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Hello, hello! Happy Thursday.

So here you are. You’ve decided you’re ready to pull the trigger. You have a million ideas spinning in your head. Whether they’re inspired by Instagram, mom, travel, or your own secrets- your idea is going to be BIG time. In fact you can feel it. Maybe it’s a beauty blog. Or maybe it’s a photography website. Or even an eComm cartoon tee-shirt brand. Whatever it is you’re ready to get started & start the planning stages.

Obviously I’ve been there too. You know, when The Skinny Confidential was just an idea. With no name & no brand.

Let me back up, the idea for this post originated in TSC Girls Only Secret Facebook Group. Actually I feel like the group spins my wheels in general. This specific question was asked so many times I couldn’t not do a post about it.

The topic is simple & to the point. One that I would love to open up a discussion about: HOW DO YOU THINK OF A BLOG OR BRAND NAME?

Such a simple question but so complex at the same time.


Help, what is the process?

What if I don’t like the name in a year?

Do I need to trademark it?

What if the Instagram handle is taken?

If these are questions that are delaying you to launch a business or blog, BACK UP.

I’ve noticed a lot of people put such an emphasis in the name. Which by the way, is very important & requires strategy.

But what I notice even more?

Is people delaying launching a product or website ONLY because they can’t think of a name.

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Here’s my opinion: stop giving so much energy to a name. A name is what you make of it. Let me give you a couple of examples.

Who the hell thought COCA-COLA would be WORLD famous?

McDonald’s? I mean it’s ok but it’s not like the most creative name on the planet…ya well it’s a multi-million dollar business now.

Adidas is just kind of meh. But it CRUSHES THE GAME.

Again, a name or brand is created by the experience or community that surrounds it. You can really do anything with the name.

We all think Disney is such a great name- LIKE WOW WHAT A GREAT NAME. But that’s because you’re thinking about everything that Disney has done right. Disney has created a magical experience for the consumer…therefore the name has magic to it.

See? It’s all about what you do with the name.

Every brand you think of is what someone/or the team makes of the name.

Apple? Bacardi? Costco? Hermès?

You’re thinking that these are good names because the people behind the brand have done such a good job at branding.

( You should know I have a whole post on branding that will go live next week. I just wanted to get your wheels spinning in the meantime ).

If you are sitting around trying to think of a name & it’s delaying you pulling the trigger on your business or blog launch, dig deep. Are you delaying the project because you’re scared to put yourself out there? Or are you just being indecisive?

Pick a damn name. Keep it simple. & THEN make a beautiful brand behind to give the name a strong meaning.

My process for choosing the name for The Skinny Confidential was quite simple: I pulled up my iPhone NOTES App & started writing down names that spoke to me throughout a two week period.

I had a list of 100 words & then started to play with them & put them together.

Finally I chose The Skinny Confidential for a few reasons: it’s cheeky. I wanted the brand TO SCREAM CHEEKY. More importantly I wanted the name to represent a space where women could go & get the lowdown. A place where swapping tips & tricks was encouraged…like instead of hiding my tips & tricks, I wanted to share. Even more than that, I wanted other people to share their tips & tricks.

So yes, it represents “getting the skinny.” And then ‘confidential’ because it’s primarily a women’s community ( sorry boys )- so it’s a secret sort of.

A lot of people asked me why my name isn’t involved. The reason for this was strategic: I have always wanted The Skinny Confidential to be WAY bigger than Lauryn Evarts ( Bosstick? ; ) ). It’s not just about me, it’s so much more. So my name is irrelevant, really.

I haven’t really gone in depth with this but lately I’ve been working with brands that need help with a name/overall brand. I mentor a few girls who are looking for a name or wanting to capture a niche audience. And my process with these brands/bloggers is always the same: let’s pull out a Rite-Aid poster board & write down a million names.

BLOGGING 101 2 | by The Skinny Confidential

Picking a name shouldn’t take you more than 2 weeks. At some point you gotta pull the trigger & launch that shit. I DO NOT BELIEVE A NAME SHOULD GET IN THE WAY OF LAUNCHING FAST & adjusting to consumer feedback.

Do I need to trademark it?

Yes. You should trademark your name or brand. I paid a lawyer $1000 dollars over the course of a year because I was so broke. The second you apply the trademark is ‘pending.’ You can launch & be fine with a pending trademark- don’t let a trademark get in the way of launching. Find a lawyer, get a pending trademark ( this takes a few days ), & once you’re pending you’re good to go.

What if the Instagram handle is taken?

Yawn! There are so many ways around this. Add words to make it work. For instance if you’re an online shop called THE GOOSE. You could add ‘shop.’ As in @shopthegoose. If that’s taken you could call it @thegooseshop. If that’s taken do: @thegooseINC. You get it. Adjust. & do it quickly! Make sure you get your handles before you launch too- Twitter, Instagram, a URL, & FB should be set-up & ready to go with your launch.

