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This post is in collaboration with Nike. As always all opinions are my own.

WELL HELLO- lots to discuss. But you know that from the title of the post.

First things first, the NEW YEAR IS HERE. What’s your resolution? Don’t have one? Or do you? I have a few. Just notes I took in ‘The Morning Pages’ I’ve been doing every morning ( post to come ). One of the notes that I bolded, pink highlighted, & underlined 23948 times was this: “WHEN YOU’RE TOO BUSY, YOU CONFUSE MOTION FOR PROGRESS.”

Once I read that quote I knew, KNEW I had to do a blog post on this topic.

I, Lauryn Evarts, am going to stop using “I’M TOO BUSY” as an excuse.

The Man Repeller ( love that blog! ) recently posted: “According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, most of us aren’t really as busy as we lead ourselves and others to believe. As of a 2016 study, even those we think of as busiest tend to have a good amount of breathing space in their lives to say…return a text message to your mom. Most of us work around 42 hours a week and sleep around eight hours a day. If you’re quick with math, that equals a surplus of time for leisure pursuits. It’s also no secret our generation is getting married later and having fewer kids. So we’re generally not busy with the things that consumed our parents — i.e. waking up at 7 a.m. to take their future Olympians to U-10 soccer practice.”


I believe you prioritize what you want to get done first. Meaning if you’re too busy to do something, you don’t want to do it.

I found myself using the excuse of being too busy A LOT last year. I was snapped back into reality by a recent podcast ( James Altucher ft. Tony Robbins if we’re getting specific ). Tony talks with James about how no one is “too busy.” It’s a weak excuse. I agree. I’ve literally removed it from my vocabulary.

What’s been really helping me with getting rid of this excuse is three things:

1.) Laying everything out the night before:

WHICH FOR ONE SECOND CAN WE TALK ABOUT THIS OUTFIT?! I am so in love with it. I actually wore it all day today ( you know this if you watched IG LIVE ). It’s so comfortable & effortless. I worked all day & then did yoga in it. Now I’m warm at my desk typing this to you. The whole situation is very much a favorite. The grey crop with super flattering leggings just does it for me. Head to toe Nike here, even the shoes ( I LOVE A BLACK SNEAKER ). Nike always does it for me. If you’re looking for an errand/workout/work outfit this is for you. Anyway, you can find the grey crop jacket here, the leggings here, & sneakers here. Enjoy- it’s my new go-to outfit.

Especially with the New Year, I feel like I need the right shoes, apparel, & accessories to sustain my New Year’s resolutions- nudge, nudge Michael ( I’d sure love this navy top too if we’re being honest ). New habits ( NO MORE BUSY! ) need a cute outfit. But right?

OH, I GOT DISTRACTED! How I lay everything out, right? Ok so I have been laying EVERYTHING out. This includes weird things you wouldn’t think about: like GG crackers, full outfit, sunglasses, purse packed, vitamins out, toothbrush & skincare routine ready to go, & my water tumbler even out and ready.

Here’s the thing, they’re laid out strategically though. For instance, my clothes are laid out right where they should be, you know? All kitchen stuff is organized in a little corner. Purse is packed by the door. SO I CAN FLY OUT THE DOOR and not feel overwhelmed or busy in the morning. FAIL TO PLAN, PLAN TO FAIL. Ya, we’re going back to kindergarten apparently today!

2.) Google Calendar-ing EVERYTHING:

YOU KNOW THIS ALREADY BUT it deserves a repeat mention: Ok so, if anything happened to my phone’s Google calendar App, I’d cry a couple of Lauren Conrad tears. Really though. Every morning before I start my day, I pull up Google Calendar & it’s perfectly color coordinated with times, names, & conference dial-in info. EASY. I like how it goes start to finish & guides you through the whole day. Plus the colors are cute & coordinated. AKA meetings= pink.

Now don’t think I’m crazy but I literally keep a schedule from 8 AM to 8 PM. This calendar tells me when I’m working out, talking on the phone, posting social media content, emailing, planning posts, shooting posts, meeting TSC Team, filming video, editing posts, working on TSC Bombshell Body Guide, taking meetings, hanging out with friends, going on dates, running errands, going to appointments, AND even getting my nails done. Also, a lot of what I do is multi-tasking. Like walking on the treadmill & returning emails, so I will schedule those together. ALL in my Google calendar. Literally, I’m surprised it doesn’t tell me when to sleep.

