How To Style A Bar Cart Video Tutorial

The Skinny Confidential talks home decor.

Well heyyyy.

The second installment of my series with The Design Network is live! & let’s just say it’s one of my favorite topics…maybe ever? AKA how to style a bar cart!!!

Oh-m-geeee, this one was fun.

Ok, so I know I’ve done a boozy bar cart tutorial in pictures, but of course, I had to showcase a video too. So ta-da. I hope you like!

The first episode ( “How To Style A Sexy, Little Coffee Table” ) featured the living room & this one is more of an office bar cart. You know, you know when it’s a Friday in the office & you’ve busted ass all week and well, you kinda just want a cocktail? It’s THAT kind of bar cart.

Accessible. Pretty. Chic.


Check out the full video HERE.


+ Cute glasses are a must. My vintage Flamingo tumblers make my life every time I look at them. Find some cute ones on Etsy or eBay that make your bar cart unique.

+ Get creative with the bitters. Bitters is so fab on a bar cart. My personal favorite is grapefruit bitters. Keep your bitters personalized. If you like orange, lemon, plain, whatever— keep it your style.

+ Alcohol!!! What’s a bar cart without booze? You gotta have a little Tito’s gluten-free vodka ( it’s the BEST ), at least two pretty bottles ( Bombay Sapphire & Bacardi Rum, for me thanks ), & a clear decanter ( to hold space, without being overwhelming ).

+ Add color with fake fruit. I know, weird I have lemons on my bar cart. You can find fake limes, lemons, plump apples, juicy grapes, whatever on Amazon or at Home Goods. Pick your poison.

+ Details, der. Coasters, ice buckets, olive picks, cocktail napkins. You name it. Details make all the difference.

♡ Home products: 

Bar cart here | other options:

Ice bucket here | other options:

Fake lemons here | other options:

Detail options:

♡ Wearing In Video:

For the full five minute bar cart tutorial, click here! Let me know your thoughts below too : ). Do you guys have a bar cart?

Stay tuned for next week’s episode & of course, happy hump day!

x, Lauryn

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The Skinny Confidential talks home decor.


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7 replies to “How To Style A Bar Cart Video Tutorial”

  1. I want to order this plan but when I go to order it says the site is not secure. Makes me a little worried about giving my cc info.

    Can’t wait to try it though once its secured!!!! Love the blog xo xo

  2. As a Texan, I am totally digging the Tito’s. My faaaaavvveeee was Savvy Vodka from Austin Texas. It literally tastes like water, it’s that smooth (and dangerous!), but I could never find it since I moved to California! This cart is adorable, and I wish I could have a bar cart at the office – it is totally a Friday necessity. The fake fruit idea is great, and the perfect way to take space, and I totally agree about the sapphire bottle, I find the colour so pretty! x

  3. OMG! I use Bombay sapphire too! I keep it chilled in my freezer 24/7, it is a super pretty colored bottled though! Also have you heard of jack Daniel’s Honey Whiskey?? It’s a lighter color that would probably go well on your bar cart and it’s actually pretty tasty! The guys around here drink a lot of it and I have actually grown to love it. It’s pretty sweet but it’s packs a good kick like any whiskey!

  4. Very cute, I love the flamingos. As a mixology need though I’d say to make it truly accessible you better get some real fruit. A citrus garnish can MAKE a drink:)