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Styling A Bedside Table <3

The Skinny Confidential talks home decor.

The Skinny Confidential talks home decor.

The next installment of how to style is up on the Design Network!!

Super nervous for this one because I’m pretty private about my bedroom…sometimes you gotta show bits & pieces I guess though. EEK! Social media, man.

So bedside table!

We have two white marble ( shocker! ) tables on each bed side. Michael’s is a triangle & mine’s a square. Today I’m sharing my must-haves on my side.

Firstly, if you are rolling your eyes at this post saying “OMG what a weirdo, who styles their bedside table?!”

…awkward silence…

I do. And I always have. Since I was little.

There are actually a lot of different themes for a bedside table.

I mean you could be a real reader & go for primary books, or maybe you love video games & they’re an important way for you to unwind. Or maybe you have kids & like to have pictures next to you.

Basically I think of the bedside table as a sanctuary. It should be a space that makes you happy. Peaceful, serene, & special.

For me, I’m surrounded by my special things: an oil diffuser, tall candles, favorite books, & a tiny picture I love. I also have a cutie eye mask to promote sleep, lavender spray, & a coaster since I’m big on eating/drinking in bed ( who cares about crumbs!! ).

The Skinny Confidential talks home decor.

The Skinny Confidential talks home decor.

Another necessity on my bedside table is my little ring dish. I freaking HATE SLEEPING WITH JEWELRY ON. Anyone with me? It’s soooo annoying. So the little dish keeps me organized when I’m like half falling asleep, trying to put my retainer in, you know? I just throw my dainty necklaces & engagement ring in the dish, & I’m good to go!

Watch the full video on how to style a bedside table here.

What’s your bedside look like? Tell, tell.

– lauryn

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The Skinny Confidential talks home decor.

  1. My bedside table is more um “functional” than pretty. I have a humidifier, retainer, earplugs, multivitamins, and a jar of coconut oil with a spoon for oil pulling in the morning. Oh well, I’m the only one who sees it anyhow!

  2. Abso-frickin-lutely with ya on the sleeping in jewellery thang!
    It’s nearly as bad as underwear – ugh.

    <3'in the marble too xx

  3. A candle, my dried bouquet from my wedding, and a photo of me and my hubby on Orcas Island. I personally love just having photos of us in my bedroom, because I feel like that should be the focus. Also a super cute coaster from anthro for my glass of water (or wine) 🙂

  4. Very pretty, I wish my cats didn’t sleep on my bed side table so I could decorate it…lol


  5. I style my bedside table too!!! Mine isn’t as cute as yours but I’ve got a jewelry dish, a candle, a cute picture frame&pic, and whatever book I’m reading currently! Love!

  6. Love this!! A bedroom is your space to make your own. Especially when you’re still living at home with your parents. It’s even more important because that’s the one space you get to decorate all on your own. I love having fresh flowers on my desk. I have a little secret for fresh flowers at just $3.99 a bunch. Skipping one latte at a coffee shop a week makes my room light up. So worth it!

  7. I like the idea of the jewellery dish, it doesn’t bother me sleeping with a ring on but I take it off for DIY and sport. My bedside table is quite similar, a few books, a photo of my nephews and niece and I also have a lamp that wakes me up gradually by imitating sunlight!

  8. I only have water and a clock on my night table but yours looks nice. One idea if you have a ton of stuff you want to put on it, is to use a different size table (not intended for a night table) to sit next to your bed. almost like a desk!
    Someday you should do an April Fool post on “The Neely O’Hara Diet”!

  9. Mine is pretty sparse right now. I keep a current book, Neutrogena make up remover wipe for nights when I’m too tired to wash my face. I should really keep a night oil/cream next to the bed also. Next step!


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  10. You’re a girl after my own heart! I could NOT live without my lavender oil and eye mask. In fact, I was just using it even though our room where we are in Italy was pitch black…I am addicted!! The next thing I need to figure out is a great end table set up for the living room – one that inspires you to spend more time there and relax!!

    xx Jill

  11. I spy Valley of the Dolls! Such a classic, I also have that one on display in my room! My bedside table has a picture of me and my man, a picture of my family, a coaster, and some flowers.

  12. Mine has the same things on it as I have had for years! An alarm clock, one book, a ring stand in the shape of a hand, lip chap, and a lamp. super sexy – i think not. but very practical!

  13. Just came across your site and I LOVE IT!!!!!!! I agree… your bedside table should be private, personal and beautiful! This the 1st post I’ve read… got tons to go! I’m sure i will love even more…. You now have Fan from South Africa 🙂

  14. Thanks for this bedside table post. Picked up something really good for our own house/rooms. That jewelry dish is pretty awesome too 🙂

  15. I have never thought about styling a bed side table. After reading this article I thought to do my own. I have tried it and seriously telling I am very much interested about the styling. Its really great experience. Thanks for sharing the info.

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  16. Bed side table always enhance beauty of your decorated bedrooms if use them properly. Just think about it if you have stylish bedding but your side tables carries many irrelevant goods on it then it will surly demolish its beauty. So I totally agree with you side table decoration play important role in bedroom styling.

  17. Hi Lauren! I absolutely love your style, and your blog – it is such an inspiration! May I ask where you got your marble nightstands from? They are gorgeous!


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