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Stalk My Laundry Room Situation

Stalk My Laundry Room Situation

Today I’m going to be laying out my laundry room situation. Nice & easy, streamlined & simple.

You guys are always DMing about my cleaning & laundry supplies since I mentioned I did a rehaul of my entire house after talking to Chervin of Cymbiotika – listen to his latest episodes here & here.

I just feel so good knowing that the products in my house are the creme de la creme when it comes to being non-toxic, natural and safe for kids & pets.

The funny thing is that now I can smell a chemical or fake fragranced product from a mile away and it instantly makes me feel sick. Anyway, nothing is sponsored, just the real deal cleaning products (& organization LOL) I use.

Stalk My Laundry Room Situation


♡ Molly’s Suds

+ laundry pods

+ laundry powder

+ liquid detergent

+ dryer sheets

& while we’re at it, I also use the dish soap & dishwasher pods.

Branch Basics

(Use code SKINNY for 15% off)

This brand has everything you need all in one place. For instance, in the Starter Kit you get one bottle of concentrate, with empty labeled bottles. You use the recipes provided to make cleaners for the bathroom, all-purpose, windows, hands etc, all from the one bottle of concentrate. It’s brilliant really.

Grandma’s Secret Spot Remover

Literally takes smashed strawberries out of white linen.

Babyganics All-Purpose Surface Wipes


Branch Basics glass bottles

glass pump container

glass canisters

tissue box for dryer sheets

counter organizer

wooden scoops

scrub brush set

shoe covers, more here – LOL


collapsible laundry basket

fabric razor

And throw in a non-toxic a candle for a vibe. Loving White Label right now.

Stalk everything in my Amazon store. What do you love that keeps your laundry room non-toxic & functional? Let me know below.

x, lauryn

+ stalk my pantry organization here.

++ learn how to pimp out your bathroom on a budget


  1. I love this!I live in a city apartment in Boston with a kind of dingy laundry room set up, but this has totally inspired me to spruce it up! Will definitely implement these ideas 🙂

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