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Ohhhh here we are again! You know I just CANNOT keep my mouth shut when it comes to insane products.

Picture me like a guinea pig trying everything & anything for you. Even my team has become guinea pigs. We are constantly seeing what works & what doesn’t work to bring you the latest & greatest. I like to weed out the bullshit, you know?

Today I am sharing 3 products that I keep going back to- they’re all by brands I like. I feel completely confident recommending them to you. Because I know you will love them all so much that you will tell your friends.

My brain is always thinking A-Z when it comes to product recommendations. I don’t want to recommend products to you, have you buy it, & have it sit in the back of your makeup drawer collecting cobwebs. NO, NO. I want you to LOVE IT. So much so that it’s sitting front & fucking center on your vanity or even in your kitchen. I want you to use it. Use it so much that you buy it again. AND THEN!!! You tell your friends about the specific TSC product recommendation that & rave over it while sipping skinny margaritas at a Thursday Happy Hour. WE DON’T ASK FOR MUCH!

Anyway, let’s get to it. To streamline things, watch the video first:

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DAY CREAM is theeeee thing. Like, I’m telling you! A good day cream that doesn’t crust on your makeup is better than anything.

This day cream is delicious, plumping, & makes your makeup GLOW like a supermodel. I feel like this one also mattes & blurs the face so it’s kind of like Facetune in a tube which we love. IT IS SO SUPER LIGHT too but the way it mixes with foundation is SO BUTTERY. I like to mix a dollop or two with my CC cream or foundation & actually apply it with a beautyBlender. It’s full of cold-pressed Honesty Seed Oil which helps support the skin’s moisture barrier. AND THEN it contains Swiss botanical extracts including Butterfly Bush, Thyme & Mallow to help protect the skin from pollution ( which is so ideal, especially if you live in NYC or LA ( me ) ). TAKE IT TO YOUR TITS ( so Caroline Irons of moi! ).

Elemis also makes this yummy mask that you can’t go wrong with either. This mask is full of botanicals & after I take my makeup off with oils & cleanse my face ( with a gentle cleanser typically !! ), I will do a serum & then end the day with this mask a few times a week. This is weird but I like this mask because it’s cooling. I AM JUST OBSESSED WITH COOLING YOU KNOW !!! LIKEEEEEE ! I want inflammation down at all costs. I can’t F with inflammation. So, to know that I’m laying my head down on my silk pillowcase with a cooling mask before I go to bed feels RIGHT. You apply it at night, wake up with DEWY SKIN, & wash it off. Easy. Basically you’re being efficient & preventative with your skin when you sleep. ANOTHER BONUS OF THIS MASK: it’s filled with botanical extracts like Ylang Ylang & Sweet Orange which are a real delight to wind down with. Turn on your salt lamp, perhaps some ocean sounds, dim the lights, grab your silk pillowcase, slap on your peptide mask AND get that beauty sleep !

Side note: huge fan of Elemis- it’s been a brand I have been loyal to for years. There are so many products to recommend for their line BUT I don’t want to overwhelm you, you know? So my overall advice here would be to start with a day cream because there’s nothing better than a moisturizer laying right underneath your makeup.


LIKE ! CAN ! YOU ! EVEN ! first off these are 79 cents, so get 3- no really, I bought all 3 colors. If you’re not into the whole obnoxious, Jerry Maguire ear buds situation like I am, use these adorable holders for pills, hair ties, vitamins, spare change, perhaps some ginger mints? Anyway, I always have my shit falling all around my purse like a chaotic psycho so pretty, efficient things like this keep me organized- you know what I mean? You don’t want to look like some bitch who doesn’t have their life together because the contents of their purse is all over the place (me). 79 motherfucking cents to keep your life organized- buy 3.


This is not just any diffuser. This is a matte black, perfectly sized, ceramic vibey diffuser that doesn’t look like some nasty, big white, ugly humidifier. Personally, I cannot start my morning without tangerine essential oils cascading throughout my house but it was a real fucking buzzkill when the diffuser didn’t match with my knife collection. Then i popped by a friend’s house & saw that he had 2 of these matte black diffusers that were VIBEY. Naturally I needed 3. And now you should know that they look very sophisticated & classy next to my knife collection. Now, I am satisfied. Here’s how they’re extra vibey though- this may seem weird but you do come to this page for specifics soooo- when this diffuser is misting, the scent comes out it in the most SEXY way. It’s hard to explain over IG but like the flow of the essential oils reminds me of the smoke that comes out of the hot-tempered, blue caterpillar’s hookah in Alice In Wonderland– you know what I mean? Like the mist just creates this very therapeutic, sexy situation- very feng shui-y. This is on the pricer side ($108) but worth every penny because it’s a pretty fixture that creates good energy in the home. ALSO, it comes in matte white. Other pluses: time setting option, runs for 7.5 hours, easy to clean, & it has a little light around the bottom that gives off more delicious ambience. The cord isn’t overly chunky which we love. Throw on some bossanova, light some candles, dim the lights, grab a glass of Pinot, & diffuse some tangerine- it’s a thing.

SO YES! Those are my standouts. Hope you loved this in-depth description- do you expect anything less? HA. G2G get my face prepped for bed !


GIVE ME THE JUICE. Like all of it. We need all the help we can get here.

x, lauryn

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++ This post is in collaboration with Elemis. As always ALL opinions are my own.

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  1. I need to get the Airpod case! I’m always losing them in my bag or confusing them with my boyfriends. I looooove a good diffuser! It’s such a great alternative to candles.

    Kendal / Life With Kendal

  2. love your aesthetic- it’s everything! i’m in the market for new skincare so i’ll have to give the elemis cream a try. check out my blog if you get a chance

  3. First of all, DYING for the office tour! Obsessed with the pink bathroom! And Second, all about a good face cream. Need to try! <3

    Blondie in the City

  4. Great post! I absolutely love diffusers and that matte black one is definitely going on my wishlist. Thanks for sharing, hope you have a great day!!


  5. If I use the day cream do I mix in my tinted sunscreen with it or put sunscreen on before the day cream?

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