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Today on the blog Megan & Peggy from the Curry Girls Kitchen are sharing 10 strange health hacks. They’re a mom & daughter team & I’ve known them since I was born! I adore them both & their recipes are spot on.

But let’s back up…Peggy ( Megan’s mom ) was best friends with my mom when they were in high school. So it’s super fun to be able to collab & bring things full circle. You can always count on Peggy & Megan to have tons of delicious recipes & healthy meal ideas.

I can remember running around Peggy’s kitchen when I was little while she made fresh raspberry & strawberry jam. The kitchen was always filled with so much love- she was always cooking. Now it’s really fun because their site has all different kinds of recipes- gluten free, dairy free… you get it. Lots of options. They do lots of events & workshops too, so be sure to check it out.

Anyways, I’m super excited that they’re sharing their top 10 strange health hacks. I mean, the stranger the better. You’ll expect hacks like sucking on lemon wedges & eating brown apples.

Let’s get into it.

1. Start your day with energy clearing, vibrational healing & grounding to bring about balance.

♡ First things first, drink a glass of warm water with fresh lemon juice squeezed in.

♡ Burn sage, Palo Santo, lavender, or resins like frankincense or copal to clear your energy and your space.

♡ Take 15-30 minutes of quiet: Crystal meditation and/or breathe. Chakra balancing meditation.

♡ Call in spirit guides and angels. We love our Angel, Oracle or Animal spirit cards.

♡ 10-minute non-stop Brain Dump. Keep writing, even the strangest of thoughts and emotions for 10 minutes. NO judgments. This clears the path for any feelings where you feel stuck. This really works amazingly well!

♡ Shake it down, jump & move your body as you let go of stagnant energy. Do it in the sand, on the grass barefoot. This is grounding.

2. Unconventional Movement

♡ Get outside into nature. Forest bathing in trees. Hike, bike ride, roller skate, swim, yoga flow, interval weight training. Switch it up, do something different every day.

♡ Dance and be naked. This truly is the way I fell in love with my body and healed my eating disorder. Now I can honestly say, after years of practicing this, I love my naked body more than my body covered in clothes!

♡ Go to an unconventional exercise class! Megs has been loving her Yoga Kirtan Flow on Sundays where they have live music and drumming, chant during poses, stop mid-yoga for a free dance, and end with partner-tantra affirmations before closing class. She also has loved The Class by Tara Toomey and other “disruptive” body movements. You can practice this at home (referred in #2).

♡ Vary your workout. Add a day or two that’s easy & gentle, especially when on your cycle/period. Let your body recover.

3. Eat a larger lunch and a lighter dinner.

♡ This helps us sleep better and our body’s ability to do its job while we sleep improves as well. If we eat a heavy steak and potato dinner say after 8pm, it can take up to 8 hours for some people to properly digest that meat. When you eat potatoes with red meat, our body can’t digest the 2 together, so it takes even longer and makes our organs work harder when they are trying to detoxify while we sleep.

Intermittent Fasting: 12-16 hour window from dinner to breakfast. No eating, only water, keto coffee, Matcha or herbal teas. This is to induce autophagy, our body’s natural mechanism or cleaning up damaged cells.

4. Eat a BROWNED Apple a Day

♡ Red apple varieties are easier to digest. Who knew! Pegs hasn’t eaten apples for years because they make her all bloaty. After learning this trick, she’s back eating her Pink Lady apples daily~ and loves how it keeps her regular!

♡ Once the apple starts to brown it begins to oxidize by breaking down the sugars. This process gives the pancreas a break by not having to produce insulin to absorb the sugars. The browner the better.

5. Creating a Sexual Sanctuary in your Bedroom

♡ Unplug electronics before you go to bed.

♡ NO TV IN THE BEDROOM, one-step further = remove ALL electronics from bedroom, including cell phones! Electronics stimulate your brain and emits EMFs. Electromagnetic Fields actually harm our brain cells. This includes blue lights from alarm clocks, cell phones and computers. Store them in another room.

