not need the extra carbs ]. I ordered strawberries and an egg white omelet with broccoli, with no butter or oil. It was a large portion so I ate half. I was completely satisfied and enjoyed our relaxing day by the water [ in a calorie conscious, buzzed! way ].


Keeping hydrated

World's Best Bloody Mary

Jordan’s ultimate bloody mary

Best Sushi Roll

The sushi roll ( I removed the rice )

Light Breakfast

Egg whites & broccoli

Adorable Chihuahua

Pixy, excited to be a part of the fun



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