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A Lil St. Patrick’s Day Recap

The Skinny Confidential x Splits 59.

The Skinny Confidential x Splits 59.

So I get reallllll into holidays.

I sort of channel my inner Clark Griswold. Like, if it’s Valentine’s Day, I’ll turn on Frank Sinatra, light heart shaped candles, & put out bowls of conversation hearts & rose petals throughout the house.

Don’t believe my holiday spirit? Check out some psycho holiday posts here, here, & here.

Anyway so obviously Monday was St. Patrick’s Day & my to-do list kinda went like this:

♡ Shower/brush teeth/brush hair ( kidding, when do I ever brush my hair? )
♡ Gym
♡ 200 errands ( post office, bank, market, dry cleaners, Staples, back to the post office, coffee, etc. )
♡ Blog // e-mails
♡ Meet a friend for a grilled fish taco & a beer. Butttttt it had to be a green beer because I absolutely had to keep the holiday spirit going.

The Skinny Confidential x Splits 59.

The Skinny Confidential x Splits 59.

Ok, so when I have a crazy-ass day like this, I’m not able to go home & change.

WTF’s a girl to do?

Welp lately when I don’t have time to change I live in lifestyle wear. This is where Splits59 comes in.

First off, can we talk about this kelly green top? Like how perfect is this for St. Pats?!

So good right?

I wore their pants too because they’re comfortable & not see-through ( ahem, cough, cough…other brands who will remain nameless ).

Anyway it’s hard to find a brand that transitions from gym to the post office to a green beer…but this lil number was perf for my busy day. They just launched a more fashion forward line called Sport Couture— I’m obsessed with the new line because it’s perfect for everyday wear AND I can workout in it. 

Love, love, love.

Oh & lucky you guys: Splits59 has offered a rad-ass deal! Use code SKINNY15 for 15% off site wide for this weekend only ( EXP. 3/24/14 ).


{ Kelly green top || black pants || teal bra || boots || floral hat || sunglasses || nail polish }

{{ More on why I love Splits59 here }}

The Skinny Confidential x Splits 59.

  1. THANK YOU so much for sharing the Splits59 code. Love their stuff! Also thanks for the heads up on their new Sport Couture line.

  2. I’m a lot like you – I need to have green things to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, of course! I got a new bottle of green Essie nail polish just for the occasion – I’m so in love 🙂

  3. That sounds like a great St. Paddys Day!
    Interesting fact I just read, you shower pre-gym?! Any reason behind that?

  4. Unrelated to post but fashion question.. What to wear to your party tomorrow??? How dressy is a croquet party? Maxi shirt and cute top, short dress, trendy, classic? Can’t choose an outfit! Help! Lol

  5. I thought that Kelly green top looked just great on you. What do you call it by the way? sort of a tank-type, loose blouse, comfy but sexy top. Bet you got some stolen glances from the guys.

  6. SO with you on the splits 59…equally obsessed. love that green on green combo you’re rocking 🙂

  7. I really like the top and pants. its really difficult to find pants that are not see through or will not turn see through after one wash. Annoying, I tell you!

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