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How To Stay Motivated (…& Give Yourself A Swift Kick In The Ass)



Ok first off let me just say that there are SO many days where I am most definitely NOT motivated.

Days when I wake up & think ‘UGH, I’m not inspired today & I don’t feel like posting.”

Or “FML, working out sounds horrible.”

Or even…”so over returning all these e-mails & editing content, I’d rather watch Nurse Jackie.”

In fact to be real, there are a lot of days that I don’t particularly look forward to brushing my teeth. But here’s the thing: I still do it.

Because that’s a part of life Sometimes you have to motivate yourself to do things you don’t want to do.

…& since I’m the boss of my business, it’s important that I motivate myself everyday. Primarly in small ways that work towards the bigger picture.

When you work for yourself you do not have someone motivating you daily. You pretty much have to figure out how the hell to self motivate…on your own.

So! On that note, this post is for the bloggers who are working 2 other jobs ( been there! ), the freelancers, the mom’s who have a side hustle, the woman who’s bored as shit at her 9 to 5, the college student with an Etsy shop, or the girl who’s trying to build a business from nothing.

But first a backstory: 5 years ago I’m in college, bored out of my fucking mind. So, SO bored in fact, I start drawing on a piece of composition note paper in drama class. Well, the drawing is more of an artistic list of ideas to share with other women, primarily wellness topics. I just felt there were so many women on San Diego State’s campus & I was dying for a way to connect with all of them. Not in a sorority way though, you know? Just a community where anyone could get in, no rush or hazing, there wasn’t an $800 dollar semester fee, & no one was bossing you around. 

And a blog seemed like the best platform. Plus I’d be able to reach people in other countries.

As the semester went on the idea blossomed.

Around the same time, I was teaching Pure Barre, reformer Pilates, & bartending until midnight. Also, did I mention I was living with my dog at my God parent’s house 30 minutes away from the college?…while taking 18 units…with about $122 bucks in my checking account. The story goes even deeper, but we’ll discuss that another day very soon. For now we’ll just go with it & let’s just say the whole situation was interesting.

BUT as they say, outside your comfort zone is where the magic happens.

& that’s EXACTLY what happened.

I had to get extremely creative…& extremely motivated. A lot of growth happened.

This is where the self-motivation magic started to occur.

No one was going to do shit for me. I had to figure it out. 

…& how I figured it out was by motivating MYSELF.

Each day I would breakdown my schedule so throughout the day there were 3 hours, everyday ( even weekends ) to work on The Skinny Confidential.


Sure, it took a year to launch but I’m an overly psycho perfectionist who needs to chill out so would you expect anything less?

I literally remember going to the “bathroom” at work & blogging from the stalls. More than once my manager shouted, “Lauryn, you ok in there?” Teenage, hottie busboys would ALWAYS come looking for me & find me in the strangest places with my laptop. In my defense, the wifi was fab in stalls.

Of course it was all ok, I was working towards something bigger. Just figuring it out, slowly, day by day, little by little.

I can sit here & tell you, well actually PROMISE YOU, that there were so many days when I did not want to blog. SO many. SO many days when I came home from work at midnight, EXHAUSTED, only to write a blog post or edit photos or return e-mails or edit a video.

Tell me someone who’s creative who wakes up every morning motivated & ready to go? Many artists, actors, influencers, writers, doctors, nurses, editors, photographers, etc. push themselves to work a little each day to create a bigger picture. It’s part of the game.

This is not to show you how hard I worked. It’s to show you that anything is possible with discipline & self motivation.

A couple of ways that help me kick my own ass into gear? Well:

Start the morning off right: the worst thing ever is a bad morning, right? It sort of sets the whole tone of the day. The way I wake up is key. A healthy breakfast filled with chili flake covered eggs & avocado or a green smoothie is a positive way to kickstart my morning. Add a little lemon water or TSC Detox Drink & you’re golden. Play some chill music like Bossanova, light candles, diffuse some oils like tangerine or grapefruit to lift your mood. Meditating in the AM has been very much life changing for me too. Have you tried meditating? TRY IT!

Prioritize with lists: Richard Branson always says that he wakes up & makes a list of 7 things he needs to accomplish. Just 7 things. Every morning. I’ve been doing this for about 8 months & it’s worked VERY well. Usually I time-block all of these things so I’m working efficiently & swiftly. No surprise that these 7 things are usually very important to the growth of the business.