I even went as far as to schedule an hour for reading…Also, my entire month is scheduled in advance. Obviously things are added last minute but my calendar is set up so things are scheduled weeks & weeks in advance. Trust me, as a former flower child business woman, this way is more efficient.

3.) Batching projects:

This has been something I have been doing a lot lately. Basically I’ll pick days to do certain tasks. For instance: Friday’s are usually shoot days, all my conference calls are scheduled for Wednesdays. About 5 podcasts are usually recorded in two days up in LA. Blog posts are written on Monday’s a lot, sometimes not though if we’re being honest ( like today ) because I am a spur of the moment kinda girl- you know this! I like doing house work on Monday too. I batch emails too a lot.

You know I won’t look at my email unless I’m on a Treadmill OR I do one hour in the morning & one to two hours at night. DM and Snapchat messages now are even batched. It’s easier than returning them throughout the day. Don’t kill me, but I even batch text messages. I do them all at once, once a day.

This works VERY well for someone like me. Let me know if you want a more in-depth post on batching. I’m becoming a BATCHING QUEEN. It’s a thing.

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

LET’S DISCUSS THIS FABULOUS, I WANT TO ENTER & I’M JEALOUS OF WHO WINS GIVEAWAY, shall we? WEEEELL here’s the scoop: it’s a $1,000 giveaway guys! That’s right, 1k to Nike- gift card straight to you. I feel like this is a real dream. I love Nike because it’s ALWAYS flattering & you really can’t go wrong, you know? The options are timeless. OK SO YOU WANT TO WIN A 1K GIFT CARD? HERE YA GO:

To win simply:

+ check out Nike’s collection of Resolution Ready Gear.

+ AND leave a comment letting me know which piece is your favorite on THIS blog post AND on my latest Instagram post.

+ make sure you’re subscribed to The Skinny Confidential YouTube Channel too.

What do you guys think about being too busy? Excuse or legit? For me, I have moved on from being too busy. I feel like batching projects, Google calendar, & being prepared have me covered.

A quote I found: “Nobody is ever too busy. If they care, they will make time.”

Good luck with the giveaway guys! Thanks for being so amazing—!!! I JUST LOVE YOU ALL. Happy Wednesday,

lauryn x

+ anyone is eligible to enter | winners announced 1/22/18 on IG Stories.

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  1. Those training tights are also super cute! Would go great with the Zoom Fly sneakers ! I’m a big fan of black on black to the gym lol. Also, appointment and conference call reminders! Would be totally lost without them. They all even have their own separate ring that goes off!

  2. Love pretty much everything you post #fangirl can I say pretty much all of Nike stuff..:swoon. Specifically, the Nike pro cropped is super cute. I’m a new(ish) mum I a toddler and have been busting my booty off trying to get in killer shape. I’m a Canadian living in a small town in Japan with limited stores, so some new stuff would be unreal.

  3. Love the Nike epic lux running tights. I live in leggings and love how the Nike tights suck you in!!!

  4. Laying everything out the night before is SUCH a game changer each morning whenever I do that! And on days that I don’t, I’m running around like a mess, late to wherever I need to be, lol 

  5. The Nike free black trainer shoe! They can be worn with everything! I can even wear them to work!

  6. Nike epic lux and Nike Free TR7 in rose gold/blush! I love so many things, obsessed with their crops and yoga pants too but those are ones that top out, I love your outfit too!!

  7. This would be a dream, honestly love the whole collection but as I said on your Instagram my fav piece is the Nike pro cropped training top. My days are packed full from gym at 530 am to 8 pm so these tips are great too!

  8. I agree with the comments asking for a batching post, that would be very helpful.

    As for Nike, their studio sports bra looks comfortable AND chic!

  9. The womens running jacket – awesome reflective sheen! I’m training for a 1/2 marathon in the dead of winter and need to up my cold weather gear 🙂

  10. Lauryn:

    I love the white (of course) Nike+ Apple Watch! If there’s something I need to focus on this year, it’s cardio. Specifically running. I’ve never been any good at, and I’ve made a resolution to learn to love it, and excel at it.

  11. The tri-color Epix Lux Tights look amazing. I also really love that crop jacket but I didn’t see it on their website! ??

