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  1. oh. my. god. Ideally, I would have the perfect outfit planned, but to be realistic I would probably wear these all day every day with everything and anything….Maybe I shouldn’t own these…. AH I WANT THEM.

  2. Omg I love these leggings too! Your give-aways are to die for! Id wear these with my black combats and an oversized sweater.

  3. Oh my goshhhhh those are incredible!!! Right now I’d wear them with an oversized sweater, black boots, a beanie and a scarf 🙂

  4. Those are awesome! I actually have been looking for a pair of cute leggings and those would be perfect!
    I have a milliooooon boots I would wear those with– tall, short, black, brown, moccasins, leather, suede!

  5. These unique leggings are so hot! I would wear them until they are threadbare after wearing them dressed up or down. I love adding pieces to my wardrobe that are fun and different than norm and this def fits the bill.

  6. I would totally rock these with leather tank, blazer and suede ankle booties to the office when I know I’ll have meeting with all my girl clients. I work with all guys- they’ll probably call me Pocahontas all day but I love expressing myself!

  7. I would wear these with an off the shoulder sweatshirt, half boots and a big statement necklace! Sexy and casual.

  8. Oh my these leggings are to die!! I hope I win them!! I’d wear them with my new Frye boots I got for Christmas and a presh Anthropologie top. I love your blog, and I’m loving the new greatness on StyleLately. Thanks for all your wisdom and advice xoxo

  9. I’d wear these leggings with an oversized off-the-shoulder shirt, necklaces, black wedge ankle boots and possibly a floppy hat.

  10. Those leggings are amazing, I love them!!! I would rock them with an oversized tee and my Minnetonka boots 🙂

  11. I’m absolutely in love with these leggings! They look so comfy !

    I would totally wear this with a loose v-neck t-shirt and cute booties. Perfect for work 🙂

  12. Omg I’m obsessed! I would wear them with combat boots, a scarf and an oversized sweater:) they would also work in summer with just an loose tee, loveee

  13. Would wear my new Kitten leggings with a simple T & my Steve Madden half calf boots and my ever favorite accessories( my stacked bangles collection)

  14. I would wear these amazeballs leggings with my black ankle boots, casual black stretch mini skirt, and a plain oversized sweater (indiana weather is brrrrrr right now!). And of course my arm candy and bangles 🙂 these leggings would be so perfect.

  15. I don’t own a Twitter 🙁 but anyways, I’d rock the leggings with a huge, warm, woolen sweater, hair in a messy bun and banging heels 🙂

  16. I DIE!!! those leggings are ahhhhhmaze. I would wear them with a plain baggy t or sweater, chunky jewels and booties….perfect for night out, shopping, or casual Fridays at work….I need to rock those sexy little numbers!

  17. I am OBSESSED with these leggings.. and have been searching for something like them when I saw them on lovechugs!! Obviously they need to be worn with a great pair of boots and an oversized knit sweater/boyfriend tee… I NEED! I WANT! I MUST HAVE!

  18. I would wear those leggings with big wool socks and combat boots and an oversized sweater!!

    Also, I tried to like Style Lately on facebook, but I couldn’t find the page!!

  19. I have had my eyes on these leggings & have been trying to buy them!! I would wear them everywhere, with everything. I live in FL so I’d be rocking them with an Oversized tank and lace bra under or a V neck tshrt..

  20. I am obsessed with these to say the least. These leggings would be fabulous with some Jeffrey Cambell’s & an over sized tee 🙂

  21. Well basically I would wear these everyday . No doubt about it. I’m obsessed 1.with leggings and 2. With these. I need them.


  22. I have been dying over these leggings since I saw them on meg_legs insta. I have to have them!!! I would wear them with a black tank Or oversized tee, and my black booties.

  23. I’m gonna wear them leggings anyway I can as much as I can! I’d live in them! Fav of all leggings!!

  24. these are awesome!!! I’d wear them with my black heeled booties and one of my husbands gray (but lined in black) old t-shirts that I refashioned to fit me! And my black fringe necklace of course : )

  25. I will wear my Navajo leggings every day!! With short moccasin boots and a slouchy sweater.
    Been waiting months to own a pair of these!

