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Snapchat, Coolest Platform There Is



& here’s why:

I just feel like it’s the most fun platform around. I’m obsessed with sharing real life & it’s the first platform that is 100%, no fucking filter real life ( absolutely no affiliation with Snapchat, by the way— zip, zero, none ).

Plus I can engage with you guys one on one, in real time, right on the spot.

( Feels like we’re almost friends texting? & I always text back! )

It’s better than curated, overly filtered Instagram, better than back & forth e-mails, & certainly better than kind of dinosaur Facebook.

Snapchat is fresh, new, AND REALLLL. Who doesn’t like real?

If I were to describe The Skinny Confidential in one word it’s REALNESS.

AND that is IT, that is Snapchat.

So on that note, you’ll understand why it’s important to share Snapchat info.

Currently we are in Cabo & snip-snapping away.

Michael got SC & he’s sharing business advice, book favorites, candid snaps of us ( warning: his lighting is DREADFUL ), & random tips so if you want to follow Michael, his username is @michaelbosstick:

michael bosstick snapchat | by the skinny confidential

If we’re already Snapchat friends I feel like we have 23847 inside jokes…Michael’s new photography ‘career’ & watermelon jerky, to name a few. LOL.

Basically it’s snippets throughout the day that disappear in 24 hours. Nothing feels over done because it takes one second to do a video or picture. I spend like 30 minutes total a day on the platform but it feels like so much more. The one on one engagement is priceless.

The storytelling capabilities are JUST FASCINATING.


To be able to share the day with other people in a short, quick way is just unreal.

Anyway, those are my thoughts on the whole Snapchat thing! I would love to check out YOUR Snapchat OR just any fun people you follow & love? Please leave your username below!

Weigh in: do you guys even like Snapchat?


If you want to follow along, simply screenshot our ghosts, go to Snapchat, add a friend, & add by Snapcode.

XO from Cabo, lauryn xx


  1. I’m addicted to snapchat!!! I love following Gigi Hadid (itsgigihadid), Jen Atkin (jenatkinhair) and Karen Mclean is such a cutie (karen.mclean). and you and Michael obvi!! I would love if you added me! liviekrys 🙂 🙂 🙂 hope you’re having fun in Cabo! looks insane!

  2. Loving your snaps, especially those with panicky Susan 😀 Reminds me so of my husband :))

  3. I absolutely love snapchat too! I love sharing snippets of my day without having to worry about the quality of the photo, etc, etc. I love using it to engage with my readers and people I don’t see often! It is so fun. I love your snapchat too btw, your travels are so much fun to come along with 🙂

  4. I absolutely love snapchat too! It is so fun to not have to worry about how it looks, how instagram worthy is it, etc! It is so fun to engage with readers or people I don’t get to see much and share things with them. I love your snapchat so much…I love going on your adventures with you 🙂

    1. I completely agree! So much less pressure and the engagement and one on one interaction is the best. Thanks for reading Alexis

  5. I love snapchat! I like that you can follow your favorite celebrities and bloggers in real life and get a sense of what they are like. I don’t really post a lot myself though, but I like to watch!

    1. Hi Lauren, which celebrities do you follow? I like to follow funny and inspirational accounts. Which are your fav? xx

  6. I love following you and Michael! It’s so funny to see your dynamic with him, especially when he stumbles upon bad lighting (more often than not) and you refuse to partake in the snap. I’ve gotten responses from both of you from my questions/comments and it really does create a different level of connection which is pretty cool. Thank you both! I also really appreciate Michael’s business advice as someone who is just starting my own small business. I screenshot his paragraphs like crazy. Sidenote- I need to know where your bikini is from 🙂 Enjoy the rest of your trip! Username: h0dgiee

    1. Yay! We will always respond. It’s fun to interact one on one. & I will tell Michael you liked his advice. Which bikini? The palm one is Stone Fox Swim from Boho Beach Babe and the other one is from Revolve ( the black & white off the shoulder one ). xx

    1. Hi Andrea! Yes you should totally use yours more! I swear once you start its so addicting. Snap me anytime I love it! xx

    1. The nudes are not happening as much anymore. I’ve only gotten one penis shot, LOL. Some random guy sent it to me.

  7. I used snapchat when it first got big and then fell off the wagon for a while. Now I’m back in love with it for all the reasons you’ve mentioned: it’s REAL. I don’t have to spend forever laying things out or taking 3867 pictures and editing. I just snap, there ya go! And no one judges for it!
    My username is elainea_s 🙂

    toast the girl almighty

    1. Thanks Elainea, I’m so glad you’re obsessed too! I’m literally addicted & obviously so is Michael. Thanks for reading! xx

  8. I really enjoy your snapchat stories! I love how real everything is. Like you said, instagram can feel overly filtered at times. I also love the recipes you show on there!