  12. I honestly love everything, but really love the dri-fit collection, especially the tank tops that aren’t so tight to your body. The training top is lose and flowy, I love that!

  13. Hard to choose just one piece as a favorite, but I think the shrunken dri-fit sweatshirt/ training top (specifically in white) is it!

  14. Love love the metcon and Pegasus! This would be amazinggggg for my 2018 goal to finally pursue a side hustle of helping others reach their fitness goals!

  15. Nike Racer pants/crop are my favorite!!!! A high waist is always a good thing, as is the wide waistband for us girls who have a little more lovin in the muffin top area.

  16. okkkk well i picked the dri fit long sleeve cute cropped crew neck in navy but that zip up you have on is goals so i’m torn. I’ve listened to the podcast for a couple months now and i’m completely hooked and have went and caught up on every single one now. Also have told all my friends about it obviously so i’m fully obsessed.Thanks for everything you do and represent as a blogger + WOMAN ?⭐️?

  17. I LOVE the tri colored epic lux pants, the metcon 4 shoes, all of the drifit tanks, and the running shorts! Love this post also – my boyfriend always gets on to me when I use the excuse “I don’t have time” because it’s so true – we do have time, you just have to be intentional and plan and get it in. We are headed to the Bahamas for our first vacay together in March so I would love all of this gear to help me train and get fit and feel good. Already stocked up with GGs 😉 Xoxo

    1. I LOVE the tri colored epic lux pants, the metcon 4 shoes, all of the drifit tanks, and the running shorts! Love this post also – my boyfriend always gets on to me when I use the excuse “I don’t have time” because it’s so true – we do have time, you just have to be intentional and plan and get it in. We are headed to the Bahamas for our first vacay together in March so I would love all of this gear to help me train and get fit and feel good. Already stocked up with GGs 😉 Xoxo OH ask already subscribed to the YouTube channel ?

  18. I’m obsessed with my google calendar app too. It literally keeps me on track with everything. Playdates, reading, appointments, gym…it’s all there. Dying over those Nike Free TR7 shoes in Rust Pink. Perfect flat foot for leg days!

  19. Um, living for you in this outfit! Finally, a jacket that looks good at the waist as well. I took a look at the collection and the Nike Pro Intertwist leggings are up my alley. I like the added tummy control of the waist band for when I’ve had too many tacos. 🙂

    Being busy is something people brag about, when in reality they may just be bad at managing their own time efficiently. Great blog post, and I support your mission to make people more productive. Yasss!

  20. So many cute pieces!! The Nike Pro Intertwist leggings and the Nike Free TR7 shoes are probably my fav <3

  21. Love the Nike Dri Fit everything and especially the Nike studio bra and the crop jacket! Love it all honestly ?

  22. Hey Lauren!
    I absolutely love the Nike leggings-particularly Black. They are so comfortable and form fitting. I I also love how they are tight all the way down to the ankle. They show off all the right areas, for me it’s my tush! I’m a loyal Nike gal and always have been. The Metcons are my favorite sneaker for working, running, or just casual, and they look great with the leggings! I could rule the world in Nike leggings and a pair of Metcon 3s 🙂

  23. i am in love with the NIKE FREE TR7 shoes in the pink color!!! And i do think a lot of people use i’m too busy for an excuse and i think that some people can use that but i think it is overused.

  24. I’m obsessed with the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus and the Nike Pro Intertwist! So cute. Also: you’re my favorite blogger/ social influencer! Always look forward to your posts!

  25. I absolutely love the Nike Free TR7 Training Shoe In Rust Pink ? !. They could go with any black, white, grey outfit you put together ?

  26. Loveeee the Nike pro cropped ? have one in a different color and it’s the MOST comfortable.

  27. I definitely have use “i’m too busy” as an excuse before just because I didn’t want to do something. Like you said, the things you want done you’ll prioritize and get done.
    As for the Nike gear…I really love Therma Sphere Max jacket, but I think my favorite are the Dry Lux Flow Pants. Those are so perfect for dancing (my type of workout! LOL) and lounging around in.

  28. That outfit is so cute and I am going to have to start doing things in batches. That sounds like such a great way to stay on schedule. My favorite piece from the collection is definitely the Air Zoom Pegasus shoes! I love the shape and the cute mix of colors!

  29. SHOES! The Nike Metcon DSX Flyknit in white/black/white are exactly what I have been looking for to spice up my black sneaker obsession.