BASICALLY INSTEAD of working IN my business, I’m working ON my business.

Growth is key. You don’t want to be stuck on a hamster wheel, you know? You want to evolve & grow.

Do the most difficult thing first: this will motivate your ass to conquer everything on your to-do list by simply doing the most annoying, most difficult thing FIRST. Why? Because once you do that ‘thing’ you will think of the rest of the list as a breeze. It’s all about mindset & this is a trick to get your mind on track.

Remember: you’re doing this for YOU: motivating yourself will help you GROW in your area of choice. No one can do it for you. Work on tactics that help motivate you every day. 

Nothing comes easy in my experience & just like a healthy relationship, successful business, &/or sturdy foundation you HAVE TO WORK AT IT.

( …& if all else fails? Cold brew & a workout. Easy but it’s helpful? )

In regards to fitness & eating healthy, the same rules apply. You are doing it for yourself. No one can workout or eat healthy for you. It takes work. Discipline. Sweat. & there are most definitely days that you don’t want to workout. 

But again: get uncomfortable to become comfortable.

Sure, self help books & podcasts & other people will motivate you sometimes. They’re awesome to soak up. BUT really if you think about it no one is going to keep you motivated every single day…but YOU. Utilize what ya got.

How do you motivate yourself? Do you have a secret sauce? Is there something specific that gets you going?

It’s good to be back guys!

Happy Thursday, lauryn x

P.S. come meet up with me & Michael tomorrow, 8/12 at Whole Foods ( 788 S Grand Ave, LA ) and Saturday, 8/13 at Ralph’s ( 10861 Weyburn Ave, LA ). First ten people will get free The Skinny Confidential meal plans & you’ll be entered to win a $200 TSC shopping spree! SEE YOU THERE. ( event has already occurred ) 

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  1. I really love hearing this today! I have been struggling with motivation and self-doubt the past few weeks with my business. I decided to just do the things I love and post what I enjoy instead of being so concerned with what others thought. I also caught up on reading, started some new workouts, and did some organizing. Those distractions always help put me back into focus. Love your tips too! Thanks for always inspiring me girl!

    1. It sounds like you’re killing it Alexis! Keep hustling it’s so worth it. Stay in your own lane and you’ll be set! xx

  2. Great post, Lauryn! Very well-timed for me personally as well. Thanks for sharing and for your honesty most of all. Wish I could come see y’all @ Whole Foods or Ralph’s – as I hail from the opposite coast I guess I’ll take a rain check. Be kind to yourself and thank you for all you give to your TSC community! 🙂

    1. We’ll have to make a trip out to the east coast soon to visit all of you : ) Thank you so much for the support Jessica!! xx

  3. “Ok, so this one’s for the bloggers who are working 2 other jobs ( been there! ), the freelancers, the mom’s who have a side hustle, or the girl who is trying to build a dream from nothing.”

    Thanks Lauryn! I’m every single one of women in the above statement, so staying motivated is like, WAY hard. Luckily, my day job is SO boring that I have time to work on my side hustle here. I’d say this is where I get most of my “to-do’s” accomplished. There isn’t much time once I head home and tend to the kids, dinner, laundry, bedtimes (btw, putting children to bed takes FOREVER!) But, some days are SO tough to stay motivated! I find that I really get sucked into reading, the podcasts, the social media, that next thing I know, it’s time to go home and I wasted most of my day. Recently, to help, I’ve started putting alarms on my calendar. So when the alarm goes off, I need to stop what I’m doing, and do that task. Whether its, write a post, edit a few pics, or even work on something “day-job” related, I MUST get it done before I can go back to doing anything else leisurely. So far, it has helped greatly, but staying disciplined is way hard! I’m for sure going to incorporate the idea of writing a list of 7 things! There’s always AT LEAST 7 things to accomplish in a day, if not more! I agree too that starting the day with a workout, good breakfast, and meditation (newbie) are KEY!

