The Style Kittens: Skinny Witches’ Brew


Check out our latest YouTube viddy on how to make skinny witches’ brew- it’s a super spooky cocktail & I knowwwwwww I really need to STFU & let Jackie talk #controlfreak.

It’s ok though, she looks like a cute Vanna White.

Happy Halloween-eve, sex kittens!

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  1. AvatarCarla

    priceless, it was a lot of fun to watch this vid! Though I’ll be popping champs only today (a year ago my now-husband asked me to marry him).

  2. AvatarVictoria

    Yum! This recipe sounds awesome! But I’d make sure people know not to eat the dry ice at the bottom of their glass and make sure to use food grade dry ice, otherwise you can’t pour the beverage directly on it. Just wanted to give you a heads up, don’t want anyone to be sickies on halloween! :]