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17 Summer Items You Need This Year

17 Summer Items You Need This Year

It’s finally Summer & we hope you’re all still finding some time to get that morning light, movement & hydration in. If you want to learn more about the health benefits of this you have to listen to the 2 part episode with Dr. Andrew Huberman here & here. You will learn so many small, easy habits for your day that will benefit your physical & mental health. Must listens for sure.

Ok, onto today’s topic. We’re back to talk about the items you need this summer. These are all tried & true by Lauryn and/or The Skinny Confidential team. And per usual, we’ve got everything streamlined in the Amazon store for you.

Let’s get right to it.

16 Summer Items You Need This Year

♡  HUGE obnoxious visor/hat

We love sun protection & our favorite way to get it is with an oversized hat or visor.  Key for anything you do outdoors but especially for gardening.

HOT TIP: visor is fab if you’re wearing a ponytail.

♡ Fun floaties

Funboy is obviously your go-to when it comes to fun pool & beach floaties. Big fan of the retro convertible (so perfect for IG) & the cabana (for some R & R in the shade). Not to mention they’re so fun for kids.

Summer Items You Need This Year
pool floaties
Funboy pool floaties

♡ jean shorts

The best part of these Levi’s 501s is that they’re mid-thigh. This way you can leave them long, roll them up or cut them right off to the length of your choice. Hello daisy dukes!

♡ wetsuit top

Lauryn just got this one. Again, sun protection is crucial. This one protects your arms, chest, back & stomach. Plus, it comes in tons of colors (Lauryn got black). You can pair it with any color bottoms & it’s totally giving us Lisa Rinna vibes.

♡ pool coverup

This one is light, white & breezy. Easy to throw for the car ride to the beach or for a little stroll to the pool bar.

♡ classic swimsuit

You’ve probably seen tons of crinkly swimsuits out there, but this Hunza G one-piece is classic, but still sexy. There’s enough coverage so you can still be active – for all the moms out there, we got you. They also make cute bikinis and you really can’t go wrong. Lauryn also loves this one she’s wearing below.

white swimsuit on Lauryn
Pink swimsuit coverup | Summer Items You Need This Year
supergoop spf sunscreen importance by the skinny confidential

♡ spf

You know we love a caffeinated sunscreen at TSC, but there are a lot of good brands to protect your face & body. Some of our favorites are:

+ FACE: Dermalogica, Elta MD, Bliss Block Star & Coola.

+ BODY: Supergoop, Ombrelle, KINeSYS.

+ LIPS: Sunbum, Softlips, Elta MD.

+ KIDS: Think Baby, Coppertone Kids Pure & Simple, Blue Lizard stick.

♡ sunglasses

Lauryn’s go-to that everyone should have: Quay After Hours. Classic, comfy, affordable & look good with everything.

♡ plush beach towel

Lauryn just purchased 6 of these beach towels to have around their pool. These are neutral so no matter what your home’s aesthetic is, they’ll work. Grab a cute basket so you can roll them up & store them all cute, too.


Duh. This is the standout star of the summer. She shows up ICE FUCKING COLD to instantly depuff, soothe & get rid of redness, but she also has your back for bug bites, sunburns, rashes, heat waves & more. The best part? Throw her in an ice bucket with your bottle of chilled rose to keep things looking tight all day long.

♡ chic umbrella

Complete your beach look with a tassled umbrella. These ones are light & easy to grab on the go to the beach or the park with kids.

♡ patio dinnerware set

We love this melamine service set if you’re hosting lunches or dinners on the patio. These ones are dishwasher safe & crucial if you have some kids running around.

beach essentials by the skinny confidential
Summer Items You Need This Year

♡ citronella candle

Mosquitos are such a buzzkill. LOL. If you’re having some patio hangs this summer we recommend scattering these around your seating areas. We love this one because it pretty, not some neon yellow eyesore.

♡ misty mist, baby

Lauryn loves a mist. We love a mist. Is there anything better? Avène eau Thermale spring water spray is the most refreshing way to stay cool & hydrated all summer long.

♡ slides

Slides are a must this summer. You need something easy & cool but also comfy. Enter…. pillow slides. Ok, ok, these were so 2 years ago BUT, Lauryn just ordered some and let’s just say she’s a big fan. Depending on your style, they might not be the prettiest, but they must be making a comeback this year for a reason.

Summer Items You Need graphic

♡ beach bag

We love this beach bag because it’s big enough to fit everything you need, including all your kids’ stuff, but is also neutral. It’s classy & dare we say mature?

♡ water bottle

Whether you’re a Hydro Flask fan or a @itsmetinx cup fan (Simple Modern), be sure you have a drink bottle that you love so that you never forget it on the go. Keep hydrated with some sexed up water, coconut water or some of the best iced tea on the planet.

There you go. Hope everyone is having the best summer so far. Stalk all these summer items in the Amazon store. And remember to protect your skin & stay hydrated. Oh, & if you’re in need of a juicy beach read be sure to scope Lauryn’s bookstore here.

xo, The Skinny Confidential team

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transparent bag by the pool

  1. My essentials for summer are just sunblock, as I want to avoid burning, haha! I love all the ideas here as I can see they will help make this season a bit more fun!

    Molly |

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