    1. WOW! You are clearly hustling Sara!! I love the alarm idea. Have you tried time blocking? I think you would find it helpful! I wrote about it here: xx

  4. Thank you for this post, I needed it! You are so right about motivating yourself! Great advice on trying to get 7 things off the list every day too, I need to try this! So funny you and Michael are going to be in my neighborhood (Westwood) tomorrow, if I’m around I will try to stop by! Have a great weekend 🙂 xox

    1. Definitely come say hi Cami! we would LOVE to meet you : ) Let me know how the 7 item to do list works for you. I’m a huge fan! xx

  5. AHHHHH! I love this post. It’s SO easy for everyone to look at where you are now (killing the influencer game plus frolicking around the world with a fiancé + his purse) and forget the backstory on what it took to get here. Cheers to the grind!

    1. AH Michael’s purse (insert laughing/crying emoji) LOL. There is so much that happens behind the scenes. Thank YOU for following along Amy!

  6. Oh, Lauryn! This post was EXACTLY what I needed. I’ve been in such an “inspirational rut” and I needed this kick in the ass. I get really overwhelmed when both my full time job and blog starts to tip the balanced scales where I can pull an ostrich and throw my head in the sand. It’s also weirdly comforting to know that this is something you deal with as well. I can’t wait to read some of the comments to see how others deal with this too! Happy weekend xx

    1. You’re so sweet! Thank you, seriously!

      Honestly, a few things. My end goal (which isn’t just a goal, but a person I need to develop into to accomplish), seeing and supporting my friends’ small businesses (that energy is contagious!), and the glimmer of hope that eventually I can & will make someone’s life easier, whether it’s with food / beverage / health /business or anything in between. I strongly believe that success is brought on by the more people you help, which truly keeps me motivated! Also, TSC – not to sound like a psycho stalker but your advice on staying in my lane, and chipping away slowly has always resonated with me! xx

  7. Such an awesome post that I needed to read! I just gave my month´s notice at my full-time job to focus on building my handbag business from the ground up. I have been looking forward to this day for the past year since my job is extremely demanding. But, of course, doubt and insecurity creep up on you and make you second guess your decision to give up security in exchange for great risk and instability. I will no longer show up to work with co-workers I now call friends. If the AC goes out at my house, I am in charge of calling the maintenance man instead of our Facilities Manager. If something happens to my computer, I won´t have the luxury of having an IT guy around to help me figure it out. I won´t have X amount of money deposited into my checking account like clockwork every two weeks. It´s terrifying, but I know it was the right decision, and like you say, staying motivated is KEY. The greater the risk, the greater the reward. Thanks for the awesome post:)

    And my secret sauce for staying motivated? Listening to podcasts, watching Susan´s snapchat, books, books, and more books, a good sweat sesh, and a good glass of wine to take a step back.

    1. Congratulations on going for it Stephanie!! That’s huge. Let me know as your brand gets set up. I would love to check it out. What are some of your favorite books? xx

  8. Really perfect timing with this post! Feeling soooo not motivated to work on my dissertation and with school starting back again and internships and my job and volunteering, it’s only going to get harder. I like the idea of planning out your day and just blocking off time to work on specific things. Thanks for sharing!!

  9. This post was definitely much needed!!! I go to sdsu and I just started selling handmade swimwear on etsy and shopify, and some days I feel so unmotivated, but this post was really helpful! Love all of your motivational posts & tips, they always leave me feeling inspired 🙂

  10. I swear your posts around your business go live at the same time I begin struggling with my blog and starting my business. It is refreshing to know there are others out there who go through the same struggles and end up successful in the end. THAT is very motivating. xx

  11. this post sums up my day today, didn’t want to go to the gym or blog but I had to motivate myself to do so. haha so glad I’m not alone in those slumps I have very often!

  12. Such a great post, I am super one way or the other I am either on FIRE or just wanting to do nothing, no matter what I do something whether its learn by reading a book or actually work on a project or brainstorm, I find that once I get in the groove everything else is golden!

  13. UGH, SO NEEDED THIS RIGHT NOW. I’m still working part time while working towards self employment, & my motivation to blog just isn’t there a lot of the time, even though I love the shit out of it. I’m big on procrastination too, which I HAVE GOT TO STOP. Thanks for this post!

