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A New Year, A New You!! Suja Juice Giveaway + NY Challenge

Lauryn Evarts, fitness blogger, health blogger, and diet blogger talks skinny tips and tricks for weight loss with Suja Juices.

Lauryn Evarts, fitness blogger, health blogger, and diet blogger talks skinny tips and tricks for weight loss with Suja Juices.

Giveaway numero tres!!!

Get excited— Suja Juice & TSConf are giving away a FULL three day juice cleanse. I’m.obsessed.with.their.cleanse.

Speaking of detoxes, Weslie [ TSC beauty expert/blogger @ Love Chugs ], Annie [ the owner of Suja ], Samantha [ my GF ] & I are doing a cleanse challenge.

ANDDDDddddd we want all you babes to do it with us too. Because having a support system is so much easier…! Throughout the three day challenge all four of us will be sharing tips, tricks, & detox experiences on TSC. We would love to have all of you join in. We’ll also be in direct contact with the winner of this giveaway [ if you enter make sure you can cleanse the days we’re detoxing ].

+ ‘A New Year, A New You’ Challenge

Deets: You can buy the three day cleanse from Suja [ don’t forget to use the discount code below! ] or make it from home- whatever your lil’ heart desires. Make sure if you’re ordering your juices, it’s at least a week & half before the challenge starts.

Date: Tuesday, January 8th-Thursday, January 10th.

Time: It will begin @ 9 am on 1/8/13.

How: To participate in the challenge you can purchase the three day Suja Juice cleanse here or to make the cleanse at home, e-mail me at for the recipe/extra instructions. Until 1/13/12, Suja will offer The Skinny Confidential readers 5% off [ at checkout use the code: THESKINNY5 ].

BT dubs: Oh, & lucky us- we can still drink champagne on NYE & New Years Day. Thank God for the start date…LMAO.

Let’s all start 2013 off with a bang. Get rid of 2012’s shit & prepare for a new year.

Va, va, vooooommmm!


Lauryn Evarts, fitness blogger, health blogger, and diet blogger talks skinny tips and tricks for weight loss with Suja Juices.

To win, make sure you [ winner announced next Wednesday 12/26 ]:

+ β€˜Like’ Suja on Facebook

+ β€˜Like’ The Skinny Confidential on Facebook

+ Leave a comment below & tell us why you absolutely have to cleanse for the NY.

Lauryn Evarts, fitness blogger, health blogger, and diet blogger talks skinny tips and tricks for weight loss with Suja Juices.

Lauryn Evarts, fitness blogger, health blogger, and diet blogger talks skinny tips and tricks for weight loss with Suja Juices.

  1. Girl, I’m spending Christmas in New Orleans, and we all know that will not be nice to my body. Lets be real, I NEED this cleanse.

  2. LOVE doing periodic cleanses!! Cleansing improves everything from your skin tone to your body – and who doesn’t want that for the New Year?? Would be SO excited to win the Suja cleanse!!

  3. I have to have this cleanse because I know it is exactly what I need to finally get my life on the right track to be the healthiest version of me I can be! πŸ™‚

  4. Lauryn, I would love to win this cleanse for the New Year! My birthday is New Years Eve so the New Year is not only a fresh calendar year but also a fresh year in my life. This year I am entering a new decade (turning 20) and am looking to move forward this year, work on achieving my goals, grow mentally and emotionally. This cleanse would be such a blessing so that I may start fresh in the new year, clean slate!

  5. Cleanses clear the mind, body, and soul & make you feel like a better you. What a great way to start off a healthy new year. I’ve been dying to try the Suja cleanse and would love to participate. Cheers to a health and happy new year!

  6. I need a cleanse because I have Christmas, a 6th bd party to plan, year-end at work, one more indoor kindergarten soccer game to coach, a final for college and a spin class to fit in all before NY!! And its my first-kid free NY so need to look refreshed!!!!!

  7. I would love to win the cleanse an kick off 2013 with a healthy start! I’m looking forward to a year of eating healthy and maintaining a good exercise regimen and this would give me a great boost to start on. Hope I win!!

  8. I want to fully commit to maintaining a cleaner diet and being serious about my health! I’m a student at the University of Texas and I really want to do a juice cleanse but since I’m in school I can’t afford it. This is a great opportunity to start fresh for the last semester of my senior year!! πŸ™‚

  9. HI! I am a struggling college student who cant get rid of the freshmen 15! I really need this cleanse to help me through this and begin to achieve my goals! This new year would start out right if I won the contest. Hope you have a great holiday!

  10. I could use the new year new you juice giveaway because i’m in my last year of college and struggled this past semester to find time to stay super healthy and think it would help me kick off my last semester and help me stay healthy!

  11. I need a cleanse because I am sitting here at work in a mental health home and realizing I have been inhaling chemical cleaners all day from cleaning up messes from my clients, I love them, but I think my body is exposed to so much toxins daily here that it’s starting to hate me!

  12. I ABSOLUTE need to have a cleanse for NY because my family have prepared for all the Xmas season a bunch of big family lunches and dinners impossible to skip. And i have in every one my granny saying all the time “eat more, you’re not eaten enough!” “you’re too thin, have an extra plate”… So when NYE comes i feel like a stuffed turkey.. Besides all that eating excess, i need to begin to prepare my college exams one week after NYE and I need something to clean all my body from all the christmas holidays excess in order to have a clean mind for preparing my exams. So, i’m in for the NY Cleaning Challenge.
    So, I hope the cleanse can help me with the excessive eating Spanish habit! (i’m from Spain)

  13. I need this because i have been eating not so well with the holidays and being home and i need a restart to clean all the junk and start fresh in the new year!

  14. I NEEEED this cleanse, because seriously…what better way to start a new year than beginning with a clean slate inside and out?! πŸ™‚

  15. I would LOVE this cleanse!! Just got back from vacay with the hubby in St. Lucia and I NEED to get back on track! Too much good food and liquor! πŸ™‚ This cleanse will be a great addition to my “get my butt back in shape” routine. Thanks Suja and Lauryn!! <3

  16. I have never tried a cleanse because I’ve never trusted any of them, but the way you speak about Suja really makes me want to! I’m at home for break, and to say my parents don’t stock their kitchen to support a healthy lifestyle is an understatement…very Southern home cookin’. I am going on a cruise as my college graduation gift for spring break, so I could really use this as motivation to get back in the healthy lifestyle and start feeling positive about myself again!

  17. Lauryn, I NEED NEED NEED to win because my body needs a re-start. My body is full from gross and sugary food. I really need to clean my body to get rid of all the yucky toxins in my body.

  18. This is the first giveaway I’ve entered on your site, and I’m so excited about this cleanse! I’m getting married in July and this would be a great way to start my new fitness goals so I can make 2013 my BEST year yet!!!

  19. My holiday eating habits haven’t been the healthiest to say the least and a juice cleanse is just what I need to kick my booty into gear for 2013!