  30. I’m bad at throwing the B- word around as an excuse too! It’s got to stop. I love the white Apple+Nike watch (obsessed with tracking all my activity) and I would pair it with the tan epic luxe running tights. A perfect combo for half marathon training this summer!

  31. My favorite is the NIKE FE/NOM FLYKNIT- Women’s High Support Sports Bra!
    Commenting on insta as @wildorchid985
    I follow you on you tube!!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  32. Great advice! I’ve recently started laying out my clothes at night for the next day too, ESPECIALLY if I have an early workout class the next day. Helps eliminate one excuse not to go! My favorite item from Nike’s Resolution Ready Gear collection is the Nike Free TR7 (in dusty pink of course)! So cute for the gym, but also perfect to wear around town doing errands!

  33. Love love love this blog, it’s so very true using “I’m busy” is something I always catch myself saying when I want to get out of something I clearly don’t want to do. Also I lovvveee the Nike hydro pro leggings!! I hope to win because I never win anything haha. Good luck everyone!! (:

  34. Love, LOVE the Dri-FIT wrap hoodie! Sporty & chic. Really doesn’t get much better ❤️

  35. Hi Lauryn! I LOVE the pieces you have on in this post, but if I had to pick just one from the whole collection, I would choose the Dri-Fit Wrap. It looks super cosy but also like a stealth super chic ninja.

  36. My all time favorite working out leggings are Nike Epic Lux ! So comfy & keeps everything in place <3

  37. I love the long sleeve training top in light blue ? (to go with my all black collection of leggings I seriously need to change it up!!!)

  38. You look amazing! Besides your entire outfit, I love the Nike Free TR7 shoes in dust pink. So cute!

  39. I’ve been eyeing the new Metcon 4 in white/pink for a month now! They will be mine!

  40. I loooove the Pro HyperCool Training Tights and the matching Long Sleeve Top. I’m about to start training for a marathon and having great new workout gear would help the training process and up my excitement!

  41. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Nike Pro Hypercool Women’s Training Tights!❤️❤️❤️

  42. I just LOVE Epic Lux Women’s Running Tights. they are so cute! a little out of my price range while I’m saving for our wedding so this gift card would be so amazing! a little more motivation to get into the best shape ever for the big day!

  43. Loving the Nike pro hypercool cropped tank and training tights! Would love to win this giveaway!??‍♀️?

  44. okay YES to stop using busy as an excuse – totes agree! so hard to pick one piece – but LOVING the NikePro HyperCool tights.

  45. Love everything! The Nike Seamless Women’s Light Support Sports Bra seems like it would be a great addition to my work out gear!

  46. I really LOVE all the different kinds of leggings especially the Nike epic lux nude color ones and all of the classic long sleeves (Nike trailwind) ??

  47. I’m a big fan of the Nike Air Zoom Strong 2! I love how they protect your ankles! Also, because I can’t just pick one….always a fan of any dri-FIT jacket!

  48. I am absolutely obsessed with Nike shoes! So of course the Nike flyknit shoe is perfect. Can never go wrong with Nike

  49. I am absolutely obsessed with Nike shoes! So of course the Nike flyknit shoe is perfect. Can never go wrong with Nike honestly

  50. Honestly I am absolutely obsessed with Nike shoes! Where them everywhere I go, so of course the Nike flyknit shoe ? are perfect ??

  51. Love, Love the Dri-FIT wrap hoodie!! Sporty & chic. Really, you can’t go wrong ?xoxo

  52. I love this post even more than the Nike gear, but also want to win it all! I’m into crop tops as a method of engaging my core !lol and DYING for those 23 inch grey crops and 2 sneakers from the resolution ready Nike page. The COLORS (blush and black OMG) . Thanks for this valuable advice and please choose this panicky Susan/ Boone and Pixie Fan!

  53. The Nike Pro Intertwist Women’s Training Crop are cute and I’m really in need of a new pair of workout leggings! The sweat-wicking fabric and extra-high waistband are a favorite of mine. I am in dire need of new workout gear and Nike is my all time favorite brand.

  54. IN LOVE with the DRI-FIT WRAP TRAINING HOODIE!! How amazingly flattering is that!! xx

  55. The Epic Lutz running tights are def my favorite. I love the cropped jacket in this post but I just feel awkward in cropped stuff.

