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Suja Co-Founder, Annie Lawless Shares Her Food Diary

Lauryn Evarts talks with Suja co-founder, Annie Lawless about diet tips and tricks for weight loss.

Lauryn Evarts talks with Suja co-founder, Annie Lawless about diet tips and tricks for weight loss.

If Annie Lawless’ food diary doesn’t inspire every person on the planet to eat healthy, then I don’t know what will.

She fuels her bod with all the right food & doesn’t give a shit what anyone else thinks ( << smart girl! ).

She a total juice master; her & her partner, Eric, started Suja Juice out of their houses a few years ago & it’s BLOWN up. Lately US Weekly, Vogue, & InStyle have been dying over Suja.

I mean, clearly. Even Victoria’s Secret models love the juice ( see Annie with their models above & below ).

If you want a little more background on this bombshell, click here.

Ok, have fun stalking her food journal…because I certainly did!

Lauryn Evarts talks with Suja co-founder, Annie Lawless about diet tips and tricks for weight loss.


I’m Annie and I’m a major food snob. And no, I’m not sorry about that. I take what I put in my body pretty seriously because I know how much better I look and feel when I’m eating whole, organic, high quality foods.

I also have a lot of food allergies & it’s hard to know what goes into your food unless if you make it yourself. Plus, I LOVE to cook! I grocery shop twice per week ( Sundays & Wednesdays ) & grab things that I know I can use for a few different purposes and meals. For example, some of my staples are: salmon, avocados, kale, any & all of veggies, lentils, nuts, & seeds. I can build a lot of different meals around those items!

I also spend an hour or two on Sunday prepping ingredients so I can easily assemble something delicious quickly during the week when I may not have as much time & motivation. I also don’t snack much because my body responds better to three large meals. To give you an idea of what I eat, here’s what my week looked like:

{ Monday }

5:20 am ( pre-workout )– ½ bottle Suja Fuel

7:00 am ( post-workout )– ½ bottle Suja Fuel, two scrambled eggs with tomato & spinach sautéed in a little Ghee butter, garlic, & sea salt.

11:45 am– Avocado/kale salad ( finely chopped head of kale massaged in one whole avocado, miso, dijon mustard, garlic, maldon salt, lemon, apple cider vinegar, tahini, & flax oil with cherry tomatoes, carrot, red onion, & pumpkin seeds). **I make this at least three times per week & change up the ingredients depending on what I have.

2:15 pm– Suja Glow

5:20 pm- Twelve Essentials

7:30 pm– I made zucchini pasta from two zucchinis & dressed with white truffle oil, garlic, black lava salt, & pepper. I had two pieces of 88% dark chocolate with raw almond butter for dessert.

{ Tuesday }

7:30 am– Suja Vanilla Cloud poured over homemade raw granola ( about ½ cup ).

11:00 am– Suja Twelve Essentials

1:00 pm– Raw sunflower seed pate ( sunflower seeds, garlic, carrot, celery, lemon, parsley, & sea salt ) wrapped in butter lettuce leaves. I used coconut aminos as a dipping sauce.

7:10 pm– Avocado/kale salad

{ Wednesday }

6:00 am ( pre-workout )– Suja Green Supreme

9:00 am– I had a super busy morning and left the house early, so I drank another Green Supreme juice and had some raw almonds I sprouted over the weekend.

12:45 pm– Whole Foods salad bar! This had baby greens, carrot, tomato, onion, chickpeas, beet, purple cabbage, quinoa, & cherry tomatoes. I used olive oil & vinegar for the dressing & added an avocado from the produce section. I also had some flax crackers I bought there.

8:00 pm– Salmon I marinated in miso/tamari/ginger & a little maple syrup. I pan seared it a little coconut oil & Ghee butter with sautéed asparagus & baby bok choy. This meal was delicious.

9:00 pm– Raw coconut almond macaroons I made over the weekend.