  20. Hey Lauryn, I would love to win this cleanse because I think it would give me the jump start I need to start the year off right! Plus, who doesn’t LOVE a good cleanse?!

  21. I’m looking forward to having my best body ever in 2013! I need this cleanse to start it off right!!! This cleanse plus pilates is sure to get me where I want to be!!

  22. Lauryn, I would love to win this cleanse because I am getting married in a few months and I have been working so hard towards my goal wedding weight. I am close but need an extra push to help me stay on the right track. I feel this cleanse would give me the right push, confidence and determination I need to lose those extra few pounds I’ve been trying to get off! Thank you so much and it would be amazing to win this SUJA cleanse!

  23. I would love to try the cleanse because I’ve never done one before! I want to experience all the benefits and feel that extra boost of energy in the new year.

  24. I SO very much need Suja cleanse in my life right now. What a great way to bring in the new year:) This would be my first cleanse and I would be SUPER stoked to win!!!

  25. I am entering my last semester of college and have worked over the past two years to lose the weight I gained my freshman year, I would love to lose these last 10 pounds that won’t seem to come off! Starting with a cleanse (I’ve never done one!) seems like a great start to push me through these last pounds!

  26. I have been DYING to try SUJA since I heard about it on TSC. I was *thisclose* to ordering the 3 day cleanse when you offered the SKINNY25 promo code on TSC in October, but I flat out missed out πŸ™ I have tried the home juicing recipes with good results, but I would love love love to win because I am going on trip to the Dominican Republic for Panic en la Playa Dos the last week in January. I have been busting butt at Pilates and Hot Yoga, and am already planning on juicing jump start my system after the holidays and help me be bikini ready! This will be my second round of juicing ever, and not only do I want to try SUJA because they look and sound delicious, but I could definitely use tips and encouragement to help me feel confident and energetic for what is sure to be amaze trip! Even if I’m not the winner, love the blog and look forward to more posts! xo

  27. I would love this cleanse because its been a tough year and I’ve been frustrated with my weight creeping back and would love a jump start. I just turned 30 and i am trying to make many positive changes in my life- with my bod being one of the most important πŸ™‚ your blog is an inspiration for health and beauty- some of my biggest passions. Thanks for all you do!

  28. Oh man I need to cleanse last year out of me! What a crazy year! Time for more balance, happiness and self care!

  29. I would LOVE to cleanse for the New Year, because this is my winter break from college and my time to really pick up the slack from finals. I’m going super hard at the gym, eating nice and clean, but the next step would be a detox and I would LOVE to do a Suja cleanse!!

  30. As a full time working mother of 2 small children, I can use all the help I can get!! Would love to start the new year off right! Pick me for the most appreciative customer you’ll see!!!

  31. I want to cleanse to kick off a healthy lifestyle for good! This year has been a rollercoaster for healthy living and falling off the wagon but I’m determined to get back on it and gain the best body I’ve ever had and be in the best shape of my life within this next year!

  32. I would feel so blessed to win this cleanse because it’s all laid out for you for one, no heavy lifting lol and not time consuming since it’s already put together. Over this past year from dealing with a lot of issues physically/mentally from trying to change the way i eat and see food initially from finding out about me being gluten intolerant, it would be really nice to push it further and pump my body full of healing foods and gain even more clarity and happiness than i have. I just got my excalibur dehydrator today actually..YAY!!!…and am excited to have even more options of eating and preparing food not only for pleasure but for health and to do the things i love, unfortunately financially you can’t always just do what you want or feel would really help so again this would be a blessing. Look forward to seeing my name lol and have a blessed holiday : )

  33. I did a juice cleanse once and it didn’t work out. Now I am back to try and I think this will jump start my kickoff to losing the 30-40 lbs and my half marathon training!!!!

  34. I would love to try this cleanse in preparation for my trip to Phuket, Thailand this May!!!

  35. I need this cleanse because I started eating clean and working out regularly in October and had been doing really well (lost 12 lbs so far!), but the holidays have been hard and I need a jump start in the new year to get back into it! Thanks!

  36. I would love to cleanse for the new year to kick start by body and my resolutions. I have also always wanted to try a juice cleanse!

  37. I would like to try a juice cleanse for my digestion issues. I don’t want to go out John Wayne style, lol πŸ˜‰

  38. OMG. I emailed you about this cleanse when I first discovered your amazing blog. At the end of the year, I always eat like crap. I’m home from college, have access to so many goodies, dont have to pay for food, well yeah, the list goes on. I would LOVE to win this cleanse and join you and weslie (actually found your blog through hers!) on the cleanse. Plus, I gotta start training for my dream marathon in Big Sur next april. What better way to kickstart my motivation and good eating habits than a free (halllllelujah) cleanse with my favorite blog girls!

  39. I really need to do this cleanse…….my body is crying out for a healthier new year…….and doing the cleanse with friends makes it more fun and exciting…..we are all in this together sistas…….

  40. I would really like to cleanse my body from all the environmental toxins from my body, that lately I have felt really really weak and stressed and I know that if I do a good cleanse to my body by using Suja Cleanse system it will help soooo much into getting my energy and nutritional needs that my body needs in order to heal itself. I believe that Suja is created from a passion to help people transform their lifes through nutrition and I hope I get the privleged to win and try it πŸ™‚ .

  41. My son is almost 18 months old and being someone who has AWAYS been active and in shape her whole life….motherhood really makes it hard to find time to work out let alone plan and cook healthy meals every day! I started juicing recently and immediately felt more energized and well happy! but to have an already prejuiced juice drink (especially one as pretty looking as Suja) would be a dream! please pick me! my body and mind would love to do the Suja cleanse!

  42. Plain and simple, I want to start looking for babies but first i want to clean my body and start eating and having a healthy lifestyle so that my baby can life in a detoxed belly!

  43. I would love to win because I am working out and eating right to get my body as healthy as I can so I can start trying to have a baby! I know the cleanse would be a great way to create an amazing environment for a little love chug πŸ˜‰

  44. I’ve been stressed out lately and haven’t been eating healthy. I totally need this to reset my body and feel clean.

  45. Never done a cleanse before but would LOVE to try one! Been such a stressful December with being down 2 employees, buying our first place and being sick. Would love to kick off the new year with a great feeling. Esp in our new (first) place! An avid and curious reader <3

  46. NEED this cleanse because I’m leaving for Brazil January 10th.. and I’m gonna be in an itty-bitty bikini !!!! I’ll be needin’ all the help I can get !!!! Xo

  47. I need this cleanse because I will be able to start my final semester at college and I need to start it right. I will also be spending NY in Tahoe with my family which will include lots of booze and fattening foods. This cleanse will start my semester right and keep me on track for the rest of the semester!