  56. Great post! Needed this today. I’m working on getting myself back into gear after all the holidays and I need ALL the efficiency tips. I’ve had my eyes on the Nike Pegasus sneakers for awhile! I’m attempting to start running, and believe me, shin splints are real.

  57. Love your whole outfit as well as so many other things from this collection but the Apple Watch Nike+ Series 3 (GPS + Cellular) 38mm is my favorite! NEED!!

  58. OMG I love the Nike Dri-FIT Medalist short sleeve and long sleeve running tops!! Oh no I also love the Dri-Fit long sleeve training top in all colors this is dangerous

  59. You are SO right. How many times have I used “I’m busy” as an excuse?? Removing it from my vocabulary too. These photos look amazing! And the colors are so you.

  60. You make athleticwear look so cute! My favorite from the collection is he black pro crop top. It’s perfect for cycling!

  61. I’m diggin a lot of this line! My for sure top favs would be the Nike power pocket lux leggings, Nike Tr7 shoe and the Nike pro cropped training tank!

  62. Love this post, Lauryn! I totally agree – I read something somewhere by telling someone you are busy, it is disrespectful to the other person & their schedule and implies you are “busier than them” so I’ve tried to take that word out of my vocabulary (but it’s easier said than done). That quote is amazing though and so dead on! I LOVE the Pegasus 34 with all the vaporwave feels! xx Shannon ||

  63. I LOVE the Nike Studio Women’s sports bra- I’m a sucker for anything with an awesome designed back. I also love the Nike Epic Lux Women’s Running Tights. I’m training for a 10 miler right now and in the Virginia winter weather I’m freezing!!

  64. I’m LOVING the Nike TR7 sneakers in black! ❤️❤️❤️? YAS GURL to the entire collection!

  65. love the Bliss Love Training Pant! I feel like I would wear those not just to the gym, but everywhere because they look super stylish.

  66. My favorite item is the Dri-FIT Wrap! Perfect for pre and post workout or running errands in your gym clothes. ?

  67. My favorite item is the Dri-FIT Wrap! Perfect for pre and post workout or running errands. ?

  68. Great post! No more excuses for me! 🙂 Also, my fave pieces was the Power Pocket Lux Leggings. LOVE leggings 🙂

  69. I LOVE the Nike Dri-FIT Women’s Training Tank Top! Also please do a post on batching! Would love to know how to best start doing this as it sounds brilliant!

  70. The Nike Pro Cropped Training Top for sure! So bummed I miss your meetup in Del Mar! Please do another soon! 🙂

  71. There really is no such thing as too busy. The most successful people are the ones who “find” the time for important things. The Power Pocket Lux tights are definitely my favorite piece!!

  72. 100% think that “too busy” is just an excuse. I was guilty of it until I realized a few months ago that actually I’m not busy at all, I’m just a time waster… I started getting up earlier so I could get in the workouts I was “too busy” for and it has been the best change I could make. I have so much more energy and am so proud of my progress!

    That said, I am in desperate need of new shoes for the gym so I’m totally eyeing those Free TR7s, the shape and design is sick.

    Also, going to take your advice and start making a habit of preparing the night before. I always appreciate having that extra time in the morning when I pack my lunch the night before but for whatever reason I can’t get in the consistent habit – but I’m gonna turn that around!

    xo Mary-Katherine

  73. I love this, thanks so much for the chance to win! My favorite item in this collection is the Nike Free Trainer 7 Premium in black. I also like the Dry Training Hoodie!

  74. My fav is the seamless light support sports bra 🙂 love a bra that can also be worn as a top with high waisted pants! Most workout tops have too much fabric, making it hard to fully move and get in the zone lol so this serves as a top AND support for my boobs – they might be small but they still need suppport haha

  75. The Free TR7 selfie sneakers! I literally live my life in black and white! ⚫️⚪️♥️

  76. I literally added the Metcon 4 shoes in gunsmoke to my cart and have been waiting to purchase. I love Nike Metcon shoes to workout in. Absolutely my favorite training shoes!!

  77. More on batching!!! I am a flower child business owner and I need serious help with this. This seems like something that I definitely should do!

  78. I like the NIKE PRO HYPERCOOL women’s training tights in black/heather/black because I think they look neat and would carry the high level of quality for training use that is associated with the Nike brand. I’ve also commented on your IG post and followed your Youtube channel.