{ Thursday }

8:00 am– Chia pudding I prepared the night before ( I mixed Chia seeds, Suja Vanilla Cloud, ground flax in a bowl ). I put this in the fridge & let it thicken overnight, then added raspberries in the morning.

10:00 am– Suja Fiji

11:30 am– Suja Lemon Love

1:15 pm– Albacore Nicoise salad from Herringbone in La Jolla. I had a lunch meeting so I got this salad with seared albacore, dark leafy greens, olive oil, vinegar dressing, & olives.

3:40 pm– Suja Twelve Essentials

7:30 pm– Veggie soup with kale, carrot, celery, tomato, lentils, garlic, onion, Maitake, oyster, & Shitake mushrooms. I made this in less than twenty minutes because I had prepared lentils over the weekend.

{ Friday }

5:20 am ( pre-workout ) – Suja Fuel

8:00 am- Suja Vanilla Cloud poured over homemade raw granola ( 3/4 cup ).

11:50 am– Leftover veggie soup + one whole avocado with Maldon salt.

2:50 pm– Suja Purify

5:00 pm– Suja Lemon Love

9:15 pm– I ordered a big salad with added avocado, Tamari, & olive oil on the side for dressing. I also got four pieces of salmon sashimi & two pieces of sea bass sashimi which I put on the salad. I also had a glass of wine.

As you can see, every day is a little different and I don’t really have set meal times. I also drink A LOT of juice! This helps me stay hydrated and energized & I prefer it over snacks during the day. Hope you enjoyed that snapshot of my meals!



+ Check out Suja’s three juice cleanse here.

++ Follow Annie on Instagram ( @BabyGenius23 ) here.

Lauryn Evarts talks with Suja co-founder, Annie Lawless about diet tips and tricks for weight loss.

  1. Wow, this is truly inspiring food diary! Got me thinking about changes in my own diet immediately. Just wish all these juices weren’t so expensive in NYC so that I could actually have 2 or 3 juices a day… $9 for a cup of green juice in our local juice bar puts bit of a hole in my wallet… But I do make my own smoothies at home every day. That already saves me a big penny!

  2. This is great, so inspiring! Annie-where do you get your recipes for your raw granola and macaroons?

    1. Yes…recipes please! I would love to make some of these delicious things in my own home!

  3. Hey!
    Nice blog you have, follow each other on bloglovin? 🙂
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    Have a nice day!


  4. Is there anyway for more a more specific recipe to follow for the avocado/kale salad she listed? It sounds so delicious but I’ve never worked with miso or some of the stuff she listed so I’m nervous I wouldn’t put enough or maybe too much. Any advice? Thanks!! Great post definitely one of my favorites!

  5. Hi Lauryn,

    I am a diehard TSC fan, and always love your Skinnistas! Always so inspirational, but this food diary is sooo unrealistic! I doubt Annie ever ingests more than 1200 calories in a given day, especially when she’s drinking her own $9 juices multiple times a day. While Annie is eating clean and “good” food, the amount of caloric intake is just unrealistic and not very healthy.

    Keep up the good work! Just wanted to share my opinion 😉

    1. I’m going to have to agree. This food diary is incredibly unrealistic for any active person on a reasonable budget.

    2. Hi Michaela!

      Thanks for the comment. This is actually a sample of a week of my eats I documented a month or so ago. I don’t count calories (too complicated) and I’ve eaten this way for quite a long time. It works for me. I eat when I’m hungry and stop when I’m full. Whether that’s 1200 calories or 1800, I don’t know and don’t care. The bottom line is I feel good. I eat out, I eat in, I skip breakfast, I eat big breakfasts….just depends on the day and how I’m FEELING. I encourage everyone to follow the one simple rule of tuning into your body and what it wants. That’s it! My body is not your body or anybody else’s. It’s mine and what it wants might look different from what yours wants. I shared this diary to show everyone how I incorporate juicing into my daily life because the #1 question I am asked is “can I drink juices even when I’m not cleansing?” Because I drink so many juices throughout my day, I wanted to show that yes, you definitely can!