  48. I was recently married a little over a month ago. Before the wedding I was eating healthy and working out, but since the wedding I completely let down my guard. I desperately need help getting back on track! I don’t want to lose all of the good work I put into making myself healthy. You have been talking about Suja juice for months on your blog and I have been dieing to try it! I would be happy to take pictures and give any feed back a long the way! πŸ™‚

  49. I would love to win because I would love to kickstart 2013 with my insides all rid of the bad stuff! I always feel more motivated when I jumpstart with something amazing like this cleanse you’re offering. Thanks to you and Suja for the giveaway!

  50. I need to start the new year with a new healthy lifestyle! I love organic products and this cleanse sounds amazing!

  51. I’m gearing up for 2013 to be the best year yet. It would feel amazing to flush out with the old and breathe in some new great energy with a Suja cleanse and detox. To our health!

  52. I HAVE to cleanse to get my Operation: Wedding Dress nutrition/fitness routine started right! Getting married in 8 min the!

  53. Have I cleansed before?Yes, many times. I love to try all new products out there: Kaeng Raeng, Blue Print, Master Cleanse…etc. Then a couple of weeks ago I came across these pretty colorful and fancy bottles at my local Whole Foods and decided to do my 3-day challenge: it was a great experience: challenging but rewarding and I felt really empowered and healthy after. Now, my New Year’s Resolution is: sharing, I came to the conclusion that eat healthy, work out, meditate are all great for our physical and mental health but at the end of the day, you need to share your challenges, share the pain and share the success, this will make the ride much more interesting and the results deeply consistent. So there you go…with the New Year I want to maintain the life style I have achieved during the last year without isolating. This virtual “group cleanse” would be great to start my year with more determination and self-esteem. I should also say that I have never won a thing (the scented $1 candle at Walgreens does NOT count) so I feel I should win this: as a reward for my year of commitment and changes. Happy Holidays!!L

  54. Hey! My names Jess, I live in Springfield, MO. And I’m a health nut! I absolutely love juicing, I love everything healthy and good. I am a mom of two, in the the best health of my life.
    I stay at home with my two boys (3 & 7mo) and we are on a seriously strict budget to do so. Therefore there is not a lot of things I can do for myself. To win this would be amazing, would be a blessing for sure, would be something for me, to help me feel like I am starting the year off right! Thanks for the consideration, hope to hear back!

  55. Hi, Lauryn! I’ve been reading your blog for a while now, but this is the first time I’ve commented. I found your blog (and Weslie’s blog too) when I started looking online for tips on how to live a healthier, more balanced life. This past year I’ve done a lot of re-starting in terms of eating, exercising, and many other facets of health and wellness. I’ve been looking into juice cleanses a lot after reading one of your older posts about suja and it is something I would really love to try! My good eating and exercising has wavered a bit since finals and hasn’t recovered yet because of the holidays so a cleanse right at the beginning of the new year and a new semester sounds perfect.

  56. I am in desperate need of a cleanse… after trying so hard not to eat those delicious baked goods that my friends and family are baking (but completely giving in).. because lets face it… Who can say no to the ones you love! I need this Suja cleanse bad! I’m so excited to find out that Suja location is in San Diego, because I’ll be moving down that way in FEBUARY! Anyyywwwaaays, another reason why this cleanse would be so wonderful for me is because I’ve been working my butt off to get to my dream body! I’ve been eating healthy and working out and after losing 15 pounds I’ve hit a rut. I feel like this cleanse would totally help my body restart it’s metabolism and get it back in gear!! Oh and this would be the BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVER! πŸ˜‰
    Merry Christmas everyone!!

  57. I ordered Suja juice after I saw your post about their products the first time and fell in love!! The Coconut Almond and Strawberry are my fav πŸ™‚ I neeeed this cleanse to start my new years off the right way and cleanse my body to get rid of all of the toxins that I’ll be consuming!

  58. Lauryn, I think I should be given the juice cleanse because I’m a poor college student going back to school after a year at my community college. My first year away at school I gained a lot of weight, as most do. And my second time around I’m striving to have a healthier lifestyle and I think a juice cleanse is the perfect way to kickstart my new year and changes I’ll be implementing. I’ve always wanted to try I juice cleanse I’ve just never had the means to do so. (I even asked for a juicer for Christmas!) Thanks!

    1. I’ve also been having a lot of problems with my stomach after eating that my doctor says might be from processed foods or gluten. This would be a great way to flush toxins and get into a healthy habit. Xo, good luck reading all these posts! Oh myyy!

  59. I would love to win this cleanse because it would get me ready to go to Cabo with my amazing boyfriend for his birthday! What girl doesn’t want to look hot in a bikini while she wiggles her toes in the sand with a drink (or two!) in hand?! πŸ˜‰

  60. Lauryn!

    I tried Suja for the first time two weeks ago after seeing how much you love it on your blog! And now, surprise… I am obsessed with it too! I’d buy it at Whole Foods then Instagram it to show the love to my friends and to Suja. Yesterday I was actually looking into doing a Suja cleanse but shied away when I saw the price. I just graduated college (woot woot SD too!) so I’m not exactly rolling in dough… even though cleanses like this are priceless. That said, doing a cleanse in the new year is still very much on my mind and I believe a Suja juice cleanse is the way to go because although I’ve only tried three of their juices I have felt the amazing benefits already and it makes me smile to think of what a rockin’ sex kitten I’ll feel/look like after a couple days of their CLEANSE! I’ll probably feel so great that doing their cleanses will become a seasonal thing for me. Plus, I really really want to try their Vanilla Cloud and can’t find it at my local WF haha. In all, I need to win this cleanse because especially after all of the holiday parties that distract us from our summer fit goals, I love the raw organic ingredients that Suja uses in their juices and how each day adds up to 1200 calories- the perfect amount for a juice cleanse, especially with all the fantastic nutrients they pack into their bottles of heaven. Plus, I am going to Vegas at the end of January and want to look and feel my best! By starting the month and new year off with a detox with you guys, it will inspire me to continue to eat clean and be my best from the inside out (and you can only be beautiful on the outside if you are on the inside ;)). Plus, I will rep Suja even more to all my friends if I win! TSC + Suja giveaway = Love.

    xo Lara

  61. Hi Lauryn! I’ve done the Juicer’s cleanse twice now and would absolutely love to try the Suja one next. Cleanses leave you feeling so revitalized and this would be the perfect way to start off the new year! I personally feel so bloated and down after the holidays and would love to be able to recover with the Suja Cleanse.

  62. With all the holiday goodies, I need to start the year out by detoxing!! I would love the cleanse to help me get started in the right direction!

  63. A clean, whole body is really the best thing you can ask for. Why not start the new year off fresh? I’m a student so the whole suja juices arent really economically possible for me right now, but I would love to win the chance to be a part if this!

  64. I N-E-E-D the Suja cleanse because I am a recent college grad who can’t afford to buy it! I’ve been looking into the BluePrint cleanse (EEK) but eh, the Suja juices look much more delicious and a lot less processed. It would be lovely to bring in the New Year on a positive note with the cleanse… healthy body = healthy mind <3

    Help ME help MYSELF.