  79. As a spur-of-the-moment type of woman, I love the FreeTR7 shoe and the Pro Intertwist leggings. @alliekatarina

  80. I’m all for laying things out the night before & scheduling everything in Google Calendar – it makes you more accountable!

    And for the new Nike Resolution Line gear – LOVE IT!
    I think my faves are the NIKE DRI-FIT WRAP Women’s Training Hoodie and the NIKE AIR ZOOM FEARLESS FLYKNIT LUX
    Women’s Training Shoe…

    Following podcast & on instagram {@rainesmom}

  81. I looove this post. It really gives people a reality check and goes back that you make time for things that are important despite how “busy” are you. And i also love the Nike dri fit crop top!

  82. I’m 100% guilty of saying I’m “too busy”.. shit, I need to stop! The black leggings are amazing and I love their Nike shield running jacket. I don’t have a personal Instagram so I know I’m out of the running for the giveaway but I do creep from my company’s Instagram page on the daily. Side note, last week I purchased the bombshell guide and am one week 1. My out of shape ass is SORE!!

  83. I love love looooooove the sportswear n98 jacket in grey – and you rock it! On my must buy list for sure!

  84. NIKE AIR VAPORMAX FLYKNIT MOC I love these shoes. So sleek. Its a shame they don’t come in my size!

  85. I totally agree with you. Just the other day I was telling my boyfriend that I find myself constantly doing something but not getting anything done. ?I’m definitely trying out your calendar tips. I’ll even schedule my naps if I have too lol! Also, my fave is the olive green women’s long sleeve running top. I love it because you can totally wear it at the gym or when you’re out and about. ? Awesome post! ?

  86. Shoe whore here! Love the Nike Air Zoom Structure 21 in Elemental Rose, Nike Air Zoom Fearless Flyknit Lux in rust pink, and a staple Nike Air Zoom Pegasus in black.

  87. I really like the Nike Sportswear N98 (Grey Croptop Jacket)
    Imstagram @Cezovski9
    You Tube Carol Ezovski

  88. Well, my obvi favorite thing is most all the colors are TSC approved! Really digging those new neutrals. Also, totally agree about the busy thing. You make time for what you think is important.

  89. Happy New Year!! My favorite is theNike Air VaporMax Flyknit Explorer Women’s Running Shoe in the Summit White/Hydrogen Blue/Pure Platinum/Metallic Red Bronze Color which will have me feeling like I am walking on air! Thank you for your amazing posts!!

  90. How do I pick just one thing?! I LIVE in leggings! I wear them to work and of course when I workout! The Nike epic lux leggings are giving me life! I love them in the sepia stone! A nice change of my traditional black that I usually go for.

    P.S. If I could pick more than one thing it would also pick the foam roller! Can’t live without it!

  91. I agree 100%! Batching things into specific days has relieved my stress levels for sure. I know longer have to worry about having conference calls every single day because I’ve planned to have them all on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so the nights before those days I look at my Google Calendar and can plan ahead. And this giveaway is what my life dreams are made of since I live in my workout clothes!?? I am loving the studio bra and the long sleeved workout t with the Nike logo – I could take a pair of each of those shoes and be a happy camper! I’ve been a huge fan/follower of your for years and a subscriber of you YouTube channel. Crossing my fingers!!??????

  92. I love the Grey Nike HyperCool training tights and the Barely Rose Nike Dri-Fit Medalist short sleeve running top!! I think they would be super cute together too!

  93. Trying to get those sassy Nike Pro Women’s Training Tights on in my next hot yoga class!

  94. Loving Nike’s Bliss Lux Women’s pant. Cute version of the trendy jogger pant. Something I would wear our running or home on the couch!

  95. As a busy mom of a 6 month old baby girl whose starting to be on the move the hyper cool pants and metcon 4 sneakers would be effortless style!

  96. OBSESSED with the Nike Metcon 4 in White/Rust Pink/Black/Metallic Silver. Need them to accompany my new membership at Basecamp Fitness.

  97. AHHHH. K this is actually so hard.

    If I HAD to I would say my favourite is the pink Nike TR7’s. LOVEEEEE.

  98. The Nike free tr7 in the blush pink ?? and the grey hoodie you’re wearing are to DIE for! && yes I agree with needing to reevaluate the idea of being too busy 100%.

