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Why You Need A Travel Steamer…Like Yesterday

Why You Need A Travel Steamer | by the skinny confidential

Hey now! Well happy Wednesday to you. Is it Wednesday? Because it feels like, oh shit- it’s Thursday! Four day weekend will do that to you.

Weird it’s Friday.

Speaking of Friday- you probably have plans.

& if you’re anything like me you like your shirt’s looking pressed- with no wrinkles please!

Wait, I should have prefaced this post which talks heavily about steamers ( not facial steamers, silly- we’ve already discussed those ) with a fact. The fact is I used to- keyword ‘used to’- steam my clothes in the shower.

Yes guys, I can be a real lazy-ass.

Like I’d be doing a a full day shooting content just throwing my clothes in a hot shower for a minute. Which 1.) it’s not good to run water for no reason- it makes me feel bad 2.) to be honest, it’s not the most efficient way to steam clothes. It’s just not. The clothes still come out looking like Mr. Bigglesworth’s hairless skin sometimes.

Enter: my cute compact travel steamer.

This little beauty works on all kinds of fabric. It’s made in the USA ( points! ), very lightweight, & fab- no really, just fab- for business trips or travel. I use it at home a lot too.

For the record, dry cleaners are too expensive when it comes to steaming clothes- trust me, we’ve been there done that. The bill was just not pretty.

A compact travel steamer also comes in handy when your boyfriend is rushing you out the door on a date & you have wrinkles on your floral, off-shoulder chiffon dress. Not saying this happened, but not saying it didn’t.

Oh, & forget ironing- it’s a waste for me.

I mean think about it: you gotta pull out the long, horrific ironing board, wait for the iron to heat up, & it really never looks right anyway. At least in my experience. Perhaps this is because I’m usually the “I’m running late, throwing on my heels on the way downstairs, applying lipstick in the car” kind of girl- but that’s neither here nor there.

The reason I like steaming over washing all the time is because washing over & over wears the clothes out. A steamer simply releases wrinkles in the fabric.

The one I prefer is supposedly the world’s most powerful hand-held travel steamer. Not sponsored, I just really like it. It’s recommended for travel & touch-ups. But I use mine all the time. The water heats up V. quick- like in 15 seconds. And because it’s Amazon, you can get it overnight. Don’t skimp on the steamer here- I found other steamers cheaper than my $25 dollar one, but none seem to compare. The cheaper ones just aren’t good- in my opinion. This one is, & you’ll have it forever.

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Some fabulous reviewer on Amazon named Otto’s Mom kind of breaks it down perfectly:

1.) Wait until you actually see steam coming out before using it on your clothes.

2.) I used the brush attachment and hung the shirt on the back of a door. Pressing the shirt against the door gave the best results.

3.) Keep your fingers out of the steam!!! Ouch!

4.) Don’t let the steamer run dry while you’re using it. Check the water level frequently. I had so much fun I steamed four shirts during my try out!

5.) Keep the steamer upright. If you turn it on it’s side, it will drip water. Do not overfill it!

6.) When I was finished, I took the top off, drained it and set it upright to dry. I also filled the steamer with cold water since there was very little water in it. This may not be necessary but I did notice after several minutes the water was warm. Cold water may make the steamer last longer.

7.) Finally, if you use the brush as I did, you might want to pull it off and turn it so the bristles don’t bend in one direction. Again, just my OCD self.

I feel like Otto’s Mom knows more about steaming a shirt than me, so this amazing commentary is something I look to when I need a quick steam.

Guy OR girl: you need a steamer. IT’S MOST DEFINITELY NOT JUST FOR GIRLS, BOYS.

( Apparently you can also use this as a facial steamer- but I haven’t tried that feature yet. If you multi-task with this thing, PLEASE let me know? ).

End of conversation. Well, at least end of the travel steamer conversation.

Anyway, I am getting into bed right now about to start a new book ( who’s read Daily Rituals? ). I’m happy today because my house is clean- I spent the entire morning cleaning it & my e-mail inbox isn’t horrific. My three pimples are fading too, which really gives me joy.

Talk to me about other weird life hacks in the comments- clearly, this is random.

I’m out! lauryn x

+ rose gold hangers | compact steamer.

++ make sure to listen to the latest podcast on skin care!! You have to hear what skin expert, Renee, says about acne, wrinkles, & hormones.

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  1. Love love love! I have been looking for a travel steamer forever. I love those hangers (is it weird that closets without the same hangers give me anxiety? Probably).

    xx Pia

  2. Wait, can Otto’s Mom start a blog, pls?! Her commentary is amazing. And YES!! to this!!! I bought in 2015 and I can;t travel without it! Erik steals it allll the time. Not to mention it’s a huge blogging pet peeve of mine when the clothes are still wrinkled or creased in photos. Happy Friday! xx Shannon ||

    PS – Right now my big random ass hack = acrylic nail polish organizers – you can use them for everything & they’re chic! Nail polish, essential oils, sunglasses, thin lotions bitters, you name it. I’m obsessed and they come in soooo many sizes! 🙂

  3. Hi Lauryn!
    By the sounds of it, it seems like you may be an OCD clean freak like myself! And I have recently been wondering if a steamer like this could also be used on couches, pillows, etc. Ever used one for something like this? How do you keep your couch and throw pillows fresh? Like the fresh you can feel! 😉

  4. OMG I LOVE my travel steamer!! My roommate is always borrowing it, too, because she’s equally obsessed. Idk about using it on the face though… I feel like that would be too intense.

    Emma | Seeking the South

  5. I’ve been going on for aaaaaages about how much I want a steamer, I really hate ironing clothes haha. It’s literally such a boring job 🙁 I will definitely have to get my hands on one of these, it seems well worth the investment and I know I’ll get more than my fair share of use out of it.

    Have a great weekend 🙂

    Chloe @

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  8. Your description on you and your husband made me really lough out loud. It’s exactly the same with me and my husband. I leave the house even without ironing a linen blouse and he shakes his head. ?
    Back to the topic: I have no steamer, but I think it would work with my iron. At least I will give it a try next time, seems to be much easier than normal ironing.

  9. Hi Lauryn,

    This is a wonderful article. Well done.

    I must admit that ironing your clothing can be such a tiring chore. However most of us have little choice.

    It needs to be done.

    Perhaps with the right tool, you can have it done away with much faster and easily.

    The question is what is the right tool?

    What would be the best lightweight steam iron?

    What features should you look for to make steaming a less tedious chore?

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    I would love to know what you think. Again, lovely article.

    Antony Mathenge

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