  65. Loosing weight is not a New Year’s resolution anymore. It’s a real purpose and wich better way to start than with a cleanse? πŸ™‚

  66. I would love to win! I’m in desperate need of a good kick start to 2013 and would love to try these juices…they sound wonderful!

  67. Need to do this cleanse because my boyfriend of 5 yrs sent me a txt last night….he is headed to Vegas for Christmas & NY with his new GF. WHAT????? So when he gets back I want to be so awesome hot it kills him!!!!

  68. I’m going on a cruise for my friend’s Bachelorette party in January and I could really use this cleanse to help get me ready to be in a bikini! I love juicing and would be stoked to try the SUJA cleanse!

  69. I have been crazy busy at work lately and not working out as much or eating as healthily. And it’s especially hard to stay on track during the holidays!! I need this cleanse to reset after the new year and get myself back on track again πŸ™‚

  70. Having gastroparesis (a stomach condition that causes your stomach to digest slow), I live off of processed liquid meals even though i’d die to eat clean and raw. This year i am determined to stop with the processed crap and start with the clean, despite my stomach condition! Suja is the perfect answer to my goal!

  71. AMAZING! nothing feels better than a fresh start and this would be perfect for the New Year! After Christmas, New Year and winter in New England my body could def use this.

  72. Hey Lauryn!!! I would absolutely love to win the 3 day cleanse from Suja! I have always wanted to try a cleanse like this. I am so close to being exactly where I want to be with my body, mind and soul. I believe this would help me achieve my goal finally! I also have my honeymoon in Maui coming up in March and I want to look my very best for my new hubby!!!! Thanks for being such an inspiration to all of us!!


  73. I would love to try this cleanse! I have never done one before and I need to detox this body of mine!

  74. I have to cleanse because I am full on addicted to sugar, and I need to break it. Big time. I can go a day without eating something full of sugar, but once I have a little taste I have to have more and then its overwhelming how much I consume. Gross, sickie habit!

  75. I need to cleanse because I need to keep everything looking good because I leave for the beach at the end of January! My boyfriend and I are going on vacation to renew our relationship and I think this would put it over the top!

  76. I have been soo excited to try suja!! Its almost impossible to find a juice cleanse where I live and I desperately need one haha. Plusss seeing all of the savory instagram updates…torture lol!

  77. Who doesn’t over indulge over the holidays. I’ve eaten so many sweets and just bad foods in the last few weeks, I’m surprise my skinny jeans still fit. I need to get back on track and excited to try the Suja cleanse.

  78. Ive been looking forward to new years as a serious motivation to get back to eating healthy and getting back into shape. Ive never done a cleanse but have always wanted to, and this one looks great…not to mention having the support of you guys doing it with me! Anyways, good luck and hopefully you’re taking a little time for yourself to enjoy the season :]

  79. I would be so stoked to do this cleanse with you girls! This past year I’ve been taking care of everyone but myself. I’ve promised that in 2013 I’d do somethings to take care of myself. I’m getting married to the man of my dreams in 5 months and I want be healthy (and smoking hot) for him.

  80. Two years ago, at 23, I was involved in a bad skiing accident, which left me with three torn ligaments in my knee, a torn meniscus, and many broken bones. I have been in and out of hospitals and surgeries since, and it has obviously slowed down my athletic and fitness pursuits greatly. I have been a sports/fitness/ski buff since I was two years old, and the last two years have really taken a toll, not only on my body, but on my energy levels as well. I have finally been cleared by doctors to get back to the gym and back on the slopes, and there is NOTHING I would love more than to kickstart my new, healthy, active year with the SUJA juice cleanse! I’m ready to take back control of my body and make 2013 my best year yet! (with TSC and Suja, of course!)

  81. I need a kick-start for the new year and motivation to really step up my workouts! Still recovering from an injury but I need to find ways around it- plus I want to look my best in my wedding dress!

  82. I would love love LOVE to win a SUJA cleanse for the new year = new/BETTER me! I just got married in July and want to keep myself in amazing shape for myself and my hot hubby! Love all your posts Lauryn – thanks girl!

  83. I recently found out I have Celiac’s and have been trying to cleanse my body of all gluten and this would be amazinggggg!! Also the same day the cleanse starts is when I start my new job and the internship of my dreams, this would be the best way to kick off my new start! πŸ™‚

  84. Ahhh I believe cleansing at the beginning of the year just sets a positive tone for the rest of the year to come. I think cleansing is a big part of keeping our bodies at their optimum performance level! I would die [almost] if I won this cleanse! πŸ™‚

  85. I’ve been dying to try the Suja cleanse but have to be picky about my budget! My mom just had surgery so i came home to a house full of comfort holiday food. Needless to say i’m not exactly radiating nutrition (i’m literally noticing a dullness in my skin tone). Would love to return to San Diego and do a cleanse to get my self back on track πŸ™‚

  86. I am going to spring break at south padre island!! Gotta be looking good! Deff need this cleanse after all the going out I’ve been doing over break!!!

  87. Lauryn, I absolutely need to win this giveaway to cleanse my body of toxins and replenish my body with nutrients instead of sugars and fats from the holidays. I would love to start off this new year with a cleanse. I promise it will not go to waste because I am planning on starting a new exercise regimen the second I get back to school consisting of lots of spin, HIIT and ballet classes too. Thank you! <3

  88. I NEED to win because I have been indulging at all the holiday treats and meals because well…who doesn’t? Also I have been wanting to try your juice cleanse, I even got the details from you one time, but I don’t have a juicer or a place near me that will do it. So this is my only option, but I cannot afford it! Help!! I really want to win this!

  89. Dear Lauryn,

    I need a cleanse because I think this is my last option. I am 23 years old and lead an active lifestyle. However because of my family history of hypercholesterolemia and heart disease, I have been doing all I can to control my condition. My most recent blood test revealed that my LDL was 183 after fasting when the normal range should be under 130! In addition, I have lost my period for 6 months and I have no clue why. I visited the doctor and he could not find a diagnosis because he said I appeared fit, healthy, within my normal weight range. I got in a devastating car accident yesterday and my whole body is in the worse condition ever. I totaled my car and am thankful for even being alive. I just really want a new start and I hope that a cleanse will help balance my body/organs again. I want to feel good again.

  90. I LOVE cleansing, and have been hooked on one brand but would love to branch out and try Suja! I’ve heard amazing things and would look forward to cleansing with you and the owner of Suja! Happy Holidays πŸ™‚

  91. New job + high travel demands = nasty stress = a detriment to my health. I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to hit the reset button and face new challenges with a clear mind and clean body:)

  92. I have been telling myself for years that I need to cleanse my body of the toxins and unhealthy chemicals that I have put into it. I want a fresh, new start this New Year… and I would love this Suja juice cleanse! I have been looking for the right kind of cleanse, and the way you talk about Suja, makes it seem like this is it. This would be the most amazing New Years present!

