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The Skinny Confidential Amazon Storefront

Drumroll plz….the new & improved The Skinny Confidential Amazon Storefront is here.

We’ve got everything categorized for you. THINK ride-or-die wellness, beauty, skincare, Zaza’s favorites, home, fashion & books- like, all the books !!

In this post I want to share a few of my faves from each category, but be sure to scope the whole Amazon storefront because there’s more. Plus, we’ll be adding to it, always.

Oh, & if you hadn’t heard yet, The Skinny Confidential product is available on Amazon too.

Ok, let’s get right to the things you NEED in your life.

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lemon squeezer

If you’re a lemon lover this is something you can’t live without. It’s so chic & you’ll find it at all the hot spots in the South of France.

red lentil pasta

This pasta is a staple in our house. Michael loves it, Zaza loves it & so do I. The lentils are full of fiber & iron which is so ideal for everyone, but especially babies. It’s low carb & literally tastes just like pasta. Try it with Rao’s Arrabbiata– you’ll LOVE.

♡ Yellowbird hot sauce

OBSESSED. If you like things spicy like me you NEED this in your life. You could even say it’s better than Cholula. The ingredients are so simple – it’s just organic carrots, onions, habanero peppers, organic distilled vinegar, garlic, organic cane sugar, tangerine juice concentrate, salt, lime juice concentrate.


It Cosmetics CC cream

Ready for the most flawless, dewy skin you’ve ever had? you guys. Been talking about this for years because it’s just the best. Be sure to apply it with a damp beautyBlender. The combo will make you glow.

Sidenote: the founder of beautyBlender, Rea Anne Silva was just on The Skinny Confidential HIM & HER podcast. Listen if you want to find out how she built a multi-billion dollar business as a broke mom.

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

Everyone is always worried about wrinkles on their face, chest & hands, but not their lips. Your lips are so important ESPECIALLY if you love to drink out of straws ( like me ).

The cool thing about this Laneige lip mask is you put it on before you go to sleep & when you wake up, it’s still on. And I mean it REALLY stays on, guys. I also use this as a lip gloss during the day too- it makes a great primer to use under your lipstick.

It smells like a mixture of raspberries, strawberries & cranberries. And has tons & tons of antioxidants & vitamin C. It also has hyaluronic acid & minerals so it allows for a slow release of moisture over the hours that you’re asleep. You seriously wake up with these plump, soft, pillowy lips.

baby washcloths

Using baby washcloths is one of the best beauty tips I got from my friend Jule @julethebee. She’s been on the blog discussing her life hacks & mom hacks. Anyway, these baby washcloths are so great at removing makeup & the best part is…they’re only for YOUR face.

No more nasty rat towel that your boyfriend used on his butthole after a shower. These come in cute little rolls that you can keep in a cute tray on your counter. Once you wash your face with these gentle washcloths meant for a baby, you’ll never look back.


laptop stand

If you work on a laptop for most of the the day you absolutely need a laptop stand. Not only is it good for your posture ( who wants a Dowager’s hump ? ), it also creates better airflow for your computer & raises the screen to eye level which keeps your neck in a neutral position. A MUST for me & my whole team. Recently I got a clear acrylic one & I love it too.

ice machine

Where do I even begin with this machine ?? It was my best purchase of 2020. It sits right on your countertop, makes ice in 20 minutes, it DOES NOT need a water hookup ( just a plug outlet ) so it’s easy to move around…like to your patio so you can sit on your ass while you shake up a skinny marg.

And it makes the most perfect ‘coffee bean’ ice & the melted ice/water goes back into the reservoir to make more ice so there won’t be a big ice block at the bottom of your machine.

ice machine

salt rock nightlight

We have a big salt rock lamp in our bedroom in LA, but I have little nightlights everywhere. The orange light signals to your brain to go to sleep. You should know I absolutely use this EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT. It’s in my bathroom & really enhances the spa-like experience of a eucalyptus shower & nighttime skincare routine.

Salt lamps have tons of benefits: lowers cortisol & stress hormones, good for digestion, improves metabolism, balances electrolytes, supports a healthy nervous system & encourages a good night’s sleep. Scope the whole story of how I got into salt lamps here.


Good American 90s jeans

You may have seen me wearing these jeans on Instagram lately. They’re so comfy & look so cute paired with a tighter top. Oh, you should know that I went up 2 sizes in these to keep things loose. If you’re into boyfriend jeans be sure to check out these ones, quick !! They sell out fast.

long sleeve collared top

Been wearing this one a lot lately. It’s the perfect color, matches almost anything & comes in navy too. I’ve been loving looser pants & shorts lately so something a bit more form fitting ( & flattering ! ) on top is ideal.

Quay Australia After Hours sunglasses

These sunglasses are such a ride-or-die item & whenever I post a pic of me in them I get so many messages & comments. These are matte, black, chic, timeless & SO affordable.

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The Daily Stoic

This book is one of my & Michael’s all-time favorites. Basically, this is a book that you can write in &journal in every single day. We are huge fans of stoicism. What is stoicism? The endurance of pain or hardship without a display of feelings and without complaint.

There is a teaching & exercise for every single day of the year that will help you become more mentally tough & resilient to the world around you.

This book has really helped me. It helps me come from a more logical place when I’m feeling really emotional. It’s something to do & read for a short time every morning, not some huge intimidating book. It really provides value to your life.

You can check out the author ( & our friend ) Ryan Holiday on the podcast here, here & here.

Nobody Wants To Read Your Shit

Steven Pressfield wrote one of my favorite books called The War of Art ( no, not The Art of War ). It’s all about defeating your internal resistance to break down barriers to accomplish what you want to accomplish.

His new book, Nobody Wants To Read Your Shit, was mainly written for writers to help them go back & forth between their point of view & the point of view of their readers ( consumers ). It teaches people to evaluate their writing, content, whatever it may be, by asking ‘Is this interesting? Is this fun? Is my consumer bored?’

Especially into this because I feel that providing value is extremely important, especially in the influencer space. This book is relatable because right now, you need to stand out on any medium. It helps you figure out how YOU can standout & what makes you sparkle.


My second book is all about skincare & features so many amazing celebrities, doctors, experts & top-tier influencers like Dr. Dennis Gross, Bobbi Brown, Kate Somerville, Kristin Cavallari, Dr. Harold Lancer, The Fat Jew, Patrick Starrr, Dr. Lara Devgan & SO MANY MORE.

 I wanted to create something that was digestible, cheeky, fun & PINK. The best part of this book is that you can flip to any page & learn some new about skin & beauty. It’s perfect for all ages & it’s something you’ll want on your coffee table.

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There you have it. Just a few of my favorite things from Amazon. Be sure to check out the store because there are a lot more categories & items to see & we are constantly adding to it. Like, bookmark it in your browser ?

Rest assured these are only things that I love, my family loves, & my team loves. I only want to recommend things to you that I know YOU’LL love. This stuff will not collect cobwebs in the corner, trust me.

Happy shopping !!

x, lauryn

+ check out all the things you need for a skincare shelfie.

++ scope my 3 favorite gifts to give.


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