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Summertime Highlights!!

Summer timeeeee is almost here.

Thank God for chilled Rosé, huge brimmed hats ( straw, specifically ), & SPF 5000.

…And highlights!

What’s a girl to do that’s been out of the sun for the past six months with dark roots?

Add a couple highlights, of course.

Firstly, I’m all about the baby blonde for summer.

Think: four year old Swedish child blonde.

You know, like it’s not really a honey blonde or golden blonde, but more of like a Tiger Woods’ ex blonde. Cooler tones for summer.

Anyway, when Marie Claire recently introduced me to L’Oreal Glam Lights, I ran/ran/ran to my stylist to test it out.

Glam Lights are known to illuminate the hair as opposed to dull/dry it out. Plus it colors hair in two steps. Quick, painless, & very, very easy to apply!


I use a TON of conditioner afterwards AND ONLY wash my hair once a week to maintain the natural oils. Let’s be real though: sometimes I go a week & half.

Also, to preserve my highlights: I use purple shampoo ( << post to come ), a coconut oil mask once a month ( literally I just rub coconut oil all over my hair & let it set for hours ), & wear a hat ( the sun fries the crap out of highlights ).


So!! I’m happy with how these baby blonde highlights turned out! Thoughts?

What are you hair dye/highlight tips?

Happy ( almost!! ) summer!

Lauryn, xx

{ pics }

* this post is sponsored by Marie Claire. As always, ALL opinions are my very own.

  1. I love your haircolor and those waves! Do you have any tips on how to increase the time between washing your hair?
    And a little off topic, but I’ve been wondering who takes the photos of you haha 🙂

  2. I’m a natural blonde on the darker end of the shade spectrum and used to colour my hair every 6 weeks. 2.5 years later colour free from root tip (with the help of a haircut) and my hair has never looked healthier, better, beautiful… I think all people should rock what they’re natural beauty is. It’s been recommend that blondes wash their hair with a dandelion shampoo, which is similar to the effects of purple shampoo on blonde coloured treated hair for natural blondes as it amplifies natural summertime highlights.

  3. First, I LOVE your blog & your book & pretty much everything I learn from you. You are my daily kick in the rear I need to be my best, and I can’t thank you enough. Second, this post could not have come at a better time. I just quit my law firm job & am working for a nonprofit (aka I am poor now), but I NEED help with my blonde!! How can I use this at home without looking like a clown? Any tips for execution? I will be running out to buy this exact color – I love your hair & it’s perfect for summer!

  4. Purple shampoo is the BEST shampoo for blond hair. I used it a few years ago to go from my ash blonde to more of a bleach blonde look…it works amazing!! <3

  5. So great to know that color in a box can turn out well!! I naturally have dark blonde hair and have always loved the look of lighter blonde, but I HATE the upkeep and expense of highlights. Will have to try out this thrifty version!

  6. Would love to know how you deal with that long btwn washing as well. I have such a hard time and since my hair is so light it looks majorly greasy at the root, which makes them look darker. TIPS, Please?

  7. I’ve been trying to do the whole wash my hair once/twice a week thing and it seems to be working out but (and this might be gross) my boyfriend always complains that my hair smells! I’ve been trying to use dry shampoo more and more (and I always use oil also) but I’m afraid the two different smells are fighting against each other, haha. Any tips?


    coffeeslag: favourite things

  8. I’ve never said this to anyone so PLEASE feel flattered –> You make me want to dye my hair blonde! GORGEOUS Lauryn! Like, absolutely stunning perfection!

  9. Purple shampoo is everything. So is this hair masque!

    Nothing has ever made my hair feel softer. Favorite hair product ever. <3 <3

  10. I WISH that I could go blonde…I guess if Kim Kardashian can do it, I could maybe possibly sort of pull it off?! Definitely inspired to at least throw in some highlights this summer! Time for me to change it up!

  11. Please please please do a post on whatever hippie witchcraft you perform to go a week without washing your hair! I dry shampoo it, but can go at most 5 days.

  12. It turned out great! I want to go back to blonde, the color of my childhood/teens but I’m worried about the upkeep. I have dark ash blonde roots, so I’m not sure how it will look. I like the root-y look on polished people but it looks off on schlepy people. Which I certainly would be. Too many yoga pants and oversized tee days!

  13. Your blonde looks amazing Lauryn! I’m platinum blonde and get my roots done every 6 weeks… my hair grows extremely fast and also tends to want to get greasy, so in between appointments with my stylist I’ve had to perfect the upkeep. Purple shampoo (I use Daddy-O from Lush) keeps the color looking glam, conditioning masques (Aussie 3 minute miracle) keep it from feeling like straw, and dry shampoo (PSST drugstore brand) prevents me from having to wash it more than 3 times a week. Hope this helps the other commenters!! Xx

  14. Hi Lauryn!

    I’ve been meaning to email you and ask you this but do you have a salon/stylist that you can recommend in SD? I’m also from here, naturally light skin/hair/eyes but I like my hair BLONDE. I’ve only had one stylist who would make my hair as blonde as I liked it and he moved. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated! 🙂


    1. I have a girl named Serena I really like! E-mail me & I’ll send you her info. Also, there’s another stylist, Hannah who’s awesome : ) xx (e-mail is

  15. Looks lovely! I’m too scared to play with my hair colour anymore – I went blonde once but it didn’t suit me at all!

  16. LOVE your hair! I’ve got brown hair and have been lightening my roots and having highlights done at the salon for somewhat of a similiar look. However, yours is so pretty.. Can this product only be used on a dark blonde? your thoughts?

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