  93. I need this cleanse because I am spending 12/26/12-1/1/13 in Europe! Going to London and Paris and will be indulging in drinks and cuisine there. This cleanse will help me get back on track and start off the new year on the right foot!

  94. I need this cleanse so much. I’m a second semester senior now and there isn’t a better way to start it off then with a life changing juice cleanse?!

  95. My boyfriend and I just moved into a new place and finally, after 4 years, starting our life together. With all of the expenses of buying a new place i don’t have enough to purchase the cleanse or juicer. I would love to win this because i would love to start off my next chapter of life in a happy and healthy body!

  96. As a FT working mom of two I might not be getting
    the good stuff all the time (shocker!)…I REALLY want
    to try my first cleanse and start fresh this new year ;-). Thx for
    bringing what sounds like a great product to my attention! Crossing
    my fingers :-)!!

  97. I absolutely NEED to try this juice cleanse, i’ve heard nothing but amazing things!!!! I have yet to do a cleanse, but doing one in the new year will help me jumpstart my 2013 fitness resolutions!!! A clean inside will help me tone my outside!!! This babe needs SUJA!

  98. Oooooooh I want to cleanse with you girls!!!! I’ve researched juice cleanses, but have never actually tried one. Thanks for sharing about Suja, they sound amazing! Every January I try to jump start my health after the craziness of the holidays. Last year it was removing wheat from my diet (recommend that for everyone), this year I would love to try a juice cleanse to reset my body and mind!

  99. I need to be cleansed and ready for a huge grad school interview Jan. 12! Please pick me! This will help me look good and feel great. It will help me start and keep my goal of a healthy 2013!

  100. Hey Lauryn,

    I need/would love to win this cleanse because I did the juice cleanse in May before a trip to the beach and felt fabulous. This January I am starting graduate school and would love to have a mind and body reset right before I begin the program. I know that this holiday season will be somewhat boozy and come january I will be ready to look and feel my best at a new school! Plus on a student budge it can get a little pricey! Thank you for this giveaway!

  101. I need this cleanse because I have been transitioning to a vegan diet over the past two months, getting to 90% vegan, and I’m going completely vegan after the new year! I NEED this cleanse to get all the gross crap out and start my new healthy vegan lifestyle!

  102. Love TSC giveaways! Hi Lauryn! I emailed you a month ago to get more info on the 3 day Juicers Cleanse because I’ve been wanting to do this cleanse but I haven’t found anyone willing to do it with me yet. To do it with you and Weslie on opposite coasts of the U.S would be pretty amaze! I quit smoking a year ago and along with that came some extra pounds I wasn’t looking to add. I want to jumpstart with this cleanse and who better to have as your support system than you gorgeous ladies. Awesome! I appreciate the opportunity!

  103. Lauryn, I absolutely NEED this cleanse as I am training to be an NPC competitor this coming year and I would absolutely love a clean slate to start on! I’ve already got a head start on clean eating and working out but my body desperately needs a cleanse. πŸ™‚

  104. New Year, New Start! My resolution this year is to really focus on what I am putting in my body. I work out about four times a week, but I want to start getting more comfortable with weights and find new classes/activities to mix it up. A cleanse first thing in the year would be perfect to kick start my fitness/healthy eating resolution goals!

  105. I absolutely mustttttt kick off the new year with a Suja juice cleanse because it is the best way to rid my body of impurities and toxins…the last thing I need when planning my wedding in 2013 and starting a new career as a pediatric nurse! I am already committed to a clean diet and exercise and am in need of this extra boost to be super energized & glowing :-]

  106. I’ve never tried a cleanse before and feel there’s no better time than with SUJA, TSC, and 2013!!

  107. My goal for the new year is to be a healthier version of myself! The 3 day cleanse would be a perfect kick-off!

  108. Hi Lauryn, I would LOVEEE to start the New Year off with the YOU (obvi ) and the Suja juice cleanse because I would love nothing more than to start 2013 off with a fresh start. I have been struggling with losing the last 10 lbs and have fallen off the good, clean and healthy eating bandwagon many a time. I have always wanted to try a cleanse and since reading your blog have become so inspired to finally get serious about having a healthy and clean lifestyle- not just for my weight but for my health and happiness. SO basically I would loveeee to SUJA! Happy Holidays! xoxox devon

  109. I’ve always wanted to try a juice cleanse but never worked up the courage/motivation to actually do it so this would be PERFECT for me! I was planning on starting out this new year with a cleanse to get rid of all toxins from the holiday season and the timing of this contest is perfectttt!!!!!

  110. In the last year I’ve lost about 15 pounds. I feel great but still have about 10 to go! I’d love to do the cleanse after the holidays to help lessen/diminish the inevitable effects of the holidays and keep me on track!!!

  111. I am so excited to hear about this cleanse! I had been a part time paleo girl, spending my weekdays eating clean and my weekends splurging with family and friends. I really enjoyed the lifestyle but I started dental hygiene school in August and have lost all sense of clean eating. Late nights of studying and minimal free time have cut into my healthy habits. Its been all about the coffee and sugary goodness. And as for the gym… Lets just say we haven’t been on good terms πŸ˜‰ I’m working to get back to my old ways and improve into an even healthier me as the next semester begins. This cleanse could be the perfect start! And to do it with accountability- what a treat! Best wishes and I would LOVE to join you guys on this adventure! -B

  112. Ohhhh boy I would LOVE to win this cleanse, I have never tried Suja and been dyin to. I will need a cleanse to get myself on the right foot for 2013, reset my system a bit and start making juicing a priority! πŸ™‚

  113. I am in desperate need of a low-sugar cleanse because I just started a new job and have been extremely stressed out, which has been contributing to terrible eating patterns the last two months. Fresh juice cleanses are so expensive so it would be wonderful to have the opportunity to win a 3-day cleanse!

  114. My fiancee and I are getting married in 6 months so we’re starting our strict clean eating and work out regiment on 1/1. This cleanse would be a great kickoff to the new year as a healthy couple…of course if I win, I’d probably have to buy it for him lol.

  115. I need to cleanse because I want to jump start the new year with a new beginning. I want to cleanse the bad toxins and bad energy from my life and get ready to kick ass in 2013!

  116. I would LOVE to try this cleanse because I’ve always wanted to do one but they seem to hard to follow! Having a support system would be so motivating. I’m about to start my hardest/longest semester of nursing school (semester actually starts on the last day of the cleanse) and I want o be at the absolute top of my game for the entire semester, inside and out! This would be so perfect and appreciated πŸ™‚

  117. I’ve been researching this specific juice cleanse for months now and I’ve been dying to do it SO bad!!! The only reason why I haven’t yet is because it’s out of my budget (poor college student status). Being a religious reader of the skinny confidential, I know all of SUJA’s juices amazing perks and I would LOVE to be able to experience it’s wonderful benefits for myself!

