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Soda: The Disgusting Drink that Does Nothing For You

Lauryn Evarts, fitness blogger, health blogger, fashion blogger, & lifestyle blogger talks skinny tips and tricks for weight loss.

I hate.hate.hate soda. In my opinion, it’s the most unhealthy beverage ever. A tip for kicking a poisonous soda habit: wean yourself off by drinking bubbly water with a few splashes of any soda. Do this for about a week until you’re just guzzling plain sparkling water!

Anyway, here are the gross, sickie [ << my friends & I use this word when something is absolutely unbearable ] deets:

+  Cavities: yup, yup, yup. This crap coats the teeth, turning them brown. AND it makes your breath smell. EW.

+ Accelerated aging: many studies show soda can trigger accelerated aging.

+ Cancer-causing chems:  the coloring in soda is known to cause cancer. Fun shit.

+ Weight gain: when I stopped drinking soda circa 1994, I lost five pounds in a week. Soda causes weight gain around the belly.

+ It does literally nothing for you: there’s no vitamins, nutrients, or benefits.

Oh! You’re drinking diet soda though? That’s worse. The Aspartame-y, fake sugars used in diet sodas are bloating & don’t break down in the body properly.

Other drinks that suck: energy drinks [ << just as bad as soda, you may as well rinse your mouth with gasoline ], “all-natural” sodas [ << full of sugar ], low-sugar fruit juice [ << no one wants all those added chemicals ], & store-bought, flavored waters [ << DIY by drinking normal water & adding some fresh mint, lemon, &/or berries ].

There’s too many options now-a-days to being fueling your bod with this poo.

Ok. I’m don’t with my rant. Above & below are pictures of my favorite drinks: water, fresh juice, coffee, coconut water, & tea [ not pictured: wine ; ) ].


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Lauryn Evarts, fitness blogger, health blogger, fashion blogger, & lifestyle blogger talks skinny tips and tricks for weight loss.

Lauryn Evarts, fitness blogger, health blogger, fashion blogger, & lifestyle blogger talks skinny tips and tricks for weight loss.

Lauryn Evarts, fitness blogger, health blogger, fashion blogger, & lifestyle blogger talks skinny tips and tricks for weight loss.

Lauryn Evarts, fitness blogger, health blogger, fashion blogger, & lifestyle blogger talks skinny tips and tricks for weight loss.

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  1. Are you a mind reader? As I cracked open my 3rd diet coke yesterday I alllllllllmost reached out to Twitter asking for advice on how to quit, but I was embarrassed!! Thanks so much for this Lauryn!!

    1. Kym, I used to drink loooots of diet coke. It was so bad that sometimes I couldn’t remember the last time I had water. EEk! One day I decided to buy a 2 liter instead of a twelve pack, then I just bought 1 2-liter and drank it on the weekend, and then one day I just didn’t buy it!

      I still have a soda every now and then as a treat, but then I end up feeling bloated and remember why I stopped. Just wean off slowly and you’ll feel sooo much better!

    1. I am not a big believer in Vitamin water. I like eating my vitamins! But that’s just me ; ).

  2. I HATE soda too. When I first met my boyfriend, the first thing he would have every morning was a can of coke (EWWW). He used to drink about 6 cans per day. Once we started dating I told him about how bad it is for him — and he quit!! He will still have a glass of coke once every few months for a treat, but other than that, none! He loves his seltzer now…and he’s down about 20 pounds!

  3. So true! I never really did drink coke – I don’t like the taste or the bobbly thing, but my mom drinks quite a lot of diet coke, and I have been telling her for ages that it’s bad for her health but she just won’t listen, but now I have proof 🙂 So thank you Lauryn 🙂

  4. So true…I used to drink a diet coke every day and at restaurants. Now the only thing I drink is water (and wine!). It makes such a difference with energy levels too!

  5. I’m pretty lucky in that I cant stand coffee or energy drinks. Never drink em. Though I do like soda, lately I’ve made a rule that I ONLY have soda when we go out to restaurants. And you know what? Occasionally I dont even have it then. I enjoy fruit juice when I need a little flavor, every once in a while maybe a Gatorade or milk something. But mostly I try to stick to water. I know I need to be better about drinking more of it, but I’m on the right path!

  6. Trying so hard to wean off the Diet Coke! But I love it! Have done well with making VATS of iced green or hibiscus tea. Cold brew my coffee for lower acidity, and make iced coffees out of that. Thanks for this post and for reminding me how bad my little diet soda vice is!

    1. I know; it is hard! Maybe just limit it at restaurants, like Arantha recommended ; ). Good luck Erica!

  7. i have a serious addiction to diet coke. not a day goes by that i dont have one. but moving to Cyprus when its super hot in the summer months, i realized i need something super refreshing – cue the sparkling water, a splash of lime cordial, ice and some mint. oh wow its amazing. your motivational post is now making me want to quit soda. tomorrows a new day so maybe it will be the day i give up diet coke. 🙂

  8. I have a number of friends who have had trouble kicking soda or diet soda, it’s a big problem! I’ve also read this study that drinking soda (diet or not) dulls your faste buds so that you then seek out more sweet things– it literally increases your sweet tooth–here’s the link-

    1. I like it before a workout to speed my metabolism : ). My one cup a day is amazing!

  9. I really had a love affair with Diet Coke in college. I knew it was no good and that the relationship needed to come to an end… but breaking up isn’t always easy! I was ranting about wanting to quit one day around a few friends. One of my friends invited me over to demonstrate how he uses Coke and Diet Coke to VERY effectively remove rust on cars.

    That was the day I broke up & quit cold turkey – no thanks! Soda and I have neither seen nor spoken to one another in 5+ years.

  10. I never was too big fan of sodas, i hated coke and pepsi because of the taste i did love rootbeer tho and i constantly drank gatorades and powerade thinking i was sooo good for replacing it with soda.. ha.. and it also came to the point where i didnt know when the last time i drank water was, but then i met this guy at cafe and told me how drinking water changed his life, so i thought i would give it a try and that was about 6 months ago and all i drink is water now it wasnt very hard for me to drop soda cause i never cared for it and once i realized how refreshing cold water is i easily dropped the gatorade. Water will change your life people, loose the soda and sugar energy drinks, all they do is bring you down, water will make you more energetic, better skin, lose weight and add years to your life… im 25 years old and it took me my whole life to realize how important water is!! i drank more water the first month i switched to just drinking water then i probably had my whole life put together! Its never to late, drink as much water as you can!! you can do it! Thanks Lauryn for this article it reminds me why i started to drink water and drop all those disgusting drinks, and hopefully it will help others to do the same… now i just need to get me boyfriend to drop the soda :/

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