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How to Style A Blogger’s Desk

Lauryn Evarts talks diet, fitness, fashion, & health.

Lauryn Evarts talks diet, fitness, fashion, & health.

Lauryn Evarts talks diet, fitness, fashion, & health.

Lauryn Evarts talks diet, fitness, fashion, & health.Ahem.

Ready for a big-ass post?

Cuz it’s about to go down.

To begin: my desk is like, sort of, my life, so forgive me if this post took six billion hours & is ten pages long. I live & die at my desk.

When I first moved into The Kitty Den ( AKA my new place ) TSC desk’s future aesthetic was weighing heavily on my mind.

And let’s be real: I was literally sweating & perspiring about how to style my desk.

I mean…I’m a blogger, so my at-home office has to reflect my personal style + a blogger’s life + that I’m-so-profesh-because-I’m-not-in-college-anymore-look.


So I started from the bottom, now I’m here.

Lauryn Evarts talks diet, fitness, fashion, & health.

Lauryn Evarts talks diet, fitness, fashion, & health.

TSC’s advice for stylin’ a desk:

1.} Keep it clean. No one wants shit everywhere. Your workspace should be clean, not too cluttered, & simple. Also, keep things like staplers, tape dispensers, & gold paper clips in a convenient place.

2.} Make sure it’s pretty. No one wants to work at an ugly desk. Gross grey offices just don’t do it for me. I want pretties around me. Pretties= yummy candles ( << ambience, people! ), a few pieces of decor ( like the cutie turquoise unicorn ), & gold scissors ( because Vons staplers are sick ).

3.} Make it your own. No one wants someone snooping through their files. Michael’s not allowed to touch my desk. Sorry, I’m not sorry. It’s my playground. GTFO.

Lauryn Evarts talks diet, fitness, fashion, & health.

Oh, & P.S. all blogger desk essentials can be found here:

1.} White candle // Jo Malone candle // Voluspa ‘Laguna’ candle

2.} Elephant figurine // Unicorn figurine

3.} Gold dipped bowl

4.} Acrylic chair

5.} White desk 1 // White desk 2

6.} Seahorse stationary

7.} Acrylic business card holder

8.} Acrylic stapler // acrylic tape dispenser // gold paper clips ( also: my fav gold stapler can be found here )

9.} Gold scissors

10.} Blogger book

11.} Frame 1 // Frame 2 // Frame 3

12.} Turquoise day planner

13.} Brigitte Bardot picture // two monkeys // crystals: flea market

14.} Canon camera

15.} Acrylic envelope holder

16.} White feather pen

17.} Turquoise coasters

18.} White pencil holder ( similar )

19.} Rose gold headphones

20.} White tray

How do you style your desk? Tipsies?

X L // the desk psycho
Lauryn Evarts talks diet, fitness, fashion, & health.

Lauryn Evarts talks diet, fitness, fashion, & health.Lauryn Evarts talks diet, fitness, fashion, & health.

  1. Wow, you have the prettiest desk ever. My work space consists of a few notepads and my dining room table. So not glam 🙁 I DO have a pair of Swarovski encrusted scissors though. I like to lie them on the table to make myself feel a little bit sassier.

  2. Very cute working space! I just moved into my new house a few months ago and am still working on perfecting my office space, thanks for the inspo! 🙂

  3. gorgeous + simple! i love it. we’re going to be remodeling soon and i can’t wait to get space for my own desk and accessories! currently my desk is the couch, boo.

    jenn @ hello, rigby!

  4. I really need to clean my desk.
    But something that makes it cute is whenever someone gives me a mug or a cup that’s too cute to dirty I stick all my pens, highlighters, scissors, etc. in there. Super cute.
    I’m also an English major so my desk is covered in stacks of books…. :/

  5. Do you know/remember where you got the journals from in the picture below the picture of the scissors/ where you say pick your colors and stick with them? They are the the gold and white stripped journal and the turquoise with gold polka dots? I love them!


  6. Love LOVE + more LOVE! Wow, I have yet to have a desk yet due to the fact I freakin move EVERY YEAR but I promised myself once we buy a house and actually live somewhere more than a year I will have my very own office and have my favorite art all around me! Great ideas lots of love C

  7. I love this! I have two desks in my room (and a couch! it’s huge!) and had originally planned on using one as a makeup station and one as my work station which I had hung a calendar above and also some little paintings I have done, but ended up using my makeup station more often as my work station as well because of the pretty! This inspired me to try and recreate my work desk area 🙂 Thanks!

  8. I have two desks in my room (and a couch! it’s huge!) and had designated one to be my work station and the other to be my makeup station, but ended up using the makeup station as my work station because of the pretty! So, this has inspired me to recreate my work station! 🙂 Thanks!

  9. Love the rose gold earphones! I style my desk clean and classy and industrial… my version of the Apple Store. Pottery Barn’s sawhorse desk, my favourite books, Mac, and that’s it! There’s an image on a recent blog post. You’ll love it… xo

  10. It looks so organized and put together and simple yet so visually interesting at the same time! So pretty! I wish I could make my workspace my own! I work around a bunch of stinky men and I tried a wax warmer in my office and one of the crotchety old farts whose office is THREE doors down from mine went straight to my boss and complained (didn’t even come to me about it first) and since he’s buddy buddy with my boss, I had to get rid of it. So much pressure to be taken seriously around here as a female in a male dominated field! I’m not sure how to appropriately personalize my office and maintain respect at the same time 🙁

    1. You literally just made me laugh out loud. “Old farts.” Haha! I would add girly things slowly so they don’t notice!

  11. Amazing!
    My “desk” currently consists of a book, on top of a pillow, where I prop my laptop. Shame.

    {Teffy’s Perks} X

  12. You have no idea how perfect the timing was for this post!! I’ve had my “home office” since July, and it has so much potential (the wall behind my desk has cutouts, which I love!!), but I can’t seem to make it right… but now I got some great inspiration from your desk! Thanks!! x

  13. Love your desk so much!! I’m trying to get mine all creatively decorated and I’m doing well so far, but I NEED to know…where did you get your mousepad?? I have been having a hard time finding one thats not black and boring…

    PS My mom is redecorating her house and I told her your rule to pick a color palette and stick to it and man oh man it has helped us avoid so many arguments!! And the house looks great 🙂

  14. Gorgeous! My boyfriend and I are in the process of planning out / building our own home office. I will def be using some of your pics for inspiration. Thank you for sharing. Love the colors too 🙂

  15. Thanks for the tips. I really need to organise my desk, its such a mess. This is just the inspiration I need to get it done 🙂

  16. Oh em gee. I work from home and my office is open to our foyer so my desk situation needs to be good or else the whole house looks like crap. So thank you for this- I have been wanting to paint my parsons desk white and now I have no excuse. Your office is so fresh and so clean clean. Loves it.

  17. OMG I love your desk!! I’m a new entrepreneur and my desk is just filled with orange sticky notes filled with ideas! I need you to give it a makeover haha 😀 xo

  18. Just pinterest [annie sloane chalk paint!] transformed my grandmothers dining table and paired it with a padded wing-back chair to be my home office space. Struggling to pair the old inspired look with newer items! Yours is gorg and i need some of those gold paper clips! Thanks for the inspo <3

    PS: your book is on its way to complete my [turqoise!] coffee table!

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