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I Tried ‘Soap Brows’ and Now My Eyebrows Look Fucking Amazing

Having a natural vibe to your brows by using a clear gel is cool & all, but it doesn’t quite ‘hold’ the brow & make the hair on the brow actually thicker.

Right now, everyone on YouTube is very much about ‘the soap brow.’ There’s nothing I love more than a thick brow, so immediately I was down to try it.

The Birds Papaya did a tutorial on Instagram on this & I think I’ll do one soon too. So, if you want bigger brows that are super youthful, you gotta get on board with soap brows.

So what the fuck are soap brows?

Well, it’s basically a very specific way to groom your eyebrows that uses soap instead of eyebrow gel. Ya….soap. Like, a plain bar of soap. You get a stronger hold, it’s easy & super affordable. Apparently this trend has been used by makeup artists for years, but a recent Instagram boom has brought it into everyone’s beauty routine.

How to do soap brows:

♡ take a spoolie & dampen it.

♡ run it over a bar of soap.

♡ then use the spoolie to brush your brows up for a textured, feathered, THICK look.

The key here is to get a bar of soap with glycerin to avoid irritation & one that’s clear or transparent. No one wants white flakes messing up their perfectly groomed brows. { via }

Very much about this technique because I’ve always been a fan of brushed up brows. We know this. You can find little pink spoolies all around my house, my car, handbags & a few strategically scattered in Michael’s bathroom. Ha! If you don’t have ’em, you gotta get ’em.

Why you need spoolies all over your house:

♡ handy & convenient.

♡ small so you can take them on-the-go.

♡ help to separate eyelashes before putting on mascara.

♡ can be used to blend your eyebrow makeup.

♡ perfect to dip in castor oil to help your eyelashes & brows GROW!!

Ok, major tangent here, but if you’re trying to grow your eyelashes or eyebrows, you have got to try this DIY potion, aka liquid gold.

Totally not a fan of thick, chunky spider web lashes though ( but let’s be real: who is? )…remember Madame Medusa from Disney’s The Rescuers circa 1977? I watched that movie on repeat 8394850398202 times because Mr. Snoops was everything. So anyway, Medusa had this scene where she crazily rips off her eyelashes:

The Skinny Confidential talks beauty tips and tricks.

The scene kind of scarred me for life. It was def one of Disney’s creepier moments, that’s for sure…& I’ve been a real psycho about lashes ever since.

Anyway, here is the recipe for the most amazing DIY oil from Carly ByBel to make your brows & lashes grow.

You’ll need:

castor oil

coconut oil, melted

avocado oil

almond oil

a glass bottle


Directions: Use about a 3 to 5 ounce bottle & mix equal parts castor, coconut, avocado, & almond oil. Mix/shake. Use disposable wands to apply nightly on brows &/or lashes.

Lemme tell ya: after doing this for a month, you WILL notice a difference.

Some of the benefits of these oils? Cold pressed castor oil has been know for growing lashes for ages. The Egyptians used it to fight baldness! Crazy, right? Use Jamaican black castor oil for an extra boost-y, woost-y. Coconut oil is rich in vitamins, nutrients, & literally can renew lashes & brows. The monounsaturated fatty acids in avocado oil stimulate hair growth ( use it for actual hair growth by massaging it on your scalp too ( great tip for guys who are balding!! ) ). And lastly, almond oil nourishes & protects eyelashes from falling out. If you want longer lashes immediately, check out eyelash extensions.

Keep it next to your bed with your cute pink spoolie so you never forget to put it on.

Ok, back to the soap brows….

Instead of using just any soap, I actually bought a little soap kit by West Barn Co. Obsessed! You should know it comes with a spoolie, is vegan & cruelty-free. It makes your brows look full, thick, & perfectly groomed.

This technique is insanely inexpensive, & you’re going to get those ‘fuck me,’ brushed up, modelesque brows that gel just can’t give you.

Like, guys….the ‘soap brow’ is it. It’s in, it’s here, it’s happening & it’s one of the best beauty tips ever.

Do you guys do soap brows? Should I do a video tutorial? lmk.

Ok, gtg. Have to soap brow Zaza. I kid I kid. I’ll wait til she’s 6 months old at least.

love lauryn.

+ learn everything thing you ever wanted to know about microneedling.

++ if you haven’t tried shaving your face yet, you gotta.


  1. Soap brows are amazing! Love the tutorials. I’m still using my castor oil right now but thanks for sharing the oil mix – I think I’ll have to give it a go.

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