Sooo Good: 11 Gifts Under $25 Bucks

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Gifts Under $25 Bucks

The holiday season has begun, which means it’s time to start thinking about gifts for friends and family. However, coming up with good gift ideas on a budget might take a long time, especially if you have a lot of people to shop for.

A couple of these gifts under $25 can be used as stocking stuffers ( hello $4 dollar ear cuffs ) or as gifts ( heyyyy, perfect everyday handbag ). Enjoy lovas:

1.} Super gold headphones to rock out in style.

2.} This wishbone bottle/beer opener is like, the cutest thing ever.

3.} ASOS’ sunglasses always look like they cost an arm & a leg ( ESP these ones )…but they’re under $15 bucks!

4.} A patent leather mint wallet— perf for any girly-girl on the go.

5.} This bag is a replica of this overly price handbag. The less expensive one ( in black or white ) is  literally ideal for anyone who carries around twenty pounds of shit ( AKA me ).

6.} Because everyone needs a donut pool float for summer 2014.

7.} The most dainty, floral makeup bag that needs to get my handbag immediately.

8.} Ear cuffs are super cool for an understated, delicate jewelry look ( << & this pack comes in a set of 4 ). Loving these as stocking stuffers.

9.} An oversized floral beanie. I’ll be giving these to my GF’s because San Diego, is like, sooo cold. LOLZ.

10.} The best ‘Farmhouse’ pumpkin mud mask from Anthropologie. Delish!

11.} These pretty cups makes the best stocking stuffers. I need a T, S, and C mug ASAP.

If you can’t find the list above, here are other perfect gift ideas under $25 so you don’t have to break the bank.  These gift ideas are perfect for this holiday season.

💝 Hair Tie
What can go wrong with a hair tie!

💝 Lip Balm
A way to nourish your lips especially this time of the season

💝 Water Bottle
A thoughtful gift for your gym buddies!  To get the most bang for your dollars, whose water bottles offer insulating characteristics that rival their more expensive equivalents. There are a variety of water bottles in various sizes available, including a 40-ounce bottle for around $25. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

💝 Board Game
An Eco-friendly gift and a cool way to spend time with the family young and old by playing a favorite board game. It can keep the fun going for hours — literally

💝 Tile Mate
A Secret Santa list: Keep track of the things most likely to get lost like your keys, bags or even your phone

💝 Tea Infuser
A great gift for tea lovers, a must-have

💝 Wine Glasses
An elegant yet affordable gift to give your liquor aficionado friends

Gift-giving doesn’t have to be all expensive.  What matters are the thoughts you put into it!

Sooo…what gifts do you guys recommend that are under $25? Ideas please!



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  1. Love this list, especially that floral beanie! It looks like the link leads to the makeup bag though. Where is the beanie from?