  118. Had a year of yo-yoing and ups and downs, especially a crazy college semester that has really wrecked my body…my goal for winter break is to completely reset and make 2013 the start of a different lifestyle! I’ve always wanted to do a cleanse but don’t have any way to make my own juice/making it happen has always been too difficult…this would be an amazing way to reset and detox!

  119. I realllllllyyyyyy need this cleanse, because during the holidays, there will be lots of goodies and treats for the holidays. Everyone knows how hard it is to kick start the beginning of a new healthy eating pattern. This would be a great chance and oppertunity! The cleanse could light the way to get back on the healthy highway (: after a detour at ffast food freeway

  120. I need to do a 3-day cleanse for the NY w/ some buddies b/c I’ve been saying all year I’d try it, but never do! :{ *Boo!*

  121. I HAVE to cleanse for the new year because I have already successfully lost 50lbs and I have 40 to go. I’ve plateaued and it would be the PERFECT way to kick start the rest of my journey. I am more than ready to finally love myself again in 2013 and I know this kick start is just what I need! πŸ™‚

  122. I HAVE to cleanse because over the past year my eating habits have become horrendous, I’ve gained 20lbs and I just need a kick start and support to restart my healthy lifestyle in 2013!

  123. I’m a HUGE fan of all your posts, especially the cleansing ones!!! About a month ago, in recovery from wild Vegas, I tried the Suja Juice one day cleanse (I’m on a tight college-student budget) and instantly fell in love!!! Your homemade recipes have also encouraged me to make my own at home so I’ve asked for a juicer for xmas this year eeeeeks πŸ™‚
    I would love to do the 3 day cleanse after NYE so I get a fresh start to 2013 and my last semester in college! <3

  124. I recently lost weight and feel great. I want to keep up with this healthy lifestyle and keep off the weight. A juice cleanse would be the perfect way to recharge my healthy lifestyle for the new year and keep me motivated! πŸ™‚

  125. I would luuuv to win this cleanse! 2012 was such a toxic year, in more ways than one. With all of the stress, my body just feels icky… I want 2013 to be different! Alert, refreshed, and healthy is exactly how I want to start the NY!!

  126. I would absolutely LOVEEEE to win this cleanse because my broken foot has recently healed and I am ready to get back on track with all of my fitness and eating habits! So that I can rock my bikini for spring break in Cancun!!!!!

  127. I NEED to cleanse in the beginning of the NY because with the holidays I have been eating everything unhealthy. I need to rid my body of the toxins and start fresh in the new year.

  128. What a fabulous way to kick off the new year! I’m starting a new career in fitness this January and want to purge all the toxins from my body to be the healthiest I can be for my clients and myself. How fun to join you girls in the challenge!

  129. I want 2013 to be all about Taylor! This year I am going to be KIND to my body by focusing on health & fitness. I’m going to begin the new year with a serious cleanse to feel one step closer to my goal, and as an avid reader of TSC I would love to try what you love! I’m also going to be graduating college in May, & I want to be bikini ready for my move to Cali afterwards:) XO

  130. HELLO!! I have never tried a cleanse and I would love for my first but not last cleanse to be with Suja! This blog has helped me out so much and I hope to get some more help for the new year. Thank You! πŸ™‚

  131. Oh wow, I need a juice cleanse to start me off right in 2013 because this is my year to finally lose my baby weight from 2012!

  132. I would absolutely loveee to win this cleanse because I’ve never done a cleanse before and I really think it will help me get to the next level with my new diet. I try to eat only fruits n veggies but with the holidays it can get a bit harder. I also have a marathon coming up in a month so I really need something to cleanse me after christmas feasting & new years festivities! πŸ™‚

    Thanks Lauryn & Suja!


  133. Would LOVE to win the Suja juices! I have been trying hard to not over-indulge during the holidays but its really hard and I have gained a few pounds πŸ™ I feel loaded with sugar and I would love a nice cleanse. I have never tried one before because they are too much money for me but I have always wanted to try one. Please please help me with this holiday weight gain!

  134. For the last year I have been trying to get back to my pre-senior year of college weight. I have wanted to try and do a juice cleanse (obviously this isnt going to drastically change anything), but I feel this 3-day cleanse will really begin that extra push I need to pursue the goal weight I have for myself with how well it will cleanse my body in all aspects, as well as make me feel that this is the start to a healthy path for 2013. This will give me the opportunity to see how the cleanse works with my body and how my body responds to it. If positive results occur, I will def. save up to purchase more:)

  135. I have to do the cleanse to start of the New Year right and lose the weight I gained my first semester at college!

  136. Trying to start a cleaner eating diet, my body can only go so far and then a holiday like Christmas and New Years Eve makes me feel like everything is out the door! I drink in moderation, I eat in moderation, and clean. But when a holiday comes and it goes, you feel guilty and need to start over. I want this cleanse to be my start over, to make a better promise that in 2013, I will continue to treat my body right and work out consistently. Not just a few months. A life style change. First year living and working full time teaching, all on my own, trying to do it right, always isn’t easy. But a help is always welcome!

  137. I have been dying to try this cleanse but don’t have the budget for them, and would love to start the new year off on the right foot!

  138. i would love to try this cleanse, my two week vacation has been full of drinking and being merry. ; ) i would love to start off the new year cleansed! btw love your blog and your fab pics.

  139. I have been interested in trying Suja for awhile now!You talk about it about and I would love to try it out. I am a firm believer in cleanes and would like to try something outside of my normal regime. With the holidays forcing me to eat awful, I will be doing a cleanse for sure to start my new year! Love the blog and excited for the videos!! Xo

  140. Lauryn, I have been meaning to do a cleanse for about a month now. Instead I have been eating chicken tenders and wayyyyyy to many holiday treats. Definitely going to re-set my body with you whether or not I win the free cleanse! Thanks for always inspiring me to get back on track!

  141. I need to cleanse because I neglected my health in 2012 due to work and other obligations…I let too many excuses stand in the way of me and my best self. No more in 2013!!

  142. I would love to start the new year off right. A cleanse would help me on my healthy lifestyle journey. πŸ™‚

  143. I need this cleanse because my eating has really gotten out of control this year and I need a restart. I’ve struggled to get away from processed foods lately,even though in the past I’ve never had this problem. I definitely can’t afford the cleanse on my own but think that it would really help to get me back on track. Please choose me!

  144. I just graduated nursing school in December and want to start off the new year right! I am getting back to health and this cleanse would be an amazing kickstart:) These juices look fabulous…

  145. I am in dire need of something to get my body functioning properly again. I would love to win this cleanse and it would help me get back on track to improve my overall health and wellness.

