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So…You Wanna Lose Some Major LB’s? Add More Protein to Your Diet!

Lauryn Evarts adds Jayde Nicole's protein powder to coffee to sneak in extra nutrients.

Lauryn Evarts adds Jayde Nicole's protein powder to coffee to sneak in extra nutrients.

Since protein is extremely filling I’m always thinking of new ways to sneakily incorporate into my diet. Examples? Adding all-natural 100% Whey powder to my oatmeal, Greek yogurt, pancakes, waffles, smoothies, annnnnddddd…wait for it…my coffee.

Yes. Coffee.

My typical AM routine usually entails grabbing a grande iced coffee with two splashes of soy w/ no sweetener + cinnamon & nutmeg. So when my friend, Lisa, Instagrammed this lil trickaroo [ blending coffee with 1/2 scoop of powder & ice ], I ran as fast possible to the nearest blender. Oh heyyyyy, 14 grams of protein!

You could even get cray & add a few raspberries with a dash of pumpkin pie spice. Delish.

Don’t skimp on protein- it’s muy importante [ eat more eggs, tofu, chicken, meat, powder, nuts, cottage cheese [ << my favie ], tuna fish, &/or beans ]!

Happy voting!


P.S. I loveeeee this all natural protein powder too!

Lauryn Evarts adds Jayde Nicole's protein powder to coffee to sneak in extra nutrients.

Lauryn Evarts adds Jayde Nicole's protein powder to coffee to sneak in extra nutrients.

Lauryn Evarts adds Jayde Nicole's protein powder to coffee to sneak in extra nutrients.

  1. Thanks for sharing. I actually am so confused about protein so I love reading other people’s opinions. My personal trainer is so anti protein shakes as he says they are very processed (even the pea-isolate natural protein I take). I get lectured about it all the time and he says I should be getting it from food. He’s really extreme though so I prob shouldn’t listen to him too much!

    I agree to a point but I also don’t think I get enough from just food when I am trying to gain muscle!

    There are so many opinions but I am starting to think it’s ok to have a really natural one.

    Do you have protein powder every day?

    1. I typically like protein powders that are 100% Whey and natural [ also sweetened with Stevia, not Aspartame! ]. They’re fab for when you’re on the go. I agree with your trainer, but when you’re super busy & don’t have time, drinking a protein shake is great after a workout!

  2. Hey L,
    do you have any recommendations for protein powders without dairy? I am having a hard time with this new found allergy to dairy products from cows. I am fine with goat/sheep by-products. Also if you can suggest tastier dairy substitutes (yogurt, cheese, choco)in general too, that would be great.
    Thanks for your help!

    1. Plant Fusion is a great dairy free, 100% natural vegetable protein to try if you’re staying away from dairy. It comes in a couple of delicious flavors, and rice free too, so you can avoid grains and arsenic from rice. I love it!

    2. Love this! Try this one; Plant Fusion is a great way to get protein in without dairy!

      Thanks Marisa for the rec!

    1. Online or health food stores. The link to buy online is above babe! XO.

    1. Thanks Moira!

      All my favorites are above with the links : ) xoxo.

  3. I’ve been making protein hot cocoa in the morning! Almond milk, scoop of protein powder, cacao and a spoonful of coconut butter. Amazing pre-workout!

    1. Definitely will be doing a holiday protein hot chocolate post. Sounds great with almond milk. YUMMERS!

  4. Thank you for this tip! I did oatmeal with Vanilla Casein Protein and as grosse as it sounds it was good and I feeled filled after this “eveningtsnack”! 🙂 Maybe some proteinpowder in the morningyoghurt would be great. Have a great day and keep up with your nice blog!

  5. I’ve ditched the Starbucks coffee for about 2 months now and only go there for the unsweetened green tea! Soooo happy I found this as I crave the coffee flavor quite a bit. Made it this morning and added unsweetened vanilla almond milk…hit the spot!

  6. Hi,

    Love your blog by the way!

    For breakfast, I usually make a smoothie of rice milk, frozen strawberries, protein powder and low-fat organic cocoa.

    You’re welcome to visit my new blog at
    My posts are also in English.

  7. Hey Lauryn,
    What’s your recommendations for protein powders for building lean muscles and burn fat? I have been taking Sun Warrior Blend Raw Protein at times as a afternoon snack with some Fruits & Nuts or as Pre workout shake before I hit the gym 2 -3 times a week. love to hear your views on this

  8. I make smoothies from Whey protein isolate (Body Fortress which is less than 3 carbs, and add two eggs, and a handful of strawberries and sometimes 1/2 cup of yogurt. If you want it sweeter, you could add a drop of stevia. I dont like my things sweet but I find the vanilla creme is sweet. Run it in your blender or what you use to mix and you have about 50 gms of protein in a shake. I use water rather than milk to keep the calories down but you can use milk if you aren’t watching your weight. Some ad a bit of half and half to it if they use water.

  9. I used whey protien powder in my breakfast shake almost every morning (:
    I put milk, natural chocolate flavoured whey protein, and coffee. Anytime I let someone else taste the shake they say its gross and needs sugar, but you get used to the taste like I have.
    I never thought to add it to pancakes or waffles, but I’d love to try! Thanks for the tips! ;D

  10. Hi Lauryn- love your blog babe.

    I was having a smoothie with soy milk and berries for breakfast for a long time, but I’m now breast feeding. Is soy ok when feeding do you know?? I really don’t like the taste of almond milk but I’d like to use some sort if protein based milk x

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