    1. I hope this helped Kaeleen! It definitely takes hard work to make it happen but it is SO worth it. Good luck! xx

  14. You are going to Ralph’s!! That sounds fun. I always shop at Ralph’s in CA!
    For myself I had a realization this morning that eating breakfast makes me really irritable – I think it’s because my body is so tired already in the morning and then forcing myself to digest something robs my brain of the bloodflow needed to keep my spirits up. So coffee or juice or maybe two bites of something is all I can do and then wait for legitimate hunger at 10 .. 11 … 1 ??
    Also for a full-time job (working for “the man”) – everyone knows how to “get by” doing 70%. So to motivate yourself to get to that 85 or 90% is important! To get that promotion or transition to a better job elsewhere.

    1. Definitely check out The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod Heidi! He lays the foundation for a productive morning routine. xx

  15. This post was so perfect, thanks so much for sharing! I work full-time in a very stressful job, and am just beginning my blogging journey. My ultimate goal is to make it my business someday, so this post really inspires me to kick my booty into gear and know that it is all possible. 🙂

    1. You can do it Ashley! Just start and it will happen. Can’t wait to check it out as it comes together : ) xx

  16. Being able to self motivate is definitely what separates the wishers from the doers. Long term goals that take multiple large steps, I use lists and concentrate on the step I’m on only. Immediate gratification isn’t going to happen so I just can’t think too far ahead or I’ll get discouraged. For more immediate motivation on a daily basis, I take ice cold showers. Uncomfortable? Yes. But my skin glows after, my hair and skin are so soft, it increases circulation, brain function, alertness and improves mood (there’s a whole theory behind the benefits) and at the moment I get used to the cold water where it’s no longer uncomfortable, I feel like I can accomplish anything. It drastically improves my motivation and every choice I make or don’t make is preceded with, “What would the best version of myself do?”

    Cold showers were a game changer for me.

    1. I LOVE cold showers. I couldn’t agree more. It definitely sets you up to take on the day! Thanks for sharing Kat : ) xx

  17. LOVE this post Lauryn! I’m one of those actress/blogger/waitress/sometimes babysitter ladies. YOU (ok an sometimes Susan b/c your podcast is hilarious) are such a great motivational push. Not only are you making shit happen but keeping me motivated .

    YASSSS QUEEN of your brand

    I also am a fan of making a 7 things list but doing it THE NIGHT BEFORE….aka helps me go to bed knowing that I have a layout, b/c stressful sleeping is not good for production. xoxo Nat

  18. Thanks for this amazing post Lauryn! It’s a holiday here in Switzerland but I’ve got tons of work to do for my blog and your wise words were just the kick in the butt I needed to get motivated. I consider myself a hard worker but you definitely take things to the next level and inspire me to hustle even more to make my blog a thriving business. Hope your jet-lag is getting better. I find that lots of self care helps (baths, lots of meditation and exercise that’s a little more gentle than usual). 😉 Geneviève xoxo

    1. A bath sounds SO relaxing. Thanks for the suggestions Genevieve! You are KILLING it. Send me your blog so I can check it out. xx

  19. Loved this post too – I’m a bit late to the game…
    I’m working on getting my doctorate and there’s so much personal growth involved on all levels. A swift kick in the ass every now and then is the only way to keep swimming!! Nothing like being judged by experts in your field on a daily basis to keep you on your toes.

    On a side note, this made me laugh out loud on the subway winning me some stares… “No one was going to shit for me. I had to figure it out. “❤️ Thanks Lauryn for creating awesome, inspiring posts and for giving me a well meaning laugh at the end of a stressful day 🙂

    On a

  20. I’m literally scrolling through your blog putting off a homework assignment, and this post just kicked me into gear.

    Thankyouuuuu (as always)

  21. I’m literally scrolling through your blog putting off a homework assignment, and this post just kicked my butt into gear.

    Thankyouuuuu (as always)

  22. Thank you so much for sharing this post – I feel so inspired. I’ve fallen in love with your blog and can’t wait to continue to follow your advice and witty writing!

  23. Can you please come here to NY (Upstate) and help me kick my own ass? Really love your stuff, am a new fan.

    I got like, 2 people who read my stuff. sweet.

  24. Great tips! I’ve been so lazy recently (I think it’s the cold British weather – so uninspiring, lol) But your post (as always) has totally motivated me! I love the tip to do the most difficult thing first! love it.
    Heather xx

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  29. You’re so right about having to motivate yourself! There are so many days I don’t want to workout for example but I have never once regretted a workout after it’s done!

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