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My Summer 2014 Bikini…

The Skinny Confidential teams up with Lady Lux Swimwear.

The Skinny Confidential teams up with Lady Lux Swimwear.

With Summer 2014 around the corner I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect bikini.

& welp, it looks like I found the winner.

This flirty, floral number by Lady Lux Swimwear is seriously ahhhhmazzzzing.

It holds everything in in all the right places & really keeps ‘the girls’ perky & energetic.

(( Because you don’t want any of that saggy action going on )).

And let’s be real: there’s nothing I love more than a flattering bikini, a pool with a diving board, skinny margs…& a oversized, extravagant striped umbrella ( you guys know how I feel about the sun…I’m a hat & SPF-kinda girl— so not the UV reflector abuser, sun worshipper-kind ). So anyway this bikini really fits with the game plan AKA my summertime vision.

This suit is also clearly designed by a women, which is muy importante. So many suits these days are designed by men. & honestly? A man designing a girl’s swimsuit, is like a women designing a high end jockstrap…ouchhhhh.

Back to the floral two piece- it also happens to go perf with Essie’s ‘Bikini So Teeny’ & Wendy Peppercorn-ish cat eye white sunglasses.


Love the detail in it too:

The Skinny Confidential teams up with Lady Lux Swimwear.

The Skinny Confidential on swimwear.

The Skinny Confidential teams up with Lady Lux Swimwear.Oh, I’m also always a fan of the simple black suit ( just in case Aunt Flow’s in town & rearing her ugly, bloated head— preparation is key ). I ESP like this one because it’s black, gold, & super chic. I mean, picture it now: lounging poolside with this black dime, bright red nails, & a huge ass hat?

Geezzzz—- summer can’t come soon enough.

Since it’s freaking hard to really find a flattering, bikini, I become sorta obsessed/Swim Fan-ish when I find one I actually like. Soooo naturally when this floral winner came into my life, I had to hold a show & tell with you guys.

What’s your must-have bikini for summer? Spill.


{ BTW: Lady Lux Swimwear is offering 10% off to TSC readers — just use the code SKINNYLADY ( cap sensitive ) }.

The Skinny Confidential teams up with Lady Lux Swimwear.The Skinny Confidential teams up with Lady Lux Swimwear.

  1. Wow i love this bikini, the leather is very special. I have my Summer 2014 bikini from VS – bought in NYC during the holidays. I am really sad that our summer here in austria is not this warm and long to wear bikinis so often.

  2. I love the look of that swimsuit!!! Its such a gorgeous colour! I definitely need to go shopping for one so I’m all ready for summer!!
    Elizabeth x

  3. Love this bikini! I’m a huge fan of jcrew bikinis because they are flattering and last forever

  4. I’m so excited for summer, too! It just puts me in such a good mood to know warm weather is coming. I live on the East Coast, and we’ve had a brutal winter. So excited for the rejuvenation of spring!

  5. What do you think about the fringe-top bikinis? I didn’t get one last year and still want one. That’s on my list, although I don’t get many chances to wear it, being a Northern California gal these days.

  6. Darling!! But, how to shed those 5-7 lbs that snuck up on me in the winter time???
    Help Lauryn!

  7. Bikini So Teeny is always my first go-to Spring/Summer nail polish!! Goes perfect with this bikini, very cute!

  8. This is a darling suit! I have been trying to find a cute new one to fit my growing belling bump. I plan on rocking a bikini the entire time!

    B @ Cella Jane

  9. Absolutely love all of the above items! Both suits are perfect and I love the hat (as well as everything Nasty Gal). But do you have any recommendations for super cute, semi under-the-radar shops for bikinis that are more on the bargain side? I’m slightly on a budget these days and would love any tips for new places to snag deals!
    Thanks Lauryn, obsessed with your blog.

  10. Love the bikini!

    For me personally, this Billabong Cardigan is def a must have this summer for nights on the beach!

  11. Love the bikini and the floral design on it. It’s so cute and just abosolutly perf. I recently bought the bikini so teeny nail polish and have it on my nails right now. Lovni the colour so much, great for spring/summer. <3

  12. I seriously live in Acacia Swimwear. Best fabric and cutest prints ever. I think I have 14 or 15 of them plus several cover-up dresses and pareaus. Luckily I live in Hawaii so they get a lot of use. Good for stand-up paddling but the tops can be a bit of a challenge if you want to surf sans wetsuit/rashguard ( can run pretty small if anyone is wondering ?? ). Check them out! Aloha 🙂

  13. Adorable swimsuit, love the detailing! BTW Lauryn, thoughts about doing the raw food ( diet?

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