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Starbucks Skinnies

Starbucks Green Tea
Skinny Snacks: A healthy substitute at Starbucks

After teaching a Pure Barre class today, I headed over to Starbucks in Solana Beach to grab a quick snack and a drink to replenish [ ladies- it is so important to have a little something to eat after your workout! ] and gain relief from the 77 degree day [ ‘sigh’…Southern Cali is rough ; ) ]. I chose a grande, iced half green tea, half passion fruit tea with no sweetener and organic dried fresh apples [ check out the Apple-2-the-core brand ]. They’re one serving of fruit with no chemicals.

Dried Apples
Apple-2-the-core tasty bites

If dried fruit with no preservatives tickles your fancy, check out this post too. I opted to only eat half the bag, because I did not want to overload on the fruit’s natural sugar. I saved the rest for tomorrow – [ they’re easy to store in a purse ]. Also, my tea was the perfect amount of caffeine and hit the spot – a must try!

Starbucks Green Tea
Half passion, half green tea



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