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Steph Shepherd on Finding Purpose and Fulfillment

Steph Shepherd on Finding Purpose and Fulfillment

Feel like a warm hug from @steph_shep?

That’s what listening to her episode on The Skinny Confidential HIM & HER Show felt like. Lauryn and Michael sat down with the gorgeous ex-assistant of Kim Kardashian, turned environmental advocate and influencer to talk about organization, resourcefulness, pivoting in your career, getting fired by Kim, how to bring added value to your profession and your life’s purpose.

What resonated most with us was her hot take on feeling fulfilled and finding your passion and purpose. Sometimes it feels like everyone needs to have a side hustle, a job you absolutely love, income coming from more than one place and constantly working your way up for more more and more. Steph’s take on this was so refreshing, we just had to share it here.

Steph Shepherd on Finding Purpose and Fulfillment:

She thinks that having a career that pays the bills isn’t talked about enough and let’s just say, we agree. Of course, it’s important to not hate your job, and live a happy life. But these days everyone can have a brand or a small business and you’re always expected to take things to the next level. It’s quite common to feel overwhelmed (especially women) when we’re expected to cook healthy meals, keep the house clean, exercise, be a great mom and spouse, pay the bills, then also make $1 million dollars off your side hustle that started as a hobby you enjoyed. It’s too much!

Stephanie has seen so many people she knows struggle with this when really, it’s ok to have a career just to pay the bills. In fact, if you have a job or career that pays the bills, give you and your family a house to live in and puts food on the table – you’ve won. That’s an incredible thing and shouldn’t be overlooked. For example, her mom was an electrician and General Motors and her passion was being a great mother and raising Steph.

And as an example Steph admits that she is not a fan of Instagram. She is private and she hates posting. But she does it because that’s what pays the bills and is what drives her to raise awareness around the organizations she supports like @futureearth. And promote collaborations with sustainable brands she believes in.

We just LOVED this take on things and found it so refreshing.

Be sure to listen to the full episode where Steph talks about the road she took to get to where she is now, her organization hacks, her key to healthy skin, the morning ritual she just started implementing and the best coffee beans in the world.

Happy listening,

x, The Skinny Confidential team

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