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Sparkle! Holiday Glam

Holiday GLAM by The Skinny Confidential

Rebecca Taylor Triangle Y Necklace | Monica Vinader Skinny Diamond Ring | Rose Gold Ring  | Gab+Cos Layered Necklace | Diamond Sterling Silver Band Ring | Thunderstruck Drop Earrings | Diamond Necklace | Tennis Bracelet

Add a little extra SPARKLE to your wardrobe for the holidays!

I love the classic look of the tennis bracelet + the more trendy vibe of the Y necklace.

What are your favorite Holiday Glam accessories?


    1. Hi Heidi! Eeeek! Seriously so happy you like everything. Which is your favorite? I can’t decide! I love them all too much. Thanks for reading

    1. Hi Chanel, so glad you like everything! I know right?? I sent this post to Michael as a little hint for an Christmas present. LOL!! Thanks for reading.

    1. Hi Diana, so glad you like it! Y necklaces are pretty much a staple for me lately, I love them! Thanks for reading. xx

  1. It’s so hard to hard to find affordable jewelry that’s GREAT quality, so thanks for directing us to some awesome finds! I also love hitting up places like Wasteland to find some cool pieces – especially during the holidays.

    xo NM

    1. Hi Nic! Yes I completely agree which is why I’m SO excited about these sparkly + affordable pieces. Which is your favorite? Thanks for reading! xx

    1. Hi Courtney, so happy you like everything. I completely agree that these pieces are simple and gorgeous. Sometimes less is more don’t you think? Thanks for reading! xx

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