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Sparkling Water On Tap…Just The Best Thing Ever


I’ve professed my love for sparkling water in about 23847 posts on The Skinny Confidential.

To give you some context, in the past week I’ve probably drank gallons of sparkling water. I can’t help it. I’m just obsessed. There’s something about sparkling water that’s just SO REFRESHING.

Also I’m huge fan of sparkling water additions…but we’ll get to that.

Ok so I live on the 4th floor of a high rise. Every day up & down, up & down.

This would be entirely fine if I didn’t have an intense sparkling water addiction. LIKE INTENSE.


Lugging sparkling water bottles up & down is a real pain.

In fact, I feel like I’ve pulled a muscle in my neck from sparkling water.

I know, psycho…who does that? Pulls their neck out from sparkling water bottles? EER…

The addiction is so real I’ve even been known to Postmates sparkling water when I’m in a pinch ( aka it’s Sunday & I’m too lazy to get out of bed ).

Lately the grapefruit sparkling water obsession is even worse. It’s just so good with vodka, you know?

On that note, you can imagine my OUT OF CONTROL, EXCITED REACTION to this little gem: SPARKLING WATER ON TAP.

THAT’S RIGHT GUYS. I now have a full freaking sparkling water on tap set up in my house.

No more BPA-filled plastic bottles. No more Postmat-ing sparkling water. No more fuss.

AND most importantly, no more wasting bottles. It’s horrible for the environment. Every little bit helps.


I simply go into my kitchen & pour myself a huge glass of sparkling water. Throw in some ginger slices & tangerine wedges & it’s like I’m in the South of France.

SodaStream sent me this set-up ( thankfully it’s WHITE too!! ) & I immediately carved out a little area in my kitchen that I named: THE SPARKLING BAR. Basically it’s ready to make anyone & everyone sparkling water with the tap of a button.

SodaStream is a quick, eco-friendly solution. You simply use fresh tap water & it transforms the WATER. Literally flat to sparkling in seconds. How cute is this? I love. PLUS they give back in their new ‘Shame or Glory’ campaign video. The message is AMAZING. They’re campaigning to stop the use of shameful polluting plastic water bottles that contaminate the planet.

Not to mention it makes the BEST vodka sodas…EVER. We added grapefruit slices & fresh basil to our Tito’s & sodas last weekend…& let me tell you, it was INSANE. Michael used it to top off his whiskey too.


So ya, if there was a product specifically invented for me, I feel like this would be it.

Now when I have guests over they can make their own cocktails, water set up ( I have pomegranate seeds stocked ), or even add sparkling water to their juices ( try OJ with sparkling water…it’s GOOD ).

As you can see our sparkling water bar is my new thing. Fun!

– lauryn 

++ this post is in collaboration with SodaStream. As always ALL opinions are my own.



  1. Yumm! The one I get at the store is a sparkling probiotic drink & it’s lemon-ginger. But homemade sounds so much better esp with pomegranate seeds <3 such a pretty post as always, Lauryn :))

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