Summer Porch Drink

The Skinny Confidential talks sangria.

The Skinny Confidential talks sangria.

I feel like homemade sangria sounds intimidating.

Like it sounds like a bunch of work muddling fruit, mixing juices, & finding the right wine…ugh.

So in true Skinny Confidential-style, I’m going to make the whole thing painless & dare I say…EASY/QUICK.

I’ve been playing with sangria for the past couple weeks & I can promise you this recipe literally takes 2 minutes.

And trust me: YOU NEED TO MAKE THIS OVER THE WEEKEND. You’ll be the belle of the ball. Everyone will want to be your best friend. And you’ll look super summer-esque in a crop top & boater hat, sipping iced red wine on the porch.

The Skinny Confidential talks sangria.
The Skinny Confidential talks sangria.

Ok so here’s what you do: I used Eppa Sangria because it’s TWIST OFF ( I LOVE TWIST OFF, because no one wants to ruin their manicure ). There are two kinds, obviously: red & white.

( note: I’ve really been feeling red sangria lately. I like it because it’s unexpected. Red wine in summer? YES. WITH ICE, DUH. It’s very summer in Spain-chic ).

Anyway, I used Eppa’s red sangria which is like ready to go sangria in a bottle. It’s light & fresh, and not overwhelmingly sweet like some other brands. Eppa is also made from organic grapes & superfruits. Plus it has 2x the antioxidants as a regular glass of wine. YES.

Then instead of ice ( don’t want to water it down guys! ), I froze pineapples & mangos. So they’re kind of fruit ice cubes. Fun, right?

The next step was adding a few splashes of Suja’s spicy Lemon Love because I love sour & I love spicy. This gave it an extra ZINGGGG.

Lastly, I threw in mint because who doesn’t love antioxidants in their booze?

If you want it super cold, add regular ice so your red cocktail is glistening.

Oh, & you can make this in a pitcher so everyone can get in on the fun. Or pour it for yourself in a cute, litte mason jar.

The Skinny Confidential talks sangria.
The Skinny Confidential talks sangria.

If you’re doing a pitcher size, here are some lazy girl measurements:

TSC’s Summer Porch Drink

1 bottle of white or red Eppa Sangria
A couple splashes of Suja’s spicy Lemon Love
Frozen pineapple chunks
Frozen mango chunks
A handful of mint

Directions: mix everything together with a big spoon in a pitcher. Option to add ice. Garnish with a mint leaf ( remember to clap the mint before you garnish for added flavor ). Serve with a cute straw. Cheers!

This is a total porch drink that would work well at anytime of day because technically it’s juice right?

Happy sangria summer!

lauryn, x

{ how to host a rosé sangria bar here }

The Skinny Confidential talks sangria.


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12 replies to “Summer Porch Drink”

  1. Sounds delicious! I did something similar this past weekend, I bought Trader Joe’s frozen tropical fruit blend, then just threw it in pre-made sangria.

  2. This is definitely a must-try! I love the idea and concept that brought this recipe to life! Summer drinks while standbying on porches, talking with friends, and enjoying the warm sun flashing on your skin!