Summer Fashion Finds <3

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Hey, hey.

Just wanted to share some of my recent finds:

1.} Clare Vivier Foldover Clutch in Leopard

2.} Mosaic Lace Poncho

3.} Topshop Bead and Tusk Cascade Necklace

4.} Ellie ‘Night Rider’ Long Sleeve + Little Black Leggings

5.} Forever21 Turquoise Arrowhead Bangle

6.} Le Specs ‘Macarena’ Sunglasses

7.} Arson ‘Flame Western’ Boots ( AKA the coolest white boots ever! )

8.} Topshop ‘Stripe Crepe Shift’ Dress

9.} Forever21 Arrowhead Necklace

10.} Essie ‘First Timer’ Nail Polish

11.} ASOS 90’s Crop Top

12.} Club Monaco ‘Lola Frame’ Clutch

Malls annoy me now. Anyone with me? I’m def more of an online shopper lately; I mean, shopping & being able to watch RHO-whatever?

Way better than the guy at a kiosk stand running after me asking if he can rub lotion on my body & straighten my hair…

Like, thanks- but no thanks!




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2 replies to “Summer Fashion Finds <3”

  1. Funny that you mention your dislike of malls, because I just recently had a discussion with someone about how much I don’t like them anymore. When I went to the mall 2 weeks ago, I left frustrated and mad because it was shoulder-to-shoulder crowded, and I couldn’t find anything I was looking for. These days, when I occasionally go, I go in with a specific purpose and I’m out. No more dawdling away a Saturday afternoon there, like I used to love to do. Online shopping is everything now!