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Stepping UP My Fitness Game

fitness tips | by: the skinny confidential

As you guys know I’ve been REALLY stepping up my fitness game lately.

( Which I realize always sounds better than you anticipate because when you’re actually working out, cursing under your breath, dripping sweat, thinking about warm sourdough toast, you realize OH SHIT THIS IS HARD. HELP? )

BUT everything has gotten WAY easier since I snagged a Mira.

What is a Mira, you ask? WELL, it’s just the holy grail fitness tracker— DUH.

I’m very much obsessed. To be completely honest though, it’s not just about the fitness tracking properties. It’s also entirely about the brushed gold band with chic black screen that looks very cute on my wrist while I workout, run errands, or grab a cinnamon cappuccino.

So cute, that I’m almost distracted from sweating. In the best way possible though.

fitness tips | by: the skinny confidential

Anyway I’m feeling very revved up & inspired because since coming home from vacation, I’ve decided to step it up a notch. I’m doing TSC Bombshell Body Guide 3 to 4 times a week ( WHAT UP 27 MINUTE WORKOUTS ) & walking for an hour 5 times a week AND sneaking in the occasional Pilates/barre class. & I just feel so much better ( & sleep so much better ) when I’m working out like this.

As you know, I did a post earlier about how I’m stepping up my business organization & in true Lauryn fashion, I felt stepping up my workout & sleep game would help my business.


TRA-LA-LA-LA, right.

fitness tips | by: the skinny confidential

fitness tips | by: the skinny confidential

Let’s hope this routine keeps going.

SO. I’ve been using my wellness tracker AKA Mira to tracks calories, steps, distance and more, which links it to an app in real-time & offers tips/inspiration to stay healthy from the inside out on top of working out. It’s just a game changer in every way.

These pics were taken the other day post-coffee run. I did TSC Bombshell Body Guide in the park, with my Mira & then walked the dogs to grab a carrot/orange juice.

So fun, so easy!

After the extra burst of fitness lately, I’m consistently perplexed at how anyone could miss out on DAILY ENDORPHINS! They’re good for the soul, I’m telling ya.

Anyway! That’s my fitness update. Hope you enjoyed.

lauryn x

+ DON’T forget to enter my fitness giveaway!

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fitness tips | by: the skinny confidential

fitness tips | by: the skinny confidential


  1. I swear my Fitbit is the main reason why I stay so active throughout the day. There is something so gratifying about hitting 10,000 steps a day. This Mira looks very interesting and is SO CUTE I’m excited to check it out.

    1. Hi Diana, I completely agree! If you’re hitting 10k steps a day you’re winning in my book. Thanks for reading

  2. Awesome that you’re getting into working out again. Question though, how do you make the time around your workout more efficient? Working out for an hour a day is great but when it eats up time pre-and-post workout it gets really annoying.

    Dana – a success blog

    1. Hi Dana, I mostly save time because my workouts are quick and I can do them at home. The most wasted time around working out is driving to and from classes. I literally just throw on my clothes, workout, shower and i’m done. The whole process takes about an hour. I use the Bombshell Body Guide. Thanks for reading

    1. I know right?? The other one’s aren’t cute at all. The Mira is so chic. Thanks for reading Ashley

  3. I think that to stay fit it’s important to stick to your aim. The device saves the record of your activities and keep alarming you when you stop. I loved your blog, thanks for sharing your views with us.

  4. Making a fitness program sustainable and fun is the most important thing. I always tell my clients there is no point in being in the gym seven days a week if you are only going to do it for a few days and then drop out and end up back with their old bad habits.

  5. Hi there! Where did you buy your shoes from? The ones in the link are only available in black & white, and I prefer all black like yours! It’s so hard to find all black workout shoes for women. Thanks!

  6. I wanted to ask for this for Christmas because I’ve been using your guide but wasn’t sure. Does this just track calories from steps and cardio or will this track calories from all forms of working out, including mountain climbers, push ups, and workouts where you stay in one position.

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