  146. I have to have this cleanse because I did it for 1 day already, but couldn’t afford the 3-day cleanse. I am dying to do all three days and finally be able to reach a goal. I want the opportunity to find the strength to get through the cleanse and know that at the end I am doing something SO great for my body. The holidays are rough on the body no matter how hard I try. I want to know that I can complete the SUJA cleanse after the holidays and kick start being healthy again before I go back to school.

  147. I have been dying to try this juice cleanse for what seems like forever. I’ve been in serious need of getting my body back on track after a stressful semester with finals and not-so-good-for-you college food but just haven’t had the money to get started. This would be the perfect chance to get my body back to where it needs to be to get me through another rough four months of classes, studying, and work!

  148. After nearly three weeks of trying my hardest hit giving in to the sugar, carbs, and alcohol throughout the holiday season I will absolutely need this cleanse to get me back on track and to start the new year of with a healthy mind set and a healthy, rejuvenated system!

  149. To win this would be soooo wonderful! I have been wanting to try Suja and one of their cleanses for awhile now! Always wanted to give cleanses a try..but being someone who doesn’t yet own a juicer can make it a bit difficult & would love to have my first one be laid out for me so I don’t need to have it all figured out! , so Suja sounds awesome! Anddd I am starting a new semester at a new school and would love to have a cleanse to well…cleanse myself from the holidays, coming from a family that isnt always particularly focused on making healthy choices.

  150. I need to cleanse for the new year because I need to just start over. I definitely let myself slip into some bad habits: too much wine, not enough sleep, lots of stress. A cleanse would get me back on the right track!

  151. I NEED to start this year off with a bang. New year, new me! I have never done a juice cleanse and I am so ready to do it. I would really love to win this and cleanse body body and spirit and get right into my new lifestyle. Excited for life!

  152. The reason i need a cleanse is because since i started eating better. I have yet to do an actual cleanse. Because i have no clue were to start the SUJA cold press juice would be a great help in guiding me in what i need to do. To make the New Year the best it can. πŸ™‚

  153. 2013 is wedding year for me! a cleanse to kick off the year should be a great start to a year of clean eating and killer workouts! love this site so much!!

  154. My own “cleanse” never works…not because its ineffective..I simply find myself bored of only kale, celery and steamed broccoli after the first 24 hours. With SUJA, I know I can stick to it; ready for a clean start to 2013!

  155. I’ve never done a cleanse before and I’m dying to try one! Gotta get slender in the new year…already thinking about spring break!

  156. Hi Lauryn!

    I need to win this cleanse because as a senior in college entering her last semester, I’ve been super stressed and reaaaally not too kind to my body. This cleanse would be a healthy way to begin my new year and hopefully kick start my weight loss so I look great in my graduation photos! xoxo

  157. A juice cleanse would be the perfect way for me to start the new year, and my recent college graduation!

  158. a) My birthday is Jan. 9 and I couldn’t think of receiving a better present than the gift of health+happiness (plus I would feel so fab in my fun birthday dress I plan on wearing!)
    b) I am diabetic and have always been hesitant to try a juice cleanse, but SUJA looks safe and I love experimenting with ways to help out that yucky blood sugar!
    c) I started blogging for the first time EVERRRR and I am still trying to figure it all out, but my passion is there ( Would love+love+love to blog about my journey with SUJA.
    d) I will be attending the Miss America Pageant in LV during the cleanse which means I could cleanse while I watch all the beautiful women strut their stuff in bikini’s on national television. I have a goal to be up there one day.

    Thank you TSF and Suja for being such giving companies! xx, jamie

  159. I love cleanses! my birthday is New Years eve and I’ll be spending it in Paris… I definitely will need a cleanse when I return! Have a great holiday!

  160. I’ve been a yo-yo dieter for as long as I can remember, my health has never been the priority, only the number on the scale. I’ve vowed to focus on my health in 2013- eating healthy, living healthy, just being healthy (and happy with my body). I have yet to try the juice craze, though I can’t think of a better way to start the new year then with a complete detox (for body and mind!). Happy holidays Lauryn!

  161. I want to start the new year with a Suja cleanse because I am looking forward to starting my own business in 2013 and I need to kick start the year with a bang! πŸ™‚

  162. I have to cleanse in the new year to get my bod back in shape. I’ve been debating on cleanses (blueprint or suja) and skinny confidential has me convinced!! Can’t wait to start to New Year off on the right foot! #skinnybetchesrule

  163. I just got back from a cruise and ate horribly! A cleanse will be great to get back on the right track after the holidays!

  164. Dear Lauryn,

    2012 has been incredible for me. I am working my dream job, adore my family, have the best boyfriend who I love and incredible friends who motivate me to live my best life. I am most looking forward to starting 2013 with a grateful spirit. Not every day or year will be the very best, but when things are good I think it’s so important to take the time and enjoy.

    I think a cleanse is the perfect compliment to starting 2013 with gratitude. Pushing your body and nourishing it reminds you how incredible our bodies are. I want to thank mine for all it’s hard work!!!

    Speaking of being thankful, I love your blog!!!

  165. After vacationing and being away most of December, this cleanse would be a great way for me to get back on track!

  166. I need this cleanse for my skin – it looks like a peanut pattie! I’m so sick of going through cycles of antibiotics to clear my skin. It’s not good in the long run. This juice cleanse will start my journey of clean eating. I’m trying to cure my ails from the inside out. Do I expect to look absolutely flawless afterwards? No, I am realistic. But I can be sure that it will be the beginning of changing my mindframe to treat my body well from the inside out.

  167. I feel like a stuffed pig! All of the sugar, karo syrup and butter have invaded every cell in my body like liquid cement. I think only an act of god or a suja juice cleanse could rid my body of it! I have never tried a cleanse but reading about this product gets me excited to do it! I have also had a year filled with some health issues that I think cleanse and change in diet could improve!

  168. I feel like a stuffed pig! All the sugar, karo syrup and butter have invaded every cell of my body like liquid cement! It would take an act of God or a fabulous cleanse to rid my system of all this junk! I have never tried a cleanse before but reading about this product and this company gets me excited to try it! I have also had a year of health problems and I think a good cleanse and change in diet could only help!

  169. Been dying to try this cleanse! Recently saw it in WF!!! Need to reset after Christmas consumption yikes!!!

  170. I really would love to do the Suja cleanse for a fresh start or the new year! A new year equals a new me. A new me means a new life, and I’m ready for a new, fresh start, my fiancΓ© passed away 2 years ago and I have put on 15 pounds since them and haven’t dated. I’m ready to get my big booty (hopefully to be skinny again after the new start) out in the skinny, sexy, normal/chaotic dating scene life again. Hope y’all had a stupendous Christmas and will have a super duper new year.

  171. I am going to California for the first time in 2013 and want to look my best without the bloat in my bathing suit! excited to start!!

  172. oof! after all this holiday eating i could really use a restart to get back on track eating healthy!