  9. I love Snapcha! I swear it’s the #1 way I communicate with my friends and family these days. It’s easy, quick and real…perfect!

  10. I am full blown addicted to your and Michael’s snapchats! You two have the most hilarious banter and its cool getting a his and her take on your daily lives! I feel like I’m friends with both of you haha Enjoy Cabo, its one of my favourite places on earth as well!


  11. Love Snapchat!! You’ve made me craveee watermelon jerky because of it and of course I can’t find it anywhere!

    My Snapchat is: laircake

    xo Annie

  12. Just found TSC and in love with it all & your snaps. You’ve problem seen my handle stalking you all over: Hello Coconut Oil. Still trying to figure snap out – the whole talking into the camera thing is still odd for me because I haaaatttteee my voice. What do you do about your battery life, snap seems to drain mine.

    I’m here on all platforms: @stylemetactical

    1. Hi lady, dead batter = story of my life. I carry around my charger, mophie, mophie charger. I charge my phone at least 3 times per day I swear. Snap me! I’m sure your voice is gorg! xx

  13. I just downloaded snapchat yesterday because you told me on insta that you had your makeup routine on there. Now I am officially OBSESSED and loved watching your story of your wedding planning!
    joss | The Blushing Bella

    1. Eeek so glad you’re on Snapchat now Josselyn! It’s such a game changer and such a fun way to stay connected. Snap me! xx

  14. Snapchat has been my favourite forever! My friends know not to text me haha.
    xx, Pia

    1. LOL!! My Dad totally Snaps me if I don’t answer texts or calls, he knows I’m more likely to answer. HA! xx

  15. I’m only following you guys! But it is kind of addicting…I’m afraid to follow more people. I’m already sucked into my iphone enough…lol.

    1. Hi Lacey, I know what you mean. Honestly I find Snapchat way more entertaining than Instagram. It’s kind of taken over! Definitely stay in touch on Snapchat! xx

  16. I am so addicted to SnapChat. Way better than Fb, duh and I am kinda over the curated IG game. Still not brave enough for video..need tips from Susan on lighting ?? xo

    1. Susan’s lighting is THE WORST. Susan needs to take a class on lighting. LOL!! Thanks for following Erika

  17. TOTALLY agree with you – I think Snapchat is so rad. This and Instagram are my two faves, but I like it because you can totally make it what you want. Insta is great, like you said, it is very filterized (is that a word?!) so Snapchat is like the story behind the filter? It’s also a neat way to see travels.
    I’ve been using it as a beta to my blog, if that makes sense – think cooking stuff, alcohol infusions, advice, posts before they go up, and a sneak peek to things I don’t post (like our Valentine’s date, etc). I am @shnnnlynn – but most of my stuff is food / bev related. I know this sounds silly, but the one I love to follow is DJ Khaled @DJKhaled305 – I truly think he is a marketing genius and took snapchat, ran with it, and made it truly his, so I always love seeing what he has to post.

    I love love love following yours and I feel the same way that we just have SO many random inside jokes with you so it is such a neat way for you to connect with all of us. I also love following Michael – his advice is out of this world, and what he said about conversion and engagement really changed the way I look at things. He is a very smart man. 🙂 …HOWEVER… he is dead on like my boyfriend… from wedding planning to how he is with watermelon jerky (which i need btw) to the outfits to PANICKY AIRPORT TWINS, not to mention work ethic (which is really cool) and the books… part of me wants him to get a snapchat just to follow Michael bc I know they’d be such cute lil panicky twinsie cyber-besties and they can just snap each other’s hearts out while they are sitting on the plane 12 hours before the flight trying to kill the insane amount of time until take off, but part doesn’t because I don’t want to encourage him (him being my boyfriend!) 😉 xx

    PS – Michael is KILLIN’ it with photography!!

