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tsc snapchat series eyes | by the skinny confidential


On Tuesday I shared all of my absolute FAVORITE face products… And today, we’re talking EYES. SO get ready to talk lashes, lids, AND brows.

SO…let’s get right into it!

L’oreal Paris Voluminous Superstar Waterproof Mascara AND Primer:

AKA the best mascara on the planet…because it has primer too. As you guys know, I LOVE priming my lashes. I usually prime them AT LEAST twice. This duo is super-volumizing, plus I love that it’s a two-in-one. And it’s like $6 bucks.

Eye Opening Mascara by Bobbi Brown:

This mascara packs a real eye-opening, lifting, curling punch. Use this when your lashes need a little lift. Personally I like to use it throughout the night so I keep it in my clutch. It’s an insane way to re-volumize your lashes if they’re starting to look kind of sad.

Shu Uemura Eye Eyelash Curler:

I can’t say it enough: CURL, CURL, & RECURL!! Seriously, you should be curling your lashes pre-primer, post-primer, pre-mascara, & post-mascara. Just do it, trust me. You can also try curling them at different points in your lashes so they really curl up and back from the roots to the tips.

Brow Powder by Mac:

This is the shade I use for my brows, but depending on your hair color & preference you might want to go darker or lighter. Color your brows in using the brow brush below. DEFINITELY check out this brow tutorial to avoid the dreaded TADPOLE brow shape.

Anastasia Brow Brush:

This brow brush is EVERYTHING. It’s really the ideal shape to create the lines needed to fill in brows. Plus, the spooley brush on the opposite end helps blend the brow powder so it looks more hair-like, you know?

Disposable Pink Brow Brushes:

THESE cute little brushes are the final, AND MOST IMPORTANT, touch. Put them in your car, purse, makeup bag, vanity drawers, bedside table, boyfriend’s wallet, you get the picture: put them EVERYWHERE. Use them to brush your eyebrow hair UP. Brushing your eyebrow hair up lifts the eyes. It will lift your face, making you look more awake & bright. Really though, this small tip makes SUCH a difference.

So there you have it. Part TWO of The Skinny Confidential Snapchat series routine essentials.

Check out Part ONE: FACE essentials.

See you on Saturday for PART THREE: LIPS.


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  1. Love these posts- I just got the cc cream from your last one and it’s amazing! And agree that shu uemura makes the best lash curler BUT the one you linked up on Amazon is actually a fake 🙁 I bought one from Amazon a few months ago and it was knock off, always best to buy cosmetics from department stores! just thought I’d give a heads up! xx

    1. Use raw avocado oil & it comes off in one swipe. Then apply it after all your makeup is off too. It’s the SHIT. x

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