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Fashion Time: Sex Kitten Style Picks!

If you don’t follow Megan from Style’d Avenue, you’re seriously missing out ( I mean, how adorbs was she here

Fashion Blogger, With Love From Kat

How cute is Kat? Right?! Her fashion blog has become one of my favorites- it’s fresh, avant-garde, & oh-so-pretty! Not

Dying Over Samantha Wills Jewels <3

Oh hi. Notice anything super F-ing cute? …. SERIOUSLY THOUGH, HOW TO DIE IS THIS SAMANTHA WILLS’ NECKLACE?! I mean,

Getting to Know the Naven Twins <3

Ummm…to say I’m excited to feature the NAVEN twins ( Alexis & Kymberley McClay ) is like, uh, kinda the

Mini DeLites

I have a confession to make. I have a secret board on Pinterest. ( Yes, oh yes, guys. There’s such

Blogger + Model Natascha Elisa on Health, Diet, & Exercise

This babe. How hot, right?! Not only is she gorg, she’s a real go-getter.¬†Natascha Elisa is a full-time blogger, model,

WTF’s In My Beach Bag?

First things first. How AMAZING ( like over the moon-crying-dying-amazing ) is this vegan friendly tote by Leni Penn? If

Handbag Designer Taylor Covington on Fashion, Diet, & Health

Check out Taylor Covington’s handbag line & prepare to drool. Like, all over the the place, wishing/hoping/wanting-kinda drool. They’re that

Summer Stylin’

Some of these are on my wish list & some I’ve recently purchased ( heyyy,¬†Everly Booties— !! ). This summer

On Le Bloggy: The Stone Cold Fox Babes

Ok so, if you don’t know the brand Stone Cold Fox, come out from the rock you’re hiding underneath &

Megan Anderson: Blogger & Owner of Style Lately Talks Fashion & Diet

Are you dead? Because I am. I mean, right?! Megan is cutest ever!!! I die over her. We’re like Internet

Summer Fashion Finds <3

Hey, hey. Just wanted to share some of my recent finds: 1.} Clare Vivier Foldover Clutch in Leopard 2.} Mosaic

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