  99. So excited to buy the Nike Pro Hypercool Training tights to wear to the gym in the winter. Love the black mesh along the side!

  100. Umm obsessing over this entire post. Loving those Nike Metcon’s! Using this as inspiration to get my ass in gear. Thanks for sharing lady!

  101. omg I can not pick just one! I really, really need leggings! but I really, really love one of the pairs of pink sneakers I saw! I commented on your IG as @budgetbeautysite_cstone412cs
    I love your whole outfit but I couldn’t pull of the crop because even though I am finally ‘skinny’ I still have the ‘mom tummy’.
    anyway- back to my fave items- my choices are ‘kinda basic’- the Nike Free TR7 sneakers in Teaberry (cranberry/Bordeaux color), or for spring the Rust pink/coral stardust.
    I really need leggings, so 2nd or tied with the sneakers— I like the Nike Pro Intertwist. I have no leggings that fit, which I will explain. I love Nike! who doesn’t.
    Not that this matters, but this would ROCK cuz I am a single mom of 2 girls. I just lost 55+ lbs. (which sounds awesome but I might be sick causing the loss)– at first I was trying to lose it. I was done with the ‘I’m too busy’ excuses and made time for myself to workout and eat right. That was the positive. Now for the scary— now I am losing weight because I am going thru a health scare, which hopefully will turn out ok. It’s ‘funny’ because people kept saying ‘you’re getting so skinny, you’re starting to look sick. maybe you are sick?” I thought nothing of it because I am 5 ft 3’-I did weigh 188, was down to 135 which is a healthy weight. I just got over a really bad infection that I ended up hospitalized for a week with, and now I am down to 127. which to most, sounds like a lot/normal, but apparently does not look good on me. Idk. Now have to get tested for lymphoma and thyroid issues because the lymph nodes in my neck are still super swollen (which they now know is not from the infection), I am tired a LOT (which stinks with a 4 year old), and dropping weight like crazy.)
    Even before I found out I might be ‘sick’- I had made it my new years ‘resolution’ to stop making excuses, be more organized and time manage better. I used to think I was too busy for all this stuff- but I had managed it when I worked my last job- so there’s no reason why I shouldn’t be able to do it now. I just was being lazy. When I do have energy, I clean the house, which is my least favorite thing to do. I noticed, it is really easo to say you are too busy for things you do not like to do!! Goal of my house cleaning is ‘simplify’- if we don’t need it or it’s not important- it’s going to donation. I started making time to actually start doing my hair and makeup again (especially work days) instead of half or no makeup and a bun….. I’ve been playing with the kids more because I really don’t know how much time I have. Honestly, none of us do! my daughter is 4, and once kindergarten starts- the years really fly by. So even before this post, even before I got sick- I started this year with motivation to try to do my best in every aspect and stop procrastinating, stop being lazy, stop being depressed, stop doing the bare minimum. I am a pretty busy person but too busy just means you need better time management.

    part of getting better and no excuses, and trying not to be too busy to workout even though I hate home workouts (can’t afford gym, and I live in Massachusetts so too cold right now for outdoors)- to get stronger and not just thin- I have been doing light muscle building exercises. My 4 year old is also a gymnast. We are in the mommy and me classes and I need some leggings/outfits for that!
    Sorry for the novel!!!! following on youtube as 2 accts cstone412cs and Caitlyn S.

  102. Love this post and your energy for the new year. Definitely inspiring, thanks for sharing! My fav item would have to be the Epic Lux Tights 1. Bc I’m in need of a pair of black tights and 2. They look like they’d fit so well! 3. Nike tights last forever! Xoxo

  103. Bahhh! I want it all. I start teaching Total Barre classes at the end of this month and there are so many amazing pieces!! I love the training tank and training wrap hoodie, both would be perfect for class.

  104. First – YES on the batch processing post!!! I need #allthetools and #allthehelp. Second, is that you modeling the white Nike Miler shirt?! I swear that chick turns around and it’s you.