      I hope that helps you understand why/how I eat the way I do and why the way you eat does not have to or need to be the same by any means.

  6. Hi Lauryn:

    Avid fan of TSC. What’s the deal with ghee butter? I usually use earth balance, but I keep hearing ghee butter come up and it’s lactose-free qualities. Your thoughts? Xx

  7. A month ago I might have considered this diary unrealistic but after juicing for the last couple of months it has really changed my habits. Annie hit it on the head when she said she tunes into her body. I used to wake up and eat breakfast right away because I was “supposed to”….after juicing throughout the day I have realized my body is telling me when to eat instead of my BRAIN because of the habits I was used to. Lately my body craves what it NEEDS instead of what it wants. Very inspiring food diary!

    1. Olivia, you’ve got it! You’re exactly right. So important to follow hunger cues vs. set meal times. Nothing is wrong with skipping a meal or throwing in an extra one if that’s what you need that day. Thanks!

  8. LOVE this post! I’ve been obsessed with Suja juices since the beginning and have loved incorporating them into my daily routine, and I’ve encouraged everyone I know to do the same! I disagree about Annie’s way of eating being unrealistic-she’s a great example of focusing on clean, whole foods that provide your bod with all the right nutrients to fuel an active lifestyle. Every body requires a different caloric intake and she gives awesome advice saying listen your body, babes! Juices are an amazing way to keep on trucking in between nutritious meals…whether they be Suja (ideally) or green juice powder for babesicles on a budget. My meal might be twice the size of Annie’s on a given day, but I for sure want to follow in her footsteps of knowing what her bod needs and eating real foods straight from nature 🙂

  9. LOVE Suja juices- so delish, so good for you, and so refreshing! I only wish that I could afford to buy them all the time and drink them on the daily like Annie. Regardless, I usually treat myself to one or two during the week and then I don’t feel so bad!

    Thanks for the informative post- now we need the recipes!

    Dana Ivy – check out my blog!!

  10. Can You buy Suja juices in the uk? Also I agree more detailed recipes would be great! I try to eat clean, I am no where near as disciplined as Annie but I enjoyed reading her food diary, taken away some good ideas to try. Thanks! Xo

  11. Annie, I appreciate you sharing your meal ideas! It is so inspiring to see what fit, thin and energized people eat. My husband and I both love the Suja juices and it’s a great addition to the juicing I try to do at home! Eating for energy….and health…I love it!!!! Share more if you get the chance.

  12. Hi Annie,
    what form of tahini and miso do you use for your salad? a paste? sounds delish! thanks so much

  13. this is GREAT — I would love to see more food diaries, from annie, from lauryn and from any of the fab ladies she features on the blog! food diaries give me such great ideas and inspiration.


    1. Oops….hit send to fast! Anyway, I love how she documents these whole foods she is eating. Eating for energy is what it is all about. What juices, Lauryn, out of the at-home Juice Cleanse sheet you sent would closely mimic the juices that Annie has listed in her daily schedule? thanks babe!

  14. This is so inspiring! I have a whole blog post on why fresh juice is better than cartons!

  15. I’ve been working for Suja demonstrating the product to consumers and I’m proud to say that I have been inspired to fight against cravings and peer pressure which at times affects the desire to obtain a “long beautiful life”. Suja is helping me remain focused regarding the consciousness of food selection. Overall, I am grateful for the product and delighted to be apart of a growing team.

  16. Hi Annie, your book launch party sounds so friggin awesome, i wish I could make it! I live in SF 🙁 I just commented on your instagram account. I requested an email from you so that we could connect and I wanted some information and guidance on how you went about opening a juice bar. I am really really interested in setting up a small time organic juice bar in my area and spread the message of health and nutrition. I know you are so so busy and I would really really appreciate if you could take out the time to connect with me – you could email me on You are such an inspiration and I hope you can take some time out. Lots of love and power to you. 🙂 Namaste, raashi.

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