  26. I would wear the leggings with an oversized knit sweater and the indian type boots or combat boots and a scarf. I love leggings.

  27. I would love a pair of leggings to wear with my big sweaters and combat boots! These leggins are thee cutest things ever! Help me be stylish!!

  28. These leggings would go perfectly with my sand colored wedge Toms, a chambray shirt, lots of chunky stud jewelry and a beanie! These leggings are a MUST for my wardrobe and I would absolutely love to win them!! <3<3

  29. I would rock these leggings with my oh so beautiful patent leather peeped toe cut.out wedges, and a badass blazer. I like to dress up, no matter where Im going, and these leggings would be a beautiful addition to my clothes addiction.

  30. I would love a pair of leggings to wear with my big sweaters and combat boots! These leggings are thee cutest things ever! Help me be stylish!!

  31. OMG ! I absolutely LOVE these leggings. I have the perfect outfit in my mind right now. I would wear them with some black combat boots, a long sleeve v- neck shirt, a black & red scarf and some jewelry accessories like spiked earrings and a spiked bracelet (:

  32. Hmmm… I would wear these FABULOUS tribal print leggings with an over-sized band t-shirt,( the Ramones perhaps? Or maybe the Beatles? ) and my wonderfully scruffy and comfortable combat boots. I’d let my flaming red hair do what it wants ( It’s going through it’s rebelious teenager phase ) but I think I shall braid some daisies and pretty flowers into it. That should do it I think (:

  33. These leggings are too cute, I’d love wearing them all around my college campus so I could blab to people about where I got them. Probably while wearing an oversized tee and my moccasins or dr. martens.

  34. I’d rock these with my High top vans, a long shirt with either a scarf or a few necklaces! They’re freaking cute I want them!

  35. I would wear these leggings with my tan Minnetonka ankle length mocs, a long black cardigan and lots of jewelry. Oh! With a fedora, some big sun glasses with my Mac “dark side” lip stick

  36. I would wear these cute leggings layered on top of my thermal long johns, throw a baggy knitted sweater over them along with the warmest scarf I can find & head up into the mountains to enjoy the fresh air and snuggle up by the campfire and roast some marshmallows. (:

  37. I have no clue what I would wear these with, but I would figure something out!! Would be super cute under ripped jeans or cut offs, or just with a slouchy tee…

  38. I would wear these awesome Navajo print leggings with a loose black v-neck shirt, socks slightly taller than my boots, a knitted beanie, big black glasses, and a side braid. This is the perfect outfit for a night out on the town with my friends.

  39. Oh I love these leggings. I’ve been on the hunt for some cute tribal leggings to wear with my Steve Madden combat boots and one of my plain, baggy tops. Add some bed head to taste.
    Ps. I couldn’t find StyleLately on Facebook

  40. I’m so excited for this haha I’ve emailed to be added to the waiting this. 🙂 I’ve been waiting for these for sooooo long. Hopefully I can rock them as good as weslie does with her combat boots and sweater….

  41. These are so adorable!! I want them so badly for when I study abroad in Barcelona next semester. They’ll look perfect with black boots, a black slouchy tee and arm candy to bring out all the accent colors. Love your blog

  42. oversize v-neck. chunky sweater socks. grey hoodie. black leather vest. black combat boots. all the neutral colors will let the leggings do all the talking(:

  43. I would rock those leggings with a long sleeve off the shoulder black tshirt! Actually they look so cute I’d probably wear them for a whole week straight with different outfits! I worked Christmas eve and Christmas and I’d love to win these leggings as a belated Christmas gift 🙂
    Thanks! 🙂

  44. I love Style Lately and I ordered tons of jewelry for Christmas so I’d pair these awesome pants with my emblem and arrow bracelet!! These pants would go great with a leather jacket and black ankle boots!

  45. I am in love with these! I’d wear them with my denim button-up shirt, boots, and a necklace. 🙂

  46. These are to dieeeee ! I would wear mine with a vintage/distressed tee, spiked combat boots, a faux fur vest and tonsssss of jewelry. <333 these need to be on my bod !!