    Lastly, I recently became obsessed with Nike since they now have plus size and this post baby bod is now plus size. Thank you Nike! I’d love a new pair of their black leggings! And shoot while I’m at it, I do NOT repeat, do NOT have an Apple Watch and I’d die a sweet death with that white one. ?? fingers crossed! Thanks for an awesome post Lauryn! Xo

  105. I really love it (want it) all but if you twist my arm and make me pick one piece of gear I’d say the Nike Pro Training Tights 🙂 Also this post HITS HOME for me because I’m actually training for my first half marathon. For the past four years I’ve convinced myself I couldn’t run one because I didn’t have time to train… after I came to terms with the fact that I DO have enough time if I make the time, I’ve found the time and haven’t missed a single training run even while working 12 hour shift work. <3 <3

  106. I am loving the Nike Seamless sports bra!! It looks so flattering, I want it in every color!

    Thanks for the awesome post and AMAZING giveaway!

  107. The nike pro cropped women’s tank looks so sporty but with a modern, fashionable twist!! love

  108. I want the Nike Free TR7’s so bad!! I’ve tried them on like 6 times and I love them. Great giveaway Lauryn!

  109. My favorites are the Nike Bliss Lux Women’s Training Pants and Nike Air Zoom Fearless Flyknit Lux
    Women’s Training Shoe. Thank you for offering such an incredible giveaway!

  110. Love the Dry Lux Flow pants- they’d be so great for Yoga! I like things that are breezy and loose but help me stay cool, so these are perfection!

  111. As simple as it is, I really love the Nike Classic Swoosh Cooling sports bra that has “Just Do It” on it. As one of the many who are trying to focus on their health and to take back control of their body, I could see myself looking at this sports bra and just feeling an increase in motivation in wanting to be proactive! As someone who had been naturally thin growing up, to suddenly watch my weight increase is an extremely discouraging thing. It’s so hard to move away from bad habits and to finally be real with yourself that you are not at a healthy weight, that sometimes you need every bit of encouragement, even it’s just from something as simple as a comfortable sports bra. That’s why I love it!

  112. The Nike Free TR7 shoes looks AMAZING and so perfect for my time at the gym as a personal trainer!

  113. How does one only pick one thing from Nike? I love it all! This wrap pro training cropped tank however, is kind of everything and I would definitely work harder in a crop top too…

  114. As far as athletic gear goes, NIKE is consistently high quality, classic, and on point with trends too. My favorite from this blog post is the Air Pegasus shoes, lightweight, full range of colors, and sleek. I also love the bomber jacket because it’s fun to add a more edgy and fun piece to your usual boring workout attire. I love the whole feel of this blog post because let’s get real— there are no excuses for not making time to work on yourself! You get out of it what you put into it. We NEED to start making self care more of a priority, and scheduling that time to get our exercise in is essential. No more excuses! The old school NIKE motto “JUST DO IT” is the perfect mantra in the spirit of embracing these healthy lifestyle changes. Thank you to TSC and NIKE for this awesome opportunity.

  115. You are the CUTEST Nike girl EVER (ever)! I la la LOVE the Nike Metcon 4 shoe…it’s otherworldly. Entered on Insta too (kaizenfashion) and I’m a longtime YouTube follower of yours! Cheers girl! Xx

  116. I love the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus Shoe in Summit White/Elemental Rose/Thunder Blue/Equator Blue! It’s beautiful as far as sneakers go! 🙂

  117. Obsessed with the Nike Free TR7 women’s training shoe. That AH-MAZING pink brings a pop to any outfit, whether it’s in the gym or on the street. And the perfect Nike shoes always gets me in the gym mood. Perfect for sticking to those New Years resolutions!!

  118. Also this post was super helpful and I love the idea of never using the excuse “I’m to busy” again. There’s always enough time for the things that matter most! But the idea of batching is great! I’m going to start using that in my day to day life, it sounds like it can be such a time saver. I always loose focus by trying to do a million different tasks in one day when it could be simplified into doing all the similar tasks at once! Thanks for your never ending lifestyle advice, it’s always exciting to see what’s coming from you next!

  119. I have found layering the clothes the night before very effective!
    Beginning my day with a work out gives me the energy and puts me in the right mindset to kickstart the day! 🙂 <3

  120. I really needed to read this, I’ve been saying I’m ‘too busy’ all the time too and I need to stop. Thanks for sharing this, as always sooo much value

  121. Free TR7 Selfie. I think it’s the splatter on the sole that gets me.
    Definitely think planning for a workout can help make the time we think we don’t have.

  122. I love Nike Crop training tops. They are longer than a sports bra but not too long that they roll up like a camisole. Any Nike shoes keeps me in step all dy as I stand for my job!!!

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