  173. I need to kickstart 2013 with a cleanse because I have already gained 7 lbs over the holidays and I feel like crap!

  174. Lauren,

    I would absolutely LOVE to do this cleanse… I have tried the one you gave us to do at home and it worked wonders! I leave for the Dominican Republic on the 13th of Jan and this would be a perfect way for me to tone up the bod right before the trip!

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!


  175. I would love to win this cleanse! I’ve always been too chicken to try one but have vowed this is the year to try new things.

  176. 2013 is going to start with a ka-pow: after NYE in LA, I’m going to the Rose Bowl, and after that I’m packing up my life in San Diego and moving to Portland OR. I’m crazy excited for this new start…but, let’s be real, it’s going to be a mess of stress at first. I love Suja and NEED to detox for sure after my move! Life’s gonna be cray for a few weeks, so it’d be huge to know I can take care of my bod as I get settled πŸ™‚

  177. I really need this b/c 2013 is going to start with a ka-pow: after NYE in LA, I’m going to the Rose Bowl, and after that I’m packing up my life in San Diego and moving to Portland OR. I’m crazy excited for this new start…but, let’s be real, it’s going to be a mess of stress at first. Life’s gonna be cray for a few weeks, so it’d be huge to know I can take care of my bod as I get settled πŸ™‚

  178. Would love to win the cleanse to help kickoff a new school quarter and job feeling motivated, healthy and refreshed!

  179. my bf, who i still dearly love, broke up with me yesterday and i feel like complete and utter shii. i’ve been trying to cleanse the past month or so, but after trying time and again to get him to notice me and call me ‘beautiful’ like he used to, i started binge eating every holiday food i could get my hands on. i’d love to participate in this cleanse to refresh my poor body and get it on the right track (but mainly i want to kick-start a 20 lb weight loss so that when he sees me he’ll feel like a damn fool for breaking up with such a sexy fox) amen.

  180. Need the cleanse because I’ll be studying on my birthday πŸ™ (and I’ve already graduated college)… So the cleanse will be perfect to get myself a jump start and get ready for VEGAS.

  181. There is no other way I would want to kick off 2013. I am pretty sure if I got a paper cut today that I would bleed white sugar + powder. Ick. Super gross.

  182. I need this cleanse because I let myself go. I just turned 50, divorced, no kids and just lost my job. I don’t know what happened. I used to be the stunning girl that everyone looked at when walked in the door. Now know one notices me!

  183. I recently gained some weight while abroad in the carb captial of the world- Italy! I am dying to get back in shape and cleanse all the cheap and starchy food I’ve been eating for a whole semester. Italy was gorgeous and amazing, but I need to lose the weight now! I’ve been dying to try one of these juice cleanses.

    Big fan,

  184. I have tried a juicing cleanse on my own which became challenging when I brought the already made juice from home for lunch, needless to say it was already brown… YUCK! The cleanse would really help me meet my goals with its convenience! Bring it on 2013! Happy New Year! 

  185. Oh my gosh! It would be amazing to win this! I’ve been dying to do a juice cleanse (I’ve never done one) and I LOVE SUJA juices! I’ve been considering using SUJA for my cleanse so this would be perfect for me. πŸ˜€ Fingers crossed!

  186. I need the cleanse because I’m already doing my part to lose weight and feel great and I want to kick start it in the new year! I lost 14 pounds since November – though the holidays AND my birthday so I’m a person who’s dedicated, self motivated and going to make the best of this cleanse, no matter what comes up in life. I still have about 15 pounds to lose until I’m at my goal weight.. I’m also going through some transitional changes in life, got a new job, looking for a new apartment and recently went through a breakup and am learning to look within myself for validation. Up up and away! The price of Suja is a little steep, but seems like the perf next step. Pick me πŸ™‚

  187. I got a magic bullet for christmas which I specifically asked for to do your 3-day cleanse (NO ONE around me in NY will make juices large enough for it!) – but then I found out you cant juice anything in the magic bullet. I’ll be in Vegas from 7th-13th for a work trade show – I NEED THIS CLEANSE! πŸ™‚

  188. Hi! I am somewhat new to your blog but I love your style and have been getting a lot of great inspiration every time I stop by πŸ˜€

    I neeeeeed this cleanse b/c I am getting mArrIed!!!!! In June and I want to be a sex kitten of a bride πŸ˜‰ so please pick me <3

  189. I need a restart after carbo-loading after my 50K and marathon (within 2 weeks of each other!) and after the craziness of the holidays. I have three little ones and I’d love to do this cleanse before our vacation coming up.

  190. I want to flourish for the new year. in health, fitness, style, etc. I want 2013 to be my year!

  191. I’m off to Cabo San Lucas for our annual family vacation at the end of january and need to lose those extra few pounds that have crept on my body during the holidays! I’d love for this cleanse to help boost my clean eating for the new year!

  192. I’ve been in a fitness/diet rut! Been wanting to try a cleanse like this for a while now and would love to win!

  193. I love love love cleansing after holidays. New Year’s is definitely one of top times I cleanse. I’ve tried a couple cleanse programs like Suja and BluePrint. I really like BluePrint- they provide a lot of info and their juices are delicious- YUM!

  194. 2013 Is the year I take back my body, I must!! I am a 32 (soon to be 33) y/o single mother if 3; ages 11,10,7. My oldest child has severe spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy and she is now at the point where it is getting extremely difficult to transfer and position her now 97 lb body many times a day. I have no outside assistance no round the clock nursing or even any at all for that matter. There is no involvement in my life from my family or my ex-husband and his family. It is my babies and I. I have been suffering from chronic back/neck/shoulder pain for several years now as well as depression and anxiety and high blood pressure. The doctors try to help, they understand my situation; but, I’m the only one who can change the course of things. Starting now. I am giving up on medications; pain meds daily, antidepressants, muscle relaxants and going they natural route with not only myself; but, my children. It has been a difficult few weeks and the symptoms associated with detoxing from these medications taken for years are at times nearly unbearable; however, I will not cave and continue to fill my body with such poison. A juice cleanse is exactly what I need to flood my system with good and flush it of the bad!!!
    I need this…for my amazing children to have their mommy back and for the gift of healing for myself πŸ™‚

  195. Lauryn, PLEASE HELP ME. I need to win this so bad because I have been working on my body for a while. I have been eating healthy and trying to stay strong, and I think this is the last step into finally feeling good about myself and my body. I have been under so much stress and I have never thought about doing a cleanse before. I really think that I would have a great experience with this, and I would love to promote it. Keep me in mind and Happy New Year!!!

    Audrey πŸ™‚

  196. Im getting back into shape and eating healthy after 5 years of not doing so well. Ive never done a cleanse before, and i feel like this would really steer me in the right direction!!

  197. Everyone wants to be healthy and so am I! Though this comment of mine seems to be soo late I would just like to mention that I really love juice cleansing. How brilliant those people behind this cleanse because it’s surely a hit for most people who wanted to detox and shed some pounds.

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