♡ Start a sweet nighttime snuggle love time. It also has its benefits! Getting into bed before 11 or earlier helps our organs start their detoxification. Each organ has their own detox timing… See the Meridian organ chart attached…If you’re a night owl, try getting into bed early a few nights a week. The only time our brain detoxifies is when we sleep. When we don’t get enough deep sleep, we set ourselves up for adrenal fatigue, lack of libido, and a host of many other
symptoms and mood disorders.

♡ Helping us fall asleep: hot bath with Dead Sea salts and EO, CBD vape pens, tinctures, teas, you name it; lavender essential oil massaged in the palms of your hands and soles of your feet, spray lavender EO mist on your pillows, turn down the lights in your home (dim lighting), turn electronics on airplane mode after 9pm to help your body wind down, couples’ massage (refer to Tip #10).

6. Make time to PLAY! Yes! Let your Inner child OUT!

♡ Take time off to do what you love outside of work.

♡ Travel/Take adventures near where you live or to far away places… (check out Megs’
Australia Vlog & come to Italy with the Curry Girls!)

♡ Try a new restaurant out of your bubble.

♡ Learn something out of your comfort zone. It’s actually good for your brain!

7. Essential Oils

♡ Add essential oils to your health routine… drink, coat, soak and vaporize your essential oils.

♡ Put 1 drop of Peppermint into water after eating. It is a natural digestive and helps curb hunger. You can also put 1 drop of peppermint in palms of hand and take 3 deep breaths in (make sure you close your eyes though, it can burn).

♡ Symphony of Cells Massage for various symptom release. I do it on Tim for his brain at night then he takes an infrared sauna. It’s been amazing!

♡ Night time bath: add Dead Sea salt + essential oils + dried floral/herbs bath (light some candles, arrange your crystals, and get witchy with this!

8. Skin Awareness

♡ Your skin is the largest organ of our body. It drinks up everything you put on it and goes into your bloodstream. What you put ON your body goes INTO your body. So make sure the same quality standards you hold for the food you put into your mouth is the same high quality ingredients for your epidermis.

♡ Face & Hair mask: DIY homemade Indian Clay masks with honey, avocado, & ACV.


♡ 1 or 2 times a year we do a food cleanse. Think of this as your bi-annual dentist visit. Your body’s insides need a deep cleaning to function at its best.

♡ Other forms of detoxification: colon hydrotherapy (Pegs has been having Megs do this since high school), nightly or weekly infrared sauna and create a spa like bath experience to detox the skin and relax the muscles.

10. Make Love!

♡ Be intimate with yourself and with your partner.

♡ Helloooo we are sexual beings. But be healthy about it. Not feeling it, don’t do it. Listen to yourself when sex just isn’t in the cards. Try making love in a new way. Try something different like snuggling, self-massage or massage each other, use a feather duster to stimulate and tickle, and simply kiss one another.

Other Strange Wellness Tips:

♡ Cold and Flu Prevention Tips: wash face + suck on lemon slices every 20 minutes for 2 hours (kills bacteria on contact and relieves any sore throat) + eat one full clove of garlic to boost immunity. Make Jewish Penicillin (chicken bone broth, or our Vegan NO Bone broth) and drink tea. Healing Teas: lemons, lemongrass, cinnamon, ginger, and honey.

♡ Clear your space. Sage, Palo Santo, brass Tibetan bowls or Chimes, water bowl with salt, and mirrors above doors, and hang crystal balls in each room to clear and clean any stagnant energy.

♡ Use a pendulum to see if something is good, bad, right or wrong for you. Take your power and learn how to know what works for you and your body and in your life. It works!

Hope you guys enjoyed these strange hacks! Be sure to follow them on Instagram.

You have to try their lentil & avocado salad. It’s fresh & packed with fiber which we love.

x, lauryn

+ Learn how to create a peaceful, zen bedroom here.


  1. Great tips – love the brown apple tip and I the idea of eating more at lunch than at dinner. This post also reminds me that I really need to get on Amazon and order some essential oils and a diffuser!

    Angela at Blush & Pearls

  2. This post was so interesting! I loved reading all the different tips. I really want to get into crystals and all that good stuff. But I am not sure where to start lol. Thanks for sharing, hope you’re having a good day.


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