    1. Hi Shannon, your comment is seriously so sweet! Your boyfriend sounds rad! I totally agree we shouldn’t encourage them lol!! Michael is always looking for more Snap friends, get your man on Snap! xx

  18. I recently got snapchat and love it too! It is so easy to use and fun because everything is real and not totally staged and I like that. xx

  19. I LOVE your guys’ snapchats!!! It’s so much fun to watch you guys commenting on each others’ snapchats and while you watch eachother. Totally agree about the “real” component. I’m obsessed.

  20. I love your snaps! I’m so excited you guys are letting us in on your wedding planning! My bf doesn’t typically get into SC but lately he’s been sneaking peeks over my shoulder and laughing along with me at your stories. 🙂 Good luck with the planning!!
    *My username – doseoflou/ Lindsay Rickerd

  21. Love you guys – love your snaps. Period the end.

    Also was thinking you should do a TV show? I mean you almost do that now, but honestly you guys have da hearts of America 🙂 hehe

    Have the best time!

  22. SC has quickly become a favorite of mine! I like it for the same reasons- I can spend twenty minutes just trying to get the shot right for an IG post, but with snap it’s one and done. And it’s fun! (guess I’m a rhymer now??)

    I honestly love following you & Susan… you’re hilarious together!

  23. I honestly love your(and Michaels) snapchat stories. I have followed your blog for a long time(4 years????) and its cool to see how the two of you interact and get a really real look into your relationship. I think you guys are so great together. I do agree that I get to know you in a more real sense, like when you are with a friend. My username is melbecic.

  24. So much fun! I love watching your and Susan’s snaps….another thing is that you do always snap right back which is so exciting. lol I’m the biggest TSC nerd… My sister and I watch your stories and then always snap each other about how we are so jealous of whatever cute restaurant you guys are at! Keep up the cute snaps they always make my day 🙂

  25. This seems tooooo serendipitous, even I just published a post on Snapchat hehe. It would be great if you would check it out here. I think Snapchat is just the coolest. Makes it so easy to keep in touch! No more long text chats cos a picture literally speaks a million words! Thank you for the rad article!

  26. I’m obsessed with your snap stories, they are THE BEST. I added Michael, too, and I’m really liking his business advice – you two are so real and so inspiring!

    Can’t wait to see how your margarita and watermelon jerky wedding turns out. Oh, and have Michael post his resume to find some side jobs to fund it all 🙂

  27. I’ve seriously been loving your’s and michael’s snapchat the last couple of days! so entertaining to watch, and also, cabo looks so amaze!

  28. I think it looks awesome – I’m usually social media savvy – but I am so confused by snapchat…how do I add a profile photo? Do I take a random selfie? What’s with all the cute custom graphics on some people’s pages? !!! 🙂

  29. Snapchat is the best! & I just recently started getting into the hilarious filters that make your face look crazy. I seriously die. Btw, LOVE yours & Michaels snaps. I told my boyfriend he needs to follow him because his snaps are so educational! I think I screenshot like everything possible that he puts on his story, like the tip about earning points on your credit card (!!!!) & using those for your flights – too good. Username: aubriannasuzann 🙂 🙂 🙂

  30. Recently came across your blog and now I follow you on Insta and snapchat, I’m obsessed! It literally felt like I went on vacation with you! Love everything about the skinny!

  31. Love love love snap. I tend to keep it to friends and fam to be honest… just more relatable. But But But! I do have a few special accounts I make the exception for.
    The Betches
    Violet Benson
    Lauryn Evarts
    I’m over at misslizstephens …. mostly travel snaps and always food documentation… because donuts.

  32. I absolutely lovvvvveee snapchat! I already follow both you and Michael and you guys are hilarious!! You should check mine out! My username is @jenibri19

  33. Love your snaps Lauryn!! I’m in college and totally look up to you! (not that you’re old lol) Love all your snippets of advice on snapchat! Thanks for always keeping it real! xoxo

  34. I love Snapchat and following you on there!! Always brings a smile and some inspiring tips! Thanks, girl! Snapchat is the future for sure! 🙂
    My username: ayladiamond

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