  47. I would wear these with a huge sweater and booties. Love how both legs are different patterns

  48. I LOVE these!! So cute I would wear them with my adorbs fringe moccasins and a chunky sweater or tee.

  49. Seeing as how I live in Maine and we are covered in snow- I would wear them with a long knit off the shoulder sweater and L.L. Bean fur lined slippers. A long necklace and cuff bracelet. Best accessory of all, hair long and loosely curled!

  50. I love patterned leggings! If I won a pair of these, I would wear them with an oversized sweater, my doc martens, and a beanie. OR I would wear them with an oversized tee, denim button-up, and scarf.

  51. These are so cute and different! Right now I’d wear these with black combat boots,an oversized black sweater, and lots of jewelry.

  52. These are too cute, Lauryn! I’ve recently been experimenting with different patterns and I love this beautiful tribal print. I could see myself wearing them with:

    1) a grey vans sweater with black leather boots and fitted leather jacket
    2) a cut off grey tank with white sneakers
    3) a cream cord sweater with brown leather boots

    Just some ideas! My roommate LOVES tribal pattern (I told her to enter the giveaway too) and has lots of tribal skirts, shirts, and headbands so I’m sure we would share these, wear cute matching tribal outfits, and come up with lots more ideas. Whoever wins these is going to have so much fun!

  53. Shoes: Moccasins, studded combat boots, fringed and unfringed booties, Uggs, rain boots — even flip flops would look good!
    Tops: tight tanks, crop tops, bandeaus, oversized sweaters & long sleeve tops, my Jack Daniels tee and my awesome tanks and tee shirts from my talented friends at and
    oh, and my body. They would look great on my body. I have been working it out and it looks better than ever.

  54. hmm the options are endless!!! combat boots are a must for sure and lots of funky tribal jewelry a plain white tee and my leather jacket <3

  55. Uhh hard to saw when i wouldn’t want to wear these fabulous leggings!!! I’d probably wear them with a white or gray baggy tank or a white sheer shirt! These leggings are HOT.

  56. I would definitely rock the tribal print leggings with similar boots to the one in the picture and an oversized sweater.. sounds comfy 🙂

  57. Love love love these! I would wear them with my combat boots or moccasins with a loose oversized shirt or a cropped tee. So cute!

  58. There leggings are to die for!!!!
    I would rock them with oversized sweaters,boots and tons of jewls!

  59. well, being pregnant i kind of live in leggings these days. I would so wear these EVERY DAY! with a loose graphic-t, over sized cardi, and boots!

  60. gorgeous leggings! i’d probably wear them with a black or white silk top, a chunky knit sweater and leather flats.

    thanks xx

  61. I would rock them with a Tank and some Uggs with a Spirit Hood….Love Them…Too Cute…

  62. I would wear these with my new Steve Madden ‘half boots’ and I’d HAVE to wear one of my Spirithoods-probably the grey wolf!!!

  63. I have been on every search engine looking high and low for these leggings. I am absolutely in love with them, and finally went on Instagram to look at the comments people left on the picture I saw and immediately went to meg_legs page and found. Link to this site. Finally! They are to die for, a must have!

  64. These leggings are unique and fun, and first impressions are very important 😉 I can see myself coordinating different outfits and expressing myself with the SEXIEST TRIBAL LEGGINGS EVER! As a professional sprint orientated track cyclist, I’m always in the gym and looking for clothing that fits my figure and stands out. I would love to own a pair of these sexy tribal leggings. They are currently not in stock anymore, but I’d be thrilled to receive and wear these, whether it’s in the gym, around the house or out to dinner 🙂 I’d make the best out of these sexy thangs and promote them on my website and to other athletes!

    Thank you 🙂

  65. I’d wear them to all the music festivals coming up!! They’d keep me warm at night while looking cute and funky!

  66. Omg!! These Leggings Are To Die For I Love Them And I’m Trying To do Modeling And I Love Fashion I Would Rock These Leggings All The Way I Need And Have To Have Them Their Amazing I Love Em From Head To Toe <3

  67. I have been on every search engine looking high and low for these leggings. I am absolutely in love with them, and finally went on Instagram to look at the comments people left on the picture I saw and immediately went to meg_legs page and found. Link to this site. Finally! They are to die for, a must have!

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