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Starting Fresh In 2016: Fitness Wear Favorites

starting fresh: fitness wear favorites  | by the skinny confidentialFree People Womens Amanda Tank Mesh-Panel Compression Crops  | Alo Yoga Wisteria Sports Bra Top Free People Womens Infinity Legging Nike ‘Element’ Half Zip Top Down For A Run Vest FP Movement Womens Infinity Bra

Happy New Year guys!

There is something about completely starting FRESH in a New Year.

You can’t start fresh without a bunch of new workout wear. You sort of feel new while sweating off all the extra holiday LB’s.

Is it just me or does sweating in old, faded workout clothes just not feel right? Fresh, new workout wear just makes sweating it out SO much easier.

You guys know I’m all about edgy workout wear, here are some of my favorites.

Which items do you like best?

How are you starting fresh in 2016?

Cheers to sweating chic!


  1. Oh I wholeheartedly agree with this. I find that getting new workout clothes makes me so much more motivated & holds me accountable to working out. I just recently went through a whole new year cleaning for my apartment got rid of a bunch of old workout clothes (secretly to make room for new ones) 🙂

    1. LOVE it. I do the same thing. It’s motiving! You want to wear your new workout clothes and feel like a loser if you only wear them on the couch! LOL!

    1. Hi Ashlee, which brands are your favorite? I am loving Zella lately but most of the items above are from Free People’s new fitness line!

  2. Okay so the infiniti bra is Everything!!! How supportive though? You know what it doesn’t even matter it’s that cute:) Can’t wait to get it.

  3. I love Fitness Wear. In this post you suggest awesome workout wears. From the above, i like Alo Yoga Wisteria Sports Bra and Free People Womens Infinity Legging because both are more comfortable for workout for me. all above workout wears are awesome.

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