Ok so that’s my spiel of the day- figured it would help to answer this question here instead of in the comment section on FB.

BLOGGING 101 5 | by The Skinny Confidential

OHHHHH & can we talk about this outfit? You know I am lovingggg linens right now. Really ever since I got back from France I’ve been rocking linens like I’m still eating pasta & sipping rosé. I paired this Madewell linen ruffled skirt with a striped top because you know I love that contrast. This whole getup is from my favorite, Nordstrom. That’s right even the loafers.

Regardless, you can’t go wrong with Madewell. They have the best skinny black jeans (!!!) and flannels & they’re AFFORDABLE. Since we’re headed into the summer I figured I’d show you how I rock linens. Linens & loafers go together better than anything. I plan on pairing this blue skirt with a men’s wife beater & also a light pink tee. The options are endless really.

OK! So I would love to know: what’s your opinion on a name? Do you think it should stall your launch? As always, weigh in. I read every comment & love to get the discussion going.

If you liked this post, you will like the latest podcast on branding & blogging- it’s a good one because it’s raw & live. Happy listening!

See you tomorrow.

X lauryn

SHOP THE POST: top | linen skirt | sunglasses | clutch ( similar ) | loafers ( << my go-to)

+ this post is in collaboration with Nordstrom. As always all opinions are my own.

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  1. So different but nice style it looks so funky….

  2. Thank you for writing this post! I have been procrastinating my trademark and this post, as always, gave me a kick in the ass to do so! I also have money issues right now, but this gives me a plan I can work with! LOVE YOU and thank you.

  3. Yessss, thank you for this! I have coaching clients who delayed starting their blog because of the name. It’s like “girl, you just gotta do it & take the leap.” Marinate on your name – let it sink in, but don’t let it completely stop you from getting to your goals. I should link to this after my sessions to reiterate my point! :]


  4. I love this advice! I launched my blog with a name and idea that I loved…at the time. But when it came time to tell people about my blog, I felt like I had to explain the name. That got old real quick! I just rebranded my blog and I couldn’t be more happy with it now. Like you guys alway say “Launch hard and fast! Then adjust accordingly.” My only piece of advice to others is to proceed with caution if you choose to test your name on your inner circle. Too many opinions can cloud your judgement. Stick with your gut and then rock that name and brand 🙂

  5. This is so true. When Ben and I created our first business (organic baby food!) we spent SO much time obsessing over the name, which halted progress on any sort of bran development. When we finally settled on Little Foodies, I realized exactly what you said – it’s not so much about the name, but what you do with it.

    This is something we carried into our next endeavors (Nutrition Mission and Mile High Dreamers) – the idea that a name doesn’t mean much without the love behind it. So instead of weeks, we managed to narrow it down to hours spent on name decisions :).

    1. It makes such a difference! It’s all about what you do with the name. Good luck with your projects : ) x

  6. This is GOLD, Lauryn! You inspired me to just get going and launch my blog and not think so much about the name. Thanks, babe! You are always so motivating and inspiring. Love ya!
    xxx Heidi

  7. You are absolutely right, it’s not the name but the experience that you build for the comunity around the brand.

  8. Damn such a good call on trademarking – I would have never thought that but you NEED that, like if someone else took TSC? That would be CRAZY.

    Good one, boo. Made me feel good about Hundred being bigger than my name.

  9. This was a fantastic post, Lauryn! One of my biggest regrets with getting started was how long I chased perfection vs executing. I found I’d use that strive for perfection as a crutch and finally,, like Michael, my boyfriend literally was like LOOK, you’re either doing it or not… but I’ll admit, that was the catalyst for me to finally get it up & running. As someone with their name on the blog, it was something I really teetered with & had a LOT of back and forth with. I ended up keeping it with it being a central hub for any product that may happen (& be named separately), but it was something I struggled with! I def need to get things trademarked! Appreciate your transparency with the costs. x Shannon //

  10. Great tips! I had a hard time thinking of a good name for my blog and I think this would a lot of aspiring bloggers out there. Thanks for sharing, looking forward to more helpful posts.

  11. I have to say how good your writing has been lately!! I love every post and I can truly see how much you have improved (when I first discovered TSC I went back and read everything from the very first post) xx

  12. Love this post! I have so many ideas but the one thing holding me back definitely is choosing a name! I’m glad I’m not the only one but this is definitely motivating me to push forward! As always, thank you Lauren! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! I am just taking down notes on topics I feel I could write about and am trying to gather an overall framework of what online blogging entails before delving into each individual area to set it all up. Yours is the first I stumbled upon and it’s so helpful! <3

    2. thank you for the kind words! so happy it brought you value. thank you for reading <3

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