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The Skinny Confidential talks shoes!

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So! Let’s talk summer pumps! Each summer I like to invest in a pair or two of shoes that SCREAM SUMMMMMMMERTIME! This is primarily because the rest of the year I’m wearing black kitten heels, nude pointers, or sexy white pumps ( also oxfords, but you guys already know my white obsession ).

Anyway, the other day I was picking out my Summer 2015 pop of fun pumps & I figured:


So here’s my thought process:

1.) I wanted a print but I didn’t want leopard. Leopard is kind of boring me lately. It’s everywhere & it’s also chestnut-y. I’m not a chestnut rustic-ish brown fan. Chestnut reminds me of 1990. Which is fine, but it’s kind of dull if you think about it. Like if the color chestnut were a piece of clothing, it would be socks. Kind of just BLAH, MEH. Not a fan. So leopard is out, black & white kind of zebra print is in ( for me, at least ). These babies are SO fun for summer. The best part is they match with everything because they’re black & white but they’re a print. Think a white linen sundress, 70’s bell bottoms, & even florals. These were my first summer pump purchase.

2.) Second purchase? THESE CORAL NEON STUNNERS. Yummy, right? These are SOOOOO, sooo fun. I wear these all black or ripped jeans & a white tee. Sometimes if I feel like putting a lot of effort in ( rare, ha ) I’ll match my favorite bright coral lipstick to them.

By the way, the reason I’m obsessed with pumps is because they’re very flattering. They make the leg appear longer, the foot appear a little smaller, & they’re feminine. Also, ultimately I’m about comfort ( which is why my oxford obsession runs deep ). I am not comfortable in a super strappy high heels. I feel like I’m walking on stilts. SO. That’s my summer pump story.

Oh! And they’re BOTH 30% off…just saying.

If you have a specific summer shoe, share it below, k?!

Happy Monday, x lauryn

  1. Those coral ones are amazing! They’re